All In One Computers

The Logic Behind Getting an All in One Computer

Our technology is a constant evolving world, where everyday, something new and spectacular is discovered. The latest computing world features the all-in-one computing solutions through modern computers and its latest features. Why bother for different devices when all the tasks can simply be done by this one computer that has it all.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Well, truth, be told, the concept of having an all in one computer is pretty exciting. This superb computing option is becoming a pertinent choice by the day. It owes its wide found success to none other than its features and the many benefits it provides to its global customers. Some of its extraordinary features like being touch screen enabled make it such a unique and different choice from others. This is why these all-encompassing are the most preferred choice among the people.

The technology of a touch screen enabled computer with all the latest features is a product that no one can ignore. These computers are found on average in every house, all around the globe. Not only it is equipped with all the modern features, these computing solutions are also 100% efficient and space-saving. You don’t require a large area to store these computers. You can very well just mount these PCs to wall too.

Lot of people had the nagging problem of lack of speed in using these computers earlier. But today, with time, the technology has immensely improved and so has its capability of speed. The touch screen interface of the computer is not only just amazing; it has also high-definition qualities. This makes it an all the more popular choice among the computer enthusiasts present globally. You can either use the touch screen to do all the activities or else you can make use of an additional mouse to perform all the functions.

Forget about the price; just concentrate on the quality and what you are getting instead. It is very easy to fall for cheap stuff in the name of saving some money. But when you compromise on the quality, you are missing out on all the benefits you get from the standard, all in one PCs. They save space and enhance the area they are placed in. When selecting the type of screen, it is very important to consider its resolution as well as how it looks.

When buying these computers it is very important to know about its specifications. Today, the screen of these computers is high-definition and it encompasses a superb four gigabytes of memory with a 500 GB hard drive. There are the important features like Bluetooth, LAN points, USB ports available with it. The interface for the customers is certainly one of the best.

The screen remains in high-definition that makes it watching photos and videos a lot more interesting. Also your eyes are affected less with such computer screens. Even though it costs a little more than your ordinary computers, let’s not forget what you are getting with it. It is an all in one computing device that offers all the solution to your different problems.

All in One Computers: Advantages and Disadvantages

All-in-one computers are just like desktop computers only they are more compact. Instead of having three components: the monitor, CPU and the input devices, a mini computer only has two or one because the CPU is already inside the monitor’s case, or within the keyboard.

These kinds of computing devices are easy to move around and take up less space than conventional computers. They are generally more portable than conventional desktop PCs and most of them even have a special carrying case included in the package or are built into the unit itself. Wiring and physical installation is also easier because you only have to connect the keyboard to the unit and plug it into a power source.

The biggest advantage that all-in-one computers have over conventional PCs is the size. They can fit in areas that don’t really have much space. If you want to save up on desk space in your office, getting a compact computer will work better because it frees up the space where the system unit should have been.

Contrary to popular belief, individuals who use smaller computers are able to upgrade the memory and storage capacity of their unit, minimizing the need for external storage hardware.

More advanced users who need more computing power can easily use additional tools like external CD/DVD drives. They can also install different kinds of software to get more out of their mini PC. However, for a consumer who only needs basic stuff like word processing, filing, storage and Internet connectivity, a mini computer is an ideal option.

Best All In One Computer

The best all in one computer requires upgrading to leverage touch screen functions and catch up with the technological advances already made in the tablets and smartphone operating systems. With Windows 8 featuring the touch-first focus, the PC users will change the way they think about normal computers. The current scenario of the tablets and smartphones is focusing on the touch screen, while the home computer was reliant more on keyboards and other traditional applications. Well, the change we have all been waiting for is here.

The HP TouchSmart 320 provides just that, and at $650, it’s a killer deal for an all in one computer, inclusive of touch screen applications has become so-used-to in smartphones and tablets. With the traditional features seamlessly integrating with the touch screen advantages, it has to be the best all in one computer at present.

It measures 20 inches in width, 16 inches in height and a depth of 8 inches. It weighs approximately 20 pounds and features a great 20-inch, 1600 X 900 multi-touch monitor. With 4 GB of ram memory and a hard disk of 1 terabyte, space and speed aren’t going to be an issue. It also comes equipped with the patented Dr. Dre-endorsed “Beats” audio, Wi-Fi connection and a DVD burner.

It’s a real trendsetter as far as looks are concerned with a well-integrated peripheral kit that includes a wireless keyboard and mouse. It goes beyond user-friendly with almost every application just being plug-and-play; the ease with which it installs is just to put the power cable into a wall socket. HP has used AMD’s just-on-the markets A6 Vision chip, which combines a lethal 2.1GHZ processor and AMD’s patented Radeon graphics technology. The upshot being is a crisp and impressive interface all in the price bracket of $650, clearly making it the best all in one computer in the current scenario. While it doesn’t hurt the budget of the PC user, it certainly feels much more expensive.

The touch screen facilities, which were eagerly awaited by all PC users, don’t disappoint either. It has a range of capabilities to suit your requirements. You can either use the traditional set up of the standard keyboard and mouse, or you can use a touch-enabled version of Windows 7 or 8. HP has also provided their patented “TouchSmart Magic Canvas” software, which can be superimposed over Windows. This integration between the Windows and HP software is really efficient, for example, any icons you put in your Windows desktop also shows up in your Magic Canvas desktop. Touchscreen versions of Facebook, Twitter, and eBay are pre-installed. More applications like an RSS reader, calendar, audio, video and graphic programs have also been included to make the PC users experience great.

The touch screen experience starts to lose its sheen when you need textual applications and spreadsheets, but you can alternate between the touch screen interface and the wireless keyboard interface seamlessly, getting the best of both worlds. The screen itself is vibrant and exciting with great color reproduction.
All in all, the HP TouchSmart 320 gives great value for money and making it the best all in one computer in the $700 range.

Why Switching to All-In-One Computers Can Be Beneficial to Your Business

There are a lot of options available for desktop computers for the employees in your office. Most businesses tend to gravitate towards the standard bulky, tower desktop computers. While these computers are, without a doubt, incredibly powerful, they do take up an exceptional amount of desk space, making your employees’ desks cluttered and unorganized. No one likes to work in an environment like that.

If you want your employees to be able to utilize as much of their desks as possible, you should consider purchasing All-in-One computers for your office. All-in-One computers are great for a variety of reasons, the main one being their compact footprint. All of the components of the computer that would normally be housed inside a computer tower are moved and housed instead inside of the computer’s display. So right off the bat, you’ve got a computer that takes up only as much space as a standard computer monitor. Next, since everything is housed inside of the monitor, All-in-One computers generally only utilize one cord, one that connects the computer to a power source. Keyboards and mice can typically be connected wirelessly. Cutting down the cords and wires on an employee’s desk by this much allows for a huge reduction in the overall clutter on the desk. Where cords once sprawled the desk like invasive vines, an employee will now be able to see desk, and use that extra space for other projects, documents, and so on.

All-in-One computers are also exceptionally powerful machines, particularly the business-class models. One example of a powerful and reliable business-class All-in-One desktop computer is Dell’s OptiPlex 9010 All-in-One. This computer’s space-saving design and flexible hardware configuration allow for seamless integration into any office environment and on just about any size desk. This model, specifically, delivers industry-leading productivity, collaboration, and management in its flexible and stylish form factor. It features an Intel Q77 Express chipset, and utilizes the latest Intel Core i7 processors, making it a true powerhouse of a machine. This All-in-One computer supports up to 16GB of 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM, and can hold 3.5-inch hard drives with up to 1TB of storage space, 2.5-inch hard drives with up to 500GB of hybrid storage space, or solid-state drives with up to 128GB of storage space. This gives your employees a remarkably generous amount of space to store all of their important applications, documents, and information.

Not only is the OptiPlex 9010 All-in-One extremely space-conscious and powerful, it is easy on the environment, as well. This computer was designed with the environment in mind, and was constructed to minimize energy consumption and to recycle legacy equipment. It boasts a minimum of 10 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, and features a highly efficient power supply unit. So, not only does this computer have a small desktop footprint, it has a small environmental footprint as well, allowing you to feel great about your purchase.

If you’re looking for a way to safe space on your employees’ desks, but aren’t willing to sacrifice powerful performance to do so, a business-class All-in-One desktop computer is the way to go. These computers are designed with the business professional in mind; they are powerful, efficient, and offer the same features that other business computers do. And, best of all, they take up hardly any space at all.

Why You Should Not Buy an All-in-One Computer

In the present article, we will cover why you should not buy an all-in-one computer. We will go over why this type of computer gives the worst of both worlds. It has all the disadvantages both of a laptop and a desktop. Also, we will explore some more suitable alternative to an all-in-one computer.

Let’s start by explaining all the similar disadvantages of a laptop and an all-in-one computer.

First, both those computers are harder to repair then a desktop. In a desktop, changing a defective part like a graphic card, power supply, ram bar… takes a few minutes. For a laptop or all-in-one computer, it is a much more complicated affair. You have to take out a couple dozen tiny screws and be very careful to not misplace them and remember their place.

You most also remember, that replacement parts for laptops and all-in-one computer must be design to fit in a fitted area. In consequence, they are harder to find and more expansive then desktop parts are pretty much all of standard fit.

So, maintenance will cost you more for a laptop or all-in-one computer and take longer.

Furthermore, because the screen is part of you computer. If it breaks, you can’t use your computer will being worked on. For a desktop you just plug in an other screen and you are back at work. Obviously, it’s harder to upgrade to a bigger screen.

Heath is one of the things that damage the most of a computer. Tower desktops are design so that the fan creates a vortex that helps cooling the parts inside. For laptops and all-in-one computers the space is limited, so it’s harder to an effective airflow to cool down the parts.

Now, there is only one major disadvantage that a desktop and the all-in-one computer share. But it’s a big one. Neither gives you to portability that a laptop gives you. Obviously, the portability of the laptop is what offset all the disadvantages mentioned before.

Let’s analyse the alternatives that you can take if you are interested in buying an all-in-one computer

The first and most evident solution, buy a laptop. For the same price, you’ll have computer of equal power that able to move around. If you don’t like typing on the small screen, it’s easy to plug a keyboard and mouse in your laptop. Think a laptop screen is too small, you can plug in a screen of your liking and use you laptop screen as a secondary screen. Once use two screens on a computer, you’ll never want to go back.

On the other hand, if you don’t plan on moving your computer around, you should buy a desktop. I know that many people are going for an all-in-one computer just for the look of it. But these days, you can buy flat screen monitors dutifully designed. Then you can place your nice monitor on your desk and hide your tower computer under or beside it. Be sure to give him some air. Like said before, heat is one of the things that damage the most of a computer.

As a result, you will have a computer as powerful you would have with an all-in-one computer, with a lot less disadvantages and with a much lower price tag. And if you don\t mind paying the same price then for an all-in-one computer, you can buy bigger and nicer monitor. You could also buy two and you used them as split screens. Like aforementioned, once use two screens on a computer, you’ll never want to go back

Unfortunately, if you are a mac user, your only reasonable alternative is to go for a MacBook. The only desktop that Apple offers, the Mac Pro, will cost you a minimum of 3000$. Nevertheless, the MacBook remains a much better alternative then the iMac. Besides, even if largely over priced, the MacBook is very good machine, specially the MacBook pro.

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