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Choosing an Art Institute That’s Right For You

If you’re an aspiring art major, there’s little doubt that you’re considering attending one of the many art institutes that are out there. But there are so very many, how can you be sure you choose the right art institute to suit your needs, and meet your goals? There is probably at least one well known art institute in every one of the continental United States, and that’s a lot of art schools to choose from!

Pick a State, Any State!

Just for starters, here is a short list of well known and highly desired art institutes:

Art Institute Of Atlanta

Art Institute Of Boston

Art Institute Of California Los Angeles

Art Institute Of California Orange County

Art Institute Of California San Diego

Art Institute Of California San Francisco

Art Institute Of Charlotte

Art Institute Of Chicago

Art Institute Of Cincinnati

Art Institute Of Colorado

Art Institute Of Dallas

Art Institute Of Denver

Art Institute Of Fort Lauderdale

Art Institute Of Houston

Art Institute Of Las Vegas

Art Institute Of Los Angeles

Art Institute Of Miami

Art Institute Of New York

Art Institute Of Philadelphia

And the list hardly stops there. With so many art institutes and universities to choose from, how does the aspiring art student choose? Well here are a few things to keep in mind that you may not consider, because they are not usually discussed when talking about what art school to attend:

Homesick Sweet Homesick

If you’re going to be selecting an art school that is far from your familiar home surroundings, consider if that is something that will sit well with you or not. You won’t be able to function at peak productivity if you’re constantly pining for familiarity. Attending any university out of town (whether or not it’s an art school) is going to require the student to be willing to explore, make new friends, and otherwise potentially stray outside their comfort zone. Simply running home any time you miss your favorite meal may not be an option if you’re 2000 miles away, for example.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Activism.

Art schools in particular seem to attract more than their fair share of “bleeders”, and by that I mean “bleeding liberals” or “bleeding hearts” or “bleeding radicals” and other such “activists.” These people can get very draining, and have a tendency to stifle the creativity that you expect from an art university. After paying so much money to attend an acclaimed art institute, why would you want someone like that to waste your time? Beware of these people and the reputation you can inherit by association.

Those Who Can, Do. Those Who Can’t, Teach.

The above is perhaps an overly harsh statement in many cases, but when it comes to teachers in an art school environment, I’ve found it to be very true. So many University professors are bitter, washed-up has-beens (or more likely, “never-weres). If they were any good, they’d have been successful artists rather than teachers barely making a living. They can be very bitter if they have a budding protege on their hands in their art classes, and often attempt to crush the creative spirit of the new students. Much like with the bleeders, you must not allow these curmudgeons to get you down. You paid a lot of money (or worked hard for that scholarship) to attend an art institute, and you deserve to get all you can out of it and express your truest, deepest creative spirit!

Bottom Line – It’s Your Art School. Make The Most Of It!

Art Institutes and Colleges in New York

New York City is one of the most heavily populated cities of America. It covers 320 square miles on the Manhattan Island and is home to nearly 8 million residents. Traditionally, New York is known for its artistic diversity, and the city offers an incredible and an impressive array of opportunities for the interested individuals, especially related to the department of arts.

You can find galleries, workshops, museums, theaters and dance performances, live music, film and television productions, studios and lots of other stuff, and are continuing venues for exploration.

The learning opportunities are also readily available with an extensive list of institutes which provide training and educational facilities in the field arts, providing students with a multitude and a massive amount of resources and opportunities.

According to reports from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, individual working in the field of arts earn around an average of $42,650 in the year 2008. Art schools help to familiarize the attendees with a variety of techniques and methods which they could engage in the production and performance of their crafts.

There are numerous art schools with the New York state which helps to make budding and aspiring performers and artists for the future in the field of arts. Some of the art schools in the New York state are;

  • The Art Institute of New York City is attributed and certified by the Accrediting Council for Independent Schools and Colleges. This centre offers its students with such educational opportunities and breaks in several ways in the department of arts such as; interior designing, web designing, interactive media, graphic designing and fashion designing. The campus of this institute is located in Manhattan. They acknowledge its students to develop close to many useful arts studios. The institute provides students with an advantage of such faculty that has previously worked or is still working in the art field.
  • The New York Academy of Art provides its students opportunities in the fields of painting, drawing and sculpturing. The institute offers a masters degree in the field of arts program. Therefore, students are required to possess a bachelor’s degree in any of the art-related fields, only then they would be considered for admission to the institute. Students come up with their own piece of work which demonstrates their skills and capabilities in the particular field of arts.
  • The Institute of Fine Arts in the New York City offers its students with different programs and degrees in art history, archaeological discovery of arts, and in art conservation. The centre is located along the New York’s museum mile. It allows the students proximity with a wide range of outstanding and expressive works in the field of arts.
  • Fashion Institute of technology, State University of New York, The art institute, is designed to benefit and provide opportunities to those students who are seriously interested in the fashion designing field. FIT is a public oriented institution which also has ties with the private industry. The courses primarily offered by the institute are; Animation, Art direction, studio art, apparel design, art history, art administration, cartooning, digital designing, design management, drawing, fashion designing, textile designing, footwear designing and many others.

The above mentioned institutes are considered to be one of the best foundations for the department of arts in the New York City. These institutes’ helps to satisfy the student and fulfill the requirements needed in the field of arts.

The Art Institutes Offers Educational Assistance For International Students

The Art Institutes (often commercially abbreviated and stylized as AI) is a collection of private, for-profit educational institutions for career preparation in the visual, creative, and applied arts, including design, media, fashion, and culinary programs. Nowadays there are forty five Art Institutes located in major cities across North America, and have over 125,000 graduates. The Art Institute Online, a division of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, also has online courses available. The AI awards master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, associate’s degrees, and non-degree-program certificates. AI is headquartered in Pittsburgh, and is a division of Education Management Corporation (EDMC). Educational accreditation of The Art Institutes and their programs varies among campuses and programs.

At the present day the Institutes announced that they will help to both, the domestic students and the international students from the universities in New Orleans, southern Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama universities. These universities were closed on the indefinite term after the damaging cause of the Hurricane Katrina. All the students appeared without homes and educational establishments. And the Institutes decided to take care of those students and take them to continue their studying.

All the AI will provide for the international students both on-campus and online courses. This will give to students the opportunity to continue their academic studies, even at the distance. They can succeed in their academic careers during this semester of disruption. Students who were to finish their study because of the Hurricane Katrina can be registered at any of the Art Institutes. There are thirty one locations in the country where students can enter. The international students can be enrolled for courses on a space-available basis for the fall semester.

This terrible event took place in 2005. That was the beginning of the semester, thus students have paid their tuition. That is why the Institutes will waive tuition for those students who have already registered and paid their tuition at their home institutions for the fall semester. But in the case if they have not yet paid their tuition at their home institution, they will be given the lesser of the current published tuition and fees at the home institution. The school president mentioned that the AI have already published tuition and fees for the fall semester.

The president of the Art Institutes Dave Pauldine said that they would try to assist the poor students whose lives and education have been impacted by the Hurricane Katrina. He also said that the AI were the only way for students to continue their studies and to improve their skills. These institutes offered that initiative as the way to reach out to the students in the Gulf Coast region whose lives were endangered by the Hurricane Katrina in the 2005.

The Institutes is a group of thirty one (that was the number of institutes in 2005) higher educational establishments which are located throughout North America. They offer a wide range of educational programs among which are audio production, culinary arts, culinary management, fashion design, fashion marketing, graphic design, industrial design technology, interior design, media arts & animation, multimedia & Web design, photography, restaurant management and video production. These are not the all programs which are offered, they are more numerous in number. The Institution offer a lot of programs which are not available in others higher educational establishments.

The AI operate in different towns and cities all over the North America. There are representatives of the Art Institutes in Atlanta, Arlington, VA (as The Art Institute of Washington), Boston (as The New England Institute of Art), Charlotte, Chicago and Schaumburg, IL, Cincinnati (as The Art Institute of Ohio – Cincinnati), Dallas, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles (as The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles and California Design College), Miami (as Miami International University of Art & Design), Minneapolis, New York, Orange County, CA, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Toronto, Vancouver (as The Art Institute of Vancouver, York, PA (as Bradley Academy of the Visual Arts) and The Art Institute Online, a division of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division, is a part of The AI system of schools with more than 40 locations throughout North America. The Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division was launched in 2000.Founded in 1921, The Institute of Pittsburgh supports online programs with more than 85 years of excellence. With 16 academic programs, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division is the leader in online creative arts education. The Institute of Pittsburgh is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). The AI of Pittsburgh is authorized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to award Bachelor of Science and Associate of Science degrees. It provides courses that are designed using the same curriculum taught at The Institute of Pittsburgh. The big advantage is you can attend class fully online and at anytime to fit your busy schedule. At The Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division, you’re in control. At graduation you will receive a degree or diploma awarded from The Institute of Pittsburgh. You will be invited to attend your graduation ceremony in Pennsylvania where you can walk with your cap and gown. You can also participate in our portfolio review show, where you can present your work to potential employers.

From this article you received the information about the creativity and a good organization of the Institutes, which agreed to help those poor students who were endangered by the Hurricane Katrina. They have lost their homes and the places of education, but the Art Institutes gave them the opportunity to continue their education and received the ability to study. These institutes gave those students the ability to build their careers and to make them successful. These institutes made the act of kindness when they present them one more chance to make a successful life and career.

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