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The Healthy Benefits of Dining in a Pan Asian Restaurant

British food enthusiasts love to go to a Pan Asian Restaurant in London. The Oriental delicacies are not only delicious, but also healthy. Thanks to the unique ingredients from the East, people from the United Kingdom will not miss the benefits of eating Asian dishes.


For 2,500 years, miso has been a staple in Japanese and Chinese diets. Every day, Japanese begin their day with a warm bowl of miso soup. Research shows miso contains essential amino acids required to build muscles. It also restores probiotics or good bacteria to the colon, aiding in the digestion.

A bowl of miso also lowers your chances of getting colon, breast, prostate, and lung cancers. Scientists attribute this to its ability to strengthen lymph fluid and blood. Miso is also rich in B vitamins, especially B12 that plays a role in the functions of the brain and the nervous system.

A study also found miso to contain antioxidants that protect the body against free radicals. It also lowers LDL cholesterol level and enhances the immune system. Miso can protect your body against radiation due to the presence of dipilocolonic acid.


Tofu is a curd made from the milk of pressed soy beans. Soy is rich in nutrients and contains all eight essential amino acids. This can be a meat substitute for vegetarians because it has protein. A study shows a 4-ounce block of tofu has 9.16 grams of protein.

It also has iron, copper, manganese, omega 3 and selenium. Iron and copper produce energy for the body. Copper and manganese produce enzymes that destroy free radicals. Research shows copper also reduces the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Calcium, on the other hand, strengthens your bones and makes up for the bone loss due to rheumatoid arthritis. Omega 3 fatty acids are good for the heart. These prevent cholesterol build-up in your arteries. Selenium defends the body from free radicals that cause cancer.


Tuna is also a staple in most Pan Asian dishes. The fish contains omega 3 fatty acids that prevent arteries from clogging.

Studies also show omega 3 from tuna improves memory. It may also eliminate depression and lift your mood. Scientists say the EPA of omega 3 fatty acids improves blood flow that may affect the immune system and hormones. This metabolizes serotonin linked to depression.

The Next Asian Cuisine Chefs

Tougher immigration rules for Asians do not mean the British foodies will miss the delicacies from the East. The government also supports a scheme to attract students to learn Asian cuisine.

A growing number of young unemployed people enrol in the so-called “curry colleges.” The Hospitality Guild set up five centres of excellence across England. These will offer training to aspiring cooks in Asian cookery.

A curry college provides six weeks of training. The students will also undergo paid apprenticeship in an Oriental or South Asian restaurant for two years.

Looking for a Pan Asian Restaurant?

There are currently 9,500 Pakistani, Indian, and Bangladeshi restaurants; 3,600 eateries and 900 restaurants in the United Kingdom.

Different Types of Asian Restaurants to Try

When you are looking for something new to try in a restaurant, you might be interested in seeking out Asian cuisine. There are various types of Asian food that do not resemble the Chinese food that you are accustomed to in your local restaurant. There are a number of Asian restaurants in the Los Angeles area that will give you a whole new outlook on Asian food.

Japanese food is a very different type of Asian food that is nothing like the Chinese food that you are used to eating. Chinese food was developed for an American audience and is not the same food that is eaten in native Asian countries. If you want to sample other Asian food that is very authentic, Japanese cuisine is a good place to start. Not only will you have the experience of eating authentic food, but the mastery of the chefs is on full display in a Japanese steak house. The chef will often cook the food right in front of you so you can see exactly what is put in your food.

Thai cuisine is one of the other Asian cuisines that you should try to get an authentic taste of the food of Asia. It is well known for being hot and spicy, but actually Thai food is a wonderful blend of every taste sensation including sour, sweet, hot, salty, and bitter. The foods blend together phenomenally and many people find this cuisine their very favorite when looking for Asian food.

The food of Vietnam is another taste treat that you should look for when you are searching other Asian cuisine in the Los Angeles area. The focus of this food type is on fresh vegetables and herbs that are an important part of each meal. There are dipping sauces for many of the dishes that provide an extra added zip to the meal. Seafood is featured a great deal in traditional Vietnamese dishes.

Korean food is an ancient cuisine that has evolved over many years. The foods of Korea typically are native to each province, but there have been some regional dishes that have been more national and are well known all over the country. If you are looking for something completely different and other Asian foods to try, Korean should be on your list.

Los Angeles is home to some of the most diverse cultures and cuisines. On any night of the week you can find foods from all over the world served in the many restaurants in this world class city. When you want a break from the Americanized Chinese food that is often passed off as Asian, you should try some of the other Asian foods that are available. A little experimentation and sampling of these various cultures will show you all that you have been missing in Asian food. The herbs and spices that are used in Asian dishes from various countries are bold and fresh to many American taste buds. It is well worth the effort to take advantage of the wide range of foods that are available in the Los Angeles area.

Kauai Asian Restaurants

If you want to enjoy mouth-watering spicy dishes while touring and staying in Kauai on your Hawaii vacation, visiting to any one of the ocean front Kauai Asian restaurants would be just ideal for you. Owing to their stylish delicious preparation and supporting with wide collection of yummy food items, these restaurants have gradually become one of the most sought after dining options in the island. You may find numerous Kauai Asian restaurants while enjoying beach beauties here and there in Kauai, but all are not highly appreciable for their food items and the ambiances they offer. However, few prominent and reputed dining places in Kauai where you may find authenticated Asian foods with varied aromas to delight your dream Hawaii vacation may include:

o Aroma, 3501 Rice St, Lihue, HI-96766, Tele. 808-245-9192
o Beach House, 5022 Lawai Rd, Koloa, HI-96756, Tele. 808-742-1424
o Gaylord’s, 3-2087 Kaumualii Hwy, Lihue, HI-96766, Tele. 808-245-9593
o Hamura Saimin, 2956 Kress St, Lihue, HI-96766, Tele. 808-245-3271
o Lighthouse Bistro, 2484 Keneke St, Kilauea, HI-96746, Tele. 808-828-0481
o Mema Thai and Chinese Cuisine, 4-369 Kuhio Hwy, Kapaa, HI-96746, Tele.
o Roy’s Poipu Bar & Grill, 2360 Kiahuna Plantation Dr, Koloa, HI-96756, Tele.
o Sushi Blues (Bouchons Hanalei), 5-5190 Kuhio Hwy, Hanalei, HI-96714, Tele.
o Tidepools, 1571 Poipu Rd, Koloa, HI-96756, Tele. 808-742-1234

The Kauai Asian restaurants are known for their extravagant oceanfront setting to allow local and outside tourists to enjoy most pleasing Hawaii vacation dining experience. You will highly appreciate the patronage of gracious Hawaiian services coupled with innovative approaches towards preparation and servicing of unbeatable luscious Asian dishes there.

Along with providing all types of succulent Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and Pacific Rim food items, all of the Kauai Asian restaurants also offer traditional and contemporary sea-food products. However, you must not forget tasting the following special menus while visiting any of the Kauai Asian restaurants on your Hawaii vacation.

o Beef Salad
o Fresh Island Shrimp
o Ginger Coconut Soup

Maui Asian Restaurants

Irrespective of your ethnicity and cultural affinity, you must taste the spicy and delicious eastern dishes while touring on a Hawaii vacation at the reverie Islands of Maui. Visiting to the inviting Maui Asian restaurants will be a new thrilling experience for you. East side cuisines are known for their wide variety and amazing savours. Though, faithful beauties of eastern foods may not be reflected in the menus of all Maui Asian restaurants located there, but if you can reach to a bona fide Asian restaurant at the Maui beach side, enjoying with authentic and traditional eastern cuisines will not be a problem for you. At least, the following Maui Asian restaurants are highly capable to fill a dream Hawaii vacation with all that traditional and contemporary Asian yummy dishes that you may deserve to cool your appetite.

o A Saigon Café (1792 Main St, Wailuku, HI-96793, Tele. 808-243-9560)

o Hakone (5400 Makena Alanui Dr, Maui Prince Hotel, Makena, HI-96753, Tele. 808-875-5888)

o Kincha (3850 Wailea Alanui Dr, Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa, Wailea, HI-96753, Tele. 808-875-1234)

o Kobe Japanese Steak House (136 Dickenson St, Lahaina, HI-96761, Tele. 808-667-5555

o Maui Thai Restaurant (2439 S Kihei Road, Kihei, HI-96753, Tele. 808-874-5605)

o Restaurant Matsu (70 E Kaahumanu Ave, Maui Mall, Kahului, HI-96732, Tele. 808-871-0822)

o Saeng’s Thai Cuisine (2119 Vineyard St, Wailuku, HI-96793, Tele. 808-244-1567)

o Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar (600 Office Road, The Kapalua Resort, Lahaina, HI-96761, Tele. 808-669-6286)

o Tokyo Tei (1063 Lower Main St # C101, Wailuku, HI-96793, Tele. 808-242-9630)

The Maui Asian restaurants will not only offer you high quality mouth-watering piquant Asian foods with varied ingredients, but they will also provide best quality alcohol beverages within affordable prices to make your Hawaii vacation a grand affair. Though it is not mandatory, but highly recommended that you should reserve your oceanfront dining seats well in advance. It will help you save precious Hawaii vacation leisure time. You also must check if there exist any dress code or not at your favourite restaurant before arriving there. In general, casual and business casual dresses are preferred by most of the Maui Asian restaurants.Entrée fees charged by the above hot Maui eastern restaurants may vary from $15 to $50.

Top Maui Asian Restaurants

Asians represent about 33% of the entire Maui population, and Maui Asian restaurants offer the unique and piquant dishes from varied Asian groups. Some of the Asian restaurants in Maui include Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, and Thai restaurants. Though not all Asian dishes may be offered by a restaurant, expect to get mouth-watering, authentic Asian dishes in top rated Maui Asian Restaurants including the two below.

One of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Maui, Tokyo Tei is located at 1063 Lower Main Street. Serving Asian dishes since 1935, Tokyo Tei offers a wide variety of Japanese dishes with a Maui flair. During WWII, the restaurant’s name was changed to Rainbow Grill but was changed back to Tokyo Tei shortly after the war ended. On the wall of the restaurant hangs a photo of John F. Kennedy, who visited the restaurant in 1959. Tokyo Tei’s menu includes dry mein, teriyaki, miso fish, sashimi, somen, and tonkatsu. Drinks include wine, beer, iced teas, whiskey, and Japanese hot sake. Dishes and drinks are all budget-friendly, starting at $7.75. Tokyo Tei offers catering services as well.

In the southern part of Maui in Kihei at 2349 S Kihei Road, Maui Thai serves spicy Thai foods. Maui offers different levels of spiciness, so guests can order mild, medium, hot plus, and hot plus plus. Maui Thai’s menu includes Thai spring roll, green papaya salad, tomu yum, ginger coconut, Thai beef steak, pad thai noodles, pan fried noodles, different varieties of rice (Jasmine, wheat brown, and Thai sticky rice). Different curries that the restaurant serves include Thai green curry, red curry, yellow curry, peanut curry, matsaman curry, and red pineapple curry. Maui Thai also serves a lot of fish dishes and vegetable dishes. The restaurant also offers special discounts and other promos so you get to enjoy their authentic Thai food at cheaper prices.

You will find everywhere

5 Best Asian Restaurants in Montreal – Get the Top Names!

When you visit Montreal, you will find a wide variety of Asian restaurants to select from. Whether you are in search of some amazing restaurants serving your personal favorites like Sea Bass or sushi, you will find a vast selection of Asian styled restaurants to meet your pallet.

Most Asian restaurants in Montreal are known best to serve in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, displaying a casual grace of their own. Plates are usually served with utmost care that serves to be the feast for both your pallet and eyes.

Generally, Asian cuisine styles are divided into different regions which have its roots in the cultures and people belonging to those areas and regions. The major cuisine styles involve East Asian which finds its origins in the modern Korean peninsula and Japan. Another popular cuisine style is that of the Southeast Asia that encompasses various areas, including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Philippines, and Vietnam.

The South Asian regional cuisine style includes states which once made up the whole of British India, including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India and Burma. There are several other countries in this continent, Middle Eastern and Central Asian.

Let’s now find out some of the top Asian restaurants in Montreal that offer varied Asian cuisine styles to serve all tastes.

Le Palais Imperial

The Imperial Palace Restaurant is not all about food; it’s about good taste and quality service. This Montreal Asian restaurant welcomes you to enjoy some delectable and alluring Thai and Szechwan cuisines always in popular demand. Visit and enjoy some of the opulent Oriental cuisines served with excellence.

Kam Fung

The La Maison Kam Fung restaurant specializes in serving you special Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine. It is popular among the locals and the visitors and boasts of serving the best Dim Sum within the city.

Bato Thai

Located in Ste-Catherine East, Bato Thai is one of the most popular Asian restaurants in Montreal. It serves a range of skillfully prepared dishes to cater to the taste of different people. Come and enjoy a variety of seafood dishes, noodle and vegetable dishes, chicken satay and spring rolls.

Hong Kong

Situated in the heart of the Chinatown, Hong Kong is known to offer you a great variety of the traditional dishes like sea bass, soups, dumplings, lobster and crispy chicken. Get the best of Chinese cuisines at an affordable price. This restaurant is best for traditional Chinese dishes and great soups.


Located in the heart of Downtown Montreal, Kaizan is a highly admired restaurant and Sushi Bar of the city, in service to offer you great food and a modern ambiance. It features the freshest seafood and fish recipes, sashimi, lambas, maki, kobe beef, seafood soups and oysters tri afeller. Out here you can enjoy a great variety of dream desserts and a fine selection of imported sakes and wines. Enjoy some vibrant music and live jazz on the evenings (Sunday to Tuesday) while enjoying great food in this world-class restaurant.


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