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Baby Photography – Making It Easier For You To Photograph Babies!

I enjoy photographing babies as I really do love children. Many might shiver at the words “photographing babies” as this is one of the most challenging photography genres.

Baby Photography Tips #1 – What’s Tough About Photographing Babies?

Babies are immobile and are hard to predict, especially the ones born within 2 weeks to 4 months.

It is always the case that one finds difficulty having babies to present a certain posture or pose according to the photographer’s wants.

Baby Photography Tips #2 – How To Tackle Babies That Are Immobile and Unpredictable?

Here is a suggestion; lay the baby on a bed or anywhere else that is soft. Next, lie on the bed right next to the baby with your camera also lying on the bed. Finally, capture the baby’s picture.

This will result in a really good picture of the baby you photograph. The baby’s lovely eyes will be a wonderful focus point. Try this one out!

Baby Photography Tips #3 – What To Do When Babies Are Able To Do More Tricks?

Once babies reach the age of 4 months to 5 months old, they will start to smile, lift their heads up, and respond to the noises you make. Make use of these advantages!

For example, you can make long, silly noises so that the baby will look up at you. At this very moment, shoot! If these little darlings are somehow unable to hold their heads up at this age, you can consider making use of support pillows.

Baby Photography Tips #4 – The Photo Shoot Area

While you photograph babies, make sure the area of your photo shoot is clear from toys and other grab able items. Babies are easily distracted by these things.

You can put this step aside if you wish to capture a photo of the baby playing with toys. Even so, remember to watch out for the baby’s safety. Be aware of the surrounding of the photo shoot area.

Do not conduct a photo shoot of babies for too long. Reason being babies tend to get frustrated. This will only make your photo sessions harder to conduct.

Baby Photography Tips #5 – How Do I Get The Baby To Look At The Camera?

Here are some ways to get to get these little darling’s attention; keep eye contact with them, play games, or make long yet funny noises. If any of these methods work, repeat them!

Baby Photography Tips #6 – When Babies Can Do More Tricks, Make Sure To Get Them On Camera!

I enjoy photographing babies at the age of 5 to 8 months the most! This is because babies at this age tend to be a lot easier to photograph.

They will be able to sit up by themselves, are not very easily distracted, smile a lot, etc. Get them to smile by playing games, singing songs, clapping hands, make funny noises, or whatever you can think of. Trust me, these are really fun to do!

When babies reach the age of 8 to 14 months old, they will be able to do even more tricks! They will begin to stand, crawl, and babble.

Baby Photography Tips #7 – Keep Them Engaged

Whatever the child says, repeat it! Babies get amused when you do this and they will therefore give you his/ her attention.

Tell me all about your baby photography attempt after trying these tips out! Have fun!

Professional Baby Photography – Getting It Right

Professional Baby Photography – Tips On Getting It Right Each Time

Baby photography shouldn’t intimidate you, nor should it cost the world. If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional photographer don’t fret. With some proper preparation and the right equipment you could be creating timeless images of your child and have fun at the same time..

In professional baby photography, perhaps the most important thing is proper preparation. It is important that you have everything ready beforehand and that you have made the necessary preparations for the baby photo shoot. Babies will not necessarily do what you would like them to do and therefore the smart thing is to be poised to take maximum advantage of the moment. It is also important that you take the photos when the baby is ready for photos. You’ll get the best results when the baby has slept well and has been well fed. You should also prepare the background by making sure that it is not too cluttered by hanging too many props.

Colored items and toys easily distract babies. Make sure there are not many colorful items around the area where you are taking the baby photos. The smart thing to do is to get everything ready beforehand so that when the perfect opportunity presents itself, you will be ready to click with your ‘finger on the trigger’. Do not look for too many shots of the baby staring at the camera, unless your camera is attractive enough to hold the baby’s attention.

Sometimes, as a photographer you need to be helped. The baby could be too distracted and therefore you may need someone to help pull the baby’s attention your way. This should be very easy because that person could stand right next to you, but be careful that he/she does not interfere with the shot. Professional baby photography takes a lot of time to perfect and therefore if you would like to come off with the perfect shots, the secret is to take as many of the shots as possible so that you can increase your chances of getting the right photo. This is where digital photography comes in handy, literally make tons of photos. Make sure you enjoy the moment and that you’re having fun trying to capture the baby’s great moments on camera.

Some of the professional considerations for you to consider will involve your equipment. For example, you need to know about the right shutter speeds, the right lens (usually 1.4 50mm) and so on. You should also know those grainy pictures are far better than blurred pictures. Remember to use high quality equipment. If you use a cheap camera, most likely the photo quality is not going to be up to scratch. If you don’t own a professional camera, borrow or rent one. To become a real pro for baby photos, you need to practice. Learn to use your equipment, read the manual and visit photography websites. Professional baby photography is fun and challenging at the same time. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Three Baby Photography Tips To Really Improve Your Baby Portrait Photos Today

Try these three baby photography tips to really improve your baby pictures by the end of today. Everyone has grown accustomed to portraits of the cute little baby propped up on a piece of carpet with bright colors and surrounded by toys. Perhaps there will be an adorable ribbon tied to tiny strands of hair or a Cubs shirt and small baseball cap riding atop a bare head. Baby photography has changed over the past 50 years and creating breathtaking shots of your newborn baby needs to take center stage. Here are some of my baby photography tips for shooting awesome moments that will last a lifetime.

Always Be Prepared And Have Your Camera Ready

Have your camera ready with all the necessary settings in place. If you are a beginner photographer, start in the aperture priority setting so the camera will automatically select a shutter speed. You are never going to catch a baby repeating a certain facial expression while you retrieve your camera. Most babies also have a time of day when they are most content and easier to catch with a smile or laugh. Try and make yourself available during this time. In addition to seeing your infant at his/her best, you can capture some amazing shots.

Be Natural With Your Lighting And Environment

Do away with the props for newborn baby pictures. How natural is it to take shots of a newborn surrounded with toys that they cannot even play with? The baby is the main attraction and subject of your photos. Everything else takes away from their features. The perfect lighting will be your best friend when you find that place where skin color glows, eyes sparkle and the subject is crystal clear with a faded background. Practice shots with different light and angles so you will have it down when the moment strikes. A camera and lens with a large aperture setting also helps.

Get In Close To Your Baby And Fill The Frame

Don’t be afraid of getting down on the floor and see things from a baby’s perspective. You will experience a feeling for what your child is actually looking at. Perhaps there is a rainbow of color that bounces off of a crystal lamp that intrigues baby or a fascination with the carpet fibers. These are times that can touch your heart and make a great shot as they discover the mysteries of their new world. Besides all of this, your baby will feel your closeness in his/her world and on a level that is comfortable.

Having a new baby can be a dream come true but they grow so quickly that the moments begin to fade. Instead of concentrating on taking pictures of a first bath, the first outfit or visits with relatives, focus on the unique aspects of your baby that will soon be gone. Side view close ups in black and white, focusing on that twinkle in baby’s eye upon the discovery of something new and investigating angles that show revealing characteristics that even you may have missed. These are the moments that are unique and memorable to parents because they highlight the natural instead of the unnatural in newborn and infant photography

5 Easy To Follow Baby Photography Tips for Better Photos

Baby Photography Tips #1 – Make It Convenient To Capture Precious Moments

When it comes to baby photography, bear in mind that it best to keep your hand. Doing this creates an advantage for you to easily photograph precious moments of your baby.

This is because there will be times when your baby’s position or posture, or probably something that he or she is doing could be one that is extraordinarily memorable and you want it captured and stored in the form of digital images.

When you’re in the mood, you’ll find yourself anticipating precious moments or lovely postures of your baby to take great photographs of.

Remember, make it convenient for yourself to photograph precious photos of your baby when the unpredictable yet precious moment comes!

Baby Photography Tips #2 – Are Your Images Personal Enough?

A great tip you can implement is to make use of items that are memorable and precious to you by using them as background subjects. Use the things that bring meaning to you and plentiful precious memories as inspirations.

Baby Photography Tips #3 – Keep The Background Simple

Another important photography tip that works extremely well is to use simple backgrounds for portrait shots. The simpler it is, the better your shots.

Maintaining simple backgrounds allow your photography subject to be kept in focus, away from distractions in the background.

Baby Photography Tips #4 – Using Natural Light Is Best

Making use of natural light for baby photo shoots are definitely more flattering as compared to using a camera’s flash.

If you are conducting your baby photography attempt indoors, make sure to use soft directional light.

However, if you are photographing outdoor, it is best that you conduct your photo shoot during the early morning or early in the evening. Refrain photographing while the sun is high up and when light is harsh. This creates shadows, and also isn’t flattering.

Baby Photography Tips #5 – You Have Got To Be In The Pictures Too!

Like it or not, it is true that when your child grows up, he or she will be very interested as to how you and the rest of your family members look like way back then. Therefore, take as many pictures of your baby and family members as you possibly can. Your child will thank you

4 Newborn Baby Photography Tips For Stunning Pictures of Newborn Babies

Newborn Baby Photography Tips #1 – Get Up Close

Use macro to photograph your baby’s wrinkly bits. Be reminded that your baby is the main subject, not the background. For your pictures to turn out looking more intimate, get into your baby’s personal space.

To get up close, your macro lens should allow you to focus on the attractive details of your child like a fuzzy shoulder. You will also be able to get up close and focus on your Cupid’s bow of the lips. A 50mm f2.8 macro lens can help you get close to your subject and capture details.

Newborn Baby Photography Tips #2 – Use Natural Light

Not only is natural light available for free, it is warm when you’re close to the window.

Photographing newborn babies with natural light is a great option to go for because the light is softer as they are normally more diffused as compared to one source of string light.

It is fact that babies do get startled with light from a strong flashlight. If the situation does not permit you to photograph babies with natural light, you can opt for a desk light with a layer of tracing paper or tissue paper wrapped around it so that light is diffused.

Newborn Baby Photography Tips #3 – Black and White Photography

When you photograph your baby in black and white, rather than color, the viewers will focus on the subject and texture. Your objective is for the viewers’ eyes to gaze onto your baby as the main subject of the photograph.

A majority of newborn babies tend to have blotchy skin tones from jaundice or eczema. Photographing babies in black and white becomes an advantage to rid off distracting patches.

Newborn Baby Photography Tips #4 – Buff

Newborn babies are very small in size. Because of this, whatever clothing you fit on them will be oversized. This overshadows the form.

You might want to consider removing the baby’s diapers. Reason being that this will help bring about continuity when you look at the photographs of your child in a photo album.

Despite that, you should also be prepared to be pooped or peed on by your baby. Patience is vital for photographers. You might have to wait for the child to give you the facial gesture or movement you want that will make the shot more valuable. A lot of photographers are used to these sorts of things.

Newborn Baby Photography Tips – Capture Stunning Pictures of Your Beautiful Newborn Baby

The emotions you feel when your baby is born are those that are life changing. The first look and touch will of your baby only remain as the most beautiful memory that’s cast into stone in your heart and mind.

If you were able to share the memories of these beautiful moments with your loved ones, be it family or friends wouldn’t that be even better? This blog post will share with you the newborn baby photography tips you can implement to capture evocative and beautiful pictures of your baby.

Newborn babies do not normally move much, nor do they smile often. Nonetheless, they are really small and cute beings. While your baby is a newborn, it is the best time to capture his/ her form and take close-up shots to reveal the ‘babyness’ of your newborn child.

How memorable the pictures will turn out really depends on your creativity within the composition.

Newborn Baby Photography Tips #1 – Make Preparations

One good tip is to prepare for good shots even before the baby is born. You will have to bear in mind that the background plays a very important role in determining the outcome of the shots. A simple background makes it easier for viewers of your photograph to concentrate on the main subject; the newborn baby.

Now, as for what can you use to prepare a simple background are white walls and curtains, or perhaps a piece of solid colored cloth. Visit a craft and fabric store to look for the different types of materials, blankets and pillows. They are available in different textures which compromise of velvet, lace, faux fur and bobbles.

Another fabric you will want to use is a number of basic solid fabrics such as black and ivory. These basic fabrics are very important at creating great backgrounds that will help hide the baby clutter around. Using a pillow to support your newborn baby is one creative way to ensure that he/ she stays in the desired pose.

Do not forget that newborn babies are very small in size. This indicates that there will not be a need for a big area to conduct baby photography sessions. Get ideas as to how you can construct your baby’s pose and also ideas for composition by referring to baby photography books.

Newborn Baby Photography Tips #2 – Capture Your Newborn In Foetal Position

The main idea of baby photography is to capture the way newborns look and behave soon after birth. That’s the whole idea of photographing newborn babies.

To capture your newborn in foetal position, it is best to shoot while the child is only 5 to 8 days old and definitely no more than 14 days old.

Photographing babies who are older than 2 weeks makes it tougher for photographers to capture the natural-looking newborn photographs of babies. This is because babies reach the stage where they begin drinking milk from bottles and should have filled out and straightened up.

However, if your newborn baby is still being breastfed, than it is possible for him/ her to still be in the curled up newborn form.

During the early days, babies sleep a lot. These times are the easiest times to capture beautiful and blissful pictures of newborn babies. The reason why pictures taken during these times are the most important and valuable ones is because in the later years, there will be a lot of toothy smiles and jumping pictures. Newborn babies that are aged 10 days or younger are extremely flexible and maneuverable.

Baby Photography: Cherubic Photo Frames

Big blue eyes staring out from a photo frame. The first reaction: wanting to reach out to the nearest person and squeezing their cheeks. Ever wondered how the photographer managed to capture that endearing expression on a baby’s face. Baby photography 101 is out on the Internet and some serious browsing will get one started. Cute baby photos, funny baby photos, mischievous snaps and any other emotion one can capture, photography lets one exercise their creativity to the hilt.

Getting started with photography is relatively easy. One can never go wrong with capturing photos of a cherubic baby. Babies lend themselves for a variety of shots, candid, amusing, hilarious, naughty, angelic it only remains for the photographer wanting to capture these and more. Even novices can get great baby photographs as babies make for ready subjects waiting to be framed.

Baby photography has become a profession very much in demand. Parents are willing to hire the services of a photographer to record those transitory phases. Baby photography involves being quick, always being on the lookout for that ‘special’ moment and of course keeping a camera ever-ready. As with child photography, baby photography also has its own sets of challenges like dealing with anxious parents and at times a colic baby. If there is patience and some amount of parenting skills, baby photography can be a special profession like teaching.

Child photography is interesting and one cannot complain of monotony. Babies are sure to provide an interesting portfolio of photographs. Don’t be afraid to take too many photos especially with digital cameras this makes a lot more sense. Mobile cameras also are good gadgets to indulge in baby photography as any decent mobile phone offers 5.0 megapixel and more which allows sharp crisp images. Though most people prefer color shots experiment with black and white photographs as well, you would be amazed at the result. Baby photography is all about experimentation and creativity.

Unleash the creativity by choosing plain backdrops and interesting props. Soft woolen blankets made out into a nest, fluffed cotton and feathers, soft toys, an ordinary diaper, your grandmother’s glasses these are just a few of the props that make for an interesting arrangement. Always place a soft mattress under the spot where you plan to pose the baby. Remove all sharp objects, and do not mix pets and babies together. Both are temperamental and make a bad combination

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