Bachelor Of Arts

Bachelor of Arts

If you are looking to advance your career and are currently working in the medical, science or a technical field then you need to begin by earning a bachelor of arts degree. Continuing your job while attending to your personal obligations may make it impossible for you to pursue your academic goals by attending classes full time. Without a degree you will be held back from promotions that could take your career to the next level. Don’t watch your colleagues get those lucrative promotions that a bachelor’s degree could get you. You can realize your dreams by enrolling in one of the many accredited universities that offer an online bachelor degree in your area of interest.

In light of a growing need for people with skills in engineering and technology due to a market place dependent on computers going back to school to earn an online bachelor degree is essential. It takes only a few minutes of your time to research the many accredited universities that offer an online bachelor degree suited to your particular needs. You can continue to fulfill your personal and professional obligations while working towards your academic goals. Online universities allow you to adapt your study times to when they are most convenient for you.

Today’s global job market is entrenched in the Information Age with technology and the sciences in the forefront. Earning an online bachelor degree is your gateway to further specializations that will put you in high demand in an increasingly competitive environment. Whether your interest lies in the area of organizational behavior, marketing, statistics or a host of others an online bachelor degree will help you focus on your career advancement goals.

Put yourself in front of the line when applying to companies that offer a wide range of career opportunities. Your interest may lie in working for the non-profit sector or perhaps government or the private sector. Whatever you decide, an online bachelor degree will be your key to opening those doors. Furthering your academic qualifications will ensure a career that is financially secure and rewarding.

In today’s tight economic times, employers are looking for people who are dedicated and capable of making the effort continually upgrade their qualifications. Whether you are looking to advance your career opportunities with your present job or are seeking new and exciting opportunities in the public or private sector an online bachelor degree is your first step to success.

With today’s aging population the demand for skilled professionals in the medical and science arenas continue to grow. As a student in an online bachelor degree program you will develop innovative communication and problem solving skills critical for today’s job market. Universities that offer a variety of Online Bachelor degree programs understand the unique challenges faced by the professional working student. You will not be alone in your studies with a faculty of highly trained instructors who are always available to guide you every step of the way. They are dedicated to helping you achieve your academic goals. So fire up your laptop and enroll in one of the many accredited universities that offer a wide range of online bachelor degree programs that best suit your particular needs.

Bachelor Of Arts Degrees

The importance of a Bachelor’s degree, also called a Baccalaureate, lies in providing a foundation for a higher degree such as a Master’s or PhD, and to meet the minimum requirements of some jobs and occupations.

In accordance with commonly held standards in the USA, all Bachelor degrees, including Bachelor of Arts Degrees, should require the equivalent of at least four years of full-time study on a particular subject, course or major.

With the advent of programs such as the Online Bachelor Degree, Accelerated Bachelor Degree, Distance Learning Bachelor Degree, full-time enrollment in a college is becoming less common. Therefore the standards for a Bachelor’s degree are usually expressed in terms of credits.

Standard requirements of Bachelor of Arts or B.A. degree programs are a minimum of 60 quarter or 40 semester credits from four compulsory subjects: Communications, Natural Sciences/Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences.

A minimum of 8 quarter or 5 semester credits in Communications, and a minimum of 12 quarter or 8 semester credits in each of the categories of Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Natural Sciences should be completed within the 60 quarter or 40 semester credits. The remaining general education credits should be chosen from one or more of the four compulsory categories.

Introductory course work should provide diverse exposure to the concepts, principles, and substance of individual disciplines. Advanced course work should be able to provide an exhaustive investigation of the individual disciplines. Thirty per cent of the total number of credits required to complete the Bachelor’s degree should be made up of advanced level credits.

Bachelor of Arts Degrees may be taken as a student enrolled in a college campus, or they may be taken at a distance. In theory, these ought to all conform to the minimum number of credits for the degree to be granted.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Wherever your career path has taken you, being able to communicate professionally and effectively to a wide range of people is essential. In today’s global market place most corporations find themselves dealing with variety of cultures in their day-to-day operations. They are therefore increasingly searching for the business professional who is skilled in communicating in any number of situations using diverse techniques. Earning your bachelor of arts in communication from an accredited university that offers such online bachelor degrees will open those doors for you.

As well as being proficient in verbal communications today’s business world demands the skills to effectively deliver visual and written presentations. In order to stay ahead in a competitive market you will be required to present well-researched and relevant arguments and to conduct effective and positive dialogue among people and groups from a variety of cultural backgrounds. If your personal and professional commitments are preventing you from continuing your education to achieve these goals take a few minutes to look into the many accredited universities that offer online bachelor degrees in communication.

Online universities are cognizant of the particular challenges faced by the adult working student. You will have the flexibility to choose when and where you fit in your study times. You will also have available a faculty of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to helping you anyway they can to ensure you reach your academic goals. If you are ready to take your career to the next level then it’s time to fire up your laptop and enroll in an online bachelor degree in arts and communication.

Whether you are looking to advance within your present company or are looking for new and rewarding opportunities in the private or public sector an online bachelor degree will help open those doors for you. Learn how to augment your communication options, resolve conflict and creatively solve a variety of complex problems. As a graduate with an online bachelor degree you will acquire the perfect balance between theoretical and practical communication skills necessary to present vital information both within your workplace and to the public in general.

Give yourself the competitive edge necessary to advance your career to the highest levels of any corporation. Communications skills will empower you in both your professional as well as your personal life. Invest in your future by choosing an accredited university that offers the online bachelor degree in communication that is best suited to your needs. Be among an elite group of professionals whose presentations and opinions are in demand by leading global corporations in the private or non-profit sector. Non-profit associations are all vying for the public’s attention to keep their work and financial resources growing.

As a professional in the art of communication you will be in demand for speaking engagements and issues involving delicate negotiations. Your opinions will be listened to and respected globally and you could be asked to contribute to leading trade magazines in your area of expertise. If you are ready to advance your career then take a few minutes now to enroll in an Online Bachelor degree that will give you practical skills for a lifetime.

Bachelor of Arts Degree or a Bachelor of Science Degree?

Ask a number of students and the two top decisions when choosing to study a degree will be which university they will go to and the subject they will study. Little or no student pay particular attention to whether they will be studying a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree.

What’s The Difference?

The difference between the two types of degree is actually relatively small and in most cases is down to the specific university.

Some experts suggest that a Bachelor of Arts degree focuses more on a liberal arts education that may be more use if you are uncertain as to whether you will want to continue in to the related industry. Some Arts degrees also stipulate in their criteria that students are required to complete a number of credits in a foreign language. They tend to be of wider scope and place emphasis on humanities and wide-ranging understanding in a recognized discipline.

Bachelor of Science degrees tend to include more mathematical and scientific courses. Indeed, students may have to include more statistical or research elements in to their degrees and the subject matter may be more focused on application of the methods learned in the degree. As above, students may wish to include a foreign language in their courses but, unlike the Arts degree, it is not mandatory. Students will be expected to take a more focused approach to their studies which will include a mix of liberal arts, technical knowledge, mathematics, research as well as practical skills that may be required whilst working in the field.

Essentially, the type of degree is traditional to the university. It is based on how many credits within the degree are focused on liberal arts courses. An Arts degree must include 75% of the program in the liberal arts; Science degrees must have at least 50%.

Which Degree Is Better?

Whilst one degree is not necessarily better than another, a number of education experts suggest that students who complete a Bachelor of Science degree may have more flexibility and enjoy more career opportunities. The caveat is that in most cases it is preferable for the student to choose the degree that fits best with their interests, skills and career goals.

As students are now taking on more debt than ever to fund their degree, it is essential that students have a clear idea of what they want to do after completing their studies and that their qualification is tailored towards that goal. There is evidence that employers prefer graduates with a Science degree rather than an Arts degree, indeed, students who complete the former often are seen to command a higher salary.

Bachelor of Arts degrees are good options for students who have a strong interest in a particular field but may want to include other disciplines. Plus, a Bachelor of Arts degree may be more useful if the graduate subsequently chooses to change career and enter a different industry.

Bachelor of Science degrees are good for individuals who are certain of their career goals and desire to gain in-depth knowledge of an industry prior to working in the field. It is often for this reason that graduates with a Science degree are seen by employers to be the preferred candidate as they will appear to be more motivated within their chosen field.

The Difference Between a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Degree

What’s in a name? Labels are said to have significant meaning, and can also impact the beholder in terms of life affairs. The same can be said of graduates who own a bachelor of arts verses a bachelor of science degree.

A common question that prospective students will have is: What’s the difference between a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BSC) degree?

Here are some factors to consider:

Specialization: The emphasis on Bachelor’s of Arts degrees are placed on liberal arts, while the Bachelor’s of Science leans toward biological, scientific and mathematical courses.

Elective: In most universities, the degrees will be centered around the major that the student is pursuing. Also, Bachelor’s of Arts students will most often need to select a foreign language as their elective, according to research by Degrees Info Online.

Time Frame: A Bachelor’s of Arts requires a few less credit hours per semester. Compare 40 semester hours in Bachelor of Science degrees to 30 semester hours in the Bachelor of Arts. These numbers are based on course hours provided by top online colleges like Kaplan, Devry, or Breyer State.

Labeling: Various schools will have their own criteria and agenda for categorizing each type of degree. As an illustration, it’s not uncommon for some universities to offer a BA in chemistry or biology, or a BSC in history or English.

The Implications of Selecting Specific Degrees

Earning Power: In terms of which degree earns more, that all depends on how high or low of a position the graduate secures after completion of the degree. Visit to weigh the amount that each career field averages in income.

Securing a Job: Many argue that employers in specific fields place specific job openings for either BA or BSC, based on the nature of a job. A Bachelor’s of Science also proves that the student is able to handle more rigorous syllabi.

Flexibility: A Bachelor’s of Arts gives students a more well-rounded curriculum that can be transferred fluidly to different fields. Rarely will a student in a Bachelor’s of Science course step out of their league, to pursue an unrelated field with the same degree.

Based on the above notes, there’s no clear-cut distinction between both types of degrees. It’s also good to note that an online degree should be a selection of passion, which implies that students will be employed in fields that will be enjoyed on a day-to-day basis.

What Are Some Differences Between Earning A Bachelor Of Arts and Bachelor Of Science Degree?

When you are looking for a degree to earn at college, you might be a bit confused about what the letters with all the degree choices actually means. One of the two main choices that people make is getting a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. What are the main differences between these two different degree choices?

Typically the BA is more focused on humanities and arts. These types of degrees have a broad range of studies in multiple areas. They are considered to be more of your liberal arts type educations with a more rounded version of education.

A BS is normally considered to be more of a technical degree. These are things like engineering, math, and science degrees. These are more focused on specific areas versus having a broad range of areas studies.

Bachelor of Arts degrees are normally a bit cheaper. The classes are a bit more generic meaning that it doesn’t take someone extremely specialized to come teach them. This doesn’t mean it’s easier to earn, it just mean it’s not quite as specific on a certain topic.

Bachelor of Science degrees are normally seen as an ending degree. A BA on the other hand is one that most earn when wanting to further education in a deeper way.

Sometimes the differences are minimal if you do have a choice between taking the BA or the BS version. Different institutions will have different rules for how they define each of these.

How do you choose what type of degree to earn?

Look at the careers that you want to go into. What do most in that career actually get? Make the choice based on which one offers the classes that you really need to do well in that career. That’s what matters the most versus which set of letters you get.

Options After Completing Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Completing a graduation can be termed as a penultimate step of your educational career, at least, regular formal educational career. Students after completing their graduation often get confused as to what exactly are the options going forward, whether they should go out for higher studies, prepare for competitive exams or go for some specialized professional courses. Choices are in plenty, however, the decision is often a difficult one due to the sheer number of opinions suggestions and information we get from various sources regarding different career streams.

More so, when a student has completed his Bachelor in Arts, i.e. such students face this difficulty in a more pronounced way. Their used to be a time when completing your graduation in Arts would have made you eligible for government jobs. However, the times have changed, the competition has intensified, and obviously many new streams and subjects have percolated the academic and the professional fields, which warrant through contemplation on the part of students regarding the career he chooses.

Some search opportunities after Bachelor of Arts have been mentioned below for helping students to make an informed decision:

Note: We will not be giving details about the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in this article because B. Ed. has been made more or less mandatory by almost all the states in India and is now-a-days, a prerequisite for entering into the education sector. So rather than being a career choice, it has become a compulsory preliminary screening platform for entering into a career i.e. education and teaching.


This is the ideal choice for students who intend to go into professional teaching field. You can pursue Master of Arts in your respective stream and then can go in for Doctoral and Post Doctoral programs. There are many government vacancies in terms of teaching in Government colleges and Institutions and further into Semi Government Institutions with good monetary benefits. You can also opt for career in the Communications field by pursuing higher studies in Mass Communication and Journalism.


This is also one of the options, which is exercised by a majority of the students who have completed their Bachelor of Arts. After completing LL.B you can opt for the career as a lawyer in specific technical streams including being a civil lawyer or being a criminal lawyer. If you opt for the stream of being a commercial lawyer then you can be hired as a Legal Advisor in the Private Sector as well as Government and Semi Government Sector. You can also go for the position of higher repute via becoming a judge after successfully cracking the judicial services exams conducted by the concerned bodies of the State and the Central Government.


One of the preferred career choices of today’s students is MBA, a course that equips students with complex problem solving skills and managerial attributes to climb the ladder of success in the corporate world. After successfully completing your MBA, either you can join the private sector for professional excellence or you can also go for government jobs via appearing in the various exams conducted by Government Institutions who require knowledge of management related aspects.

MBA, if done through a good institution can be a lucrative career in terms of monetary benefits and professional satisfaction. The caveat is to go for institutions, which have established Alumni Network and well connected industry contacts for good placements.


Students after completing their Bachelor of Arts irrespective of the specialization stream can go for preparation for various professional exams like in the Banking Sector, Armed Forces, and Paramilitary forces amongst others. When you prepare for entry into the banking sector, you have to crack the exam conducted by IBPS and when you successfully crack the exam, you get entry into the Government Banking Sector as a Probationary Officer.

Nowadays various private sector banks have also started giving importance to the successful cracking of the exam conducted by IBPS for their selection procedure. If you are someone who focuses on physical fitness and want to contribute to the security and well-being of the nation also, then you can go for the exams conducted by armed forces (Army, Air Force, and Naval) for entry into various positions. You can also go for professional studies in Social Work, Fashion Design, & Hotel Management and can make a successful career in these respective arenas.


There are various short-term or diploma courses, which have emerged as good choice for students who have completed their Bachelor of Arts. Such courses equip students with professional, managerial, technical, and complex problem solving skills, to make them fit and eligible for further professional advancement.

In today’s rapidly changing times, such courses can provide students with handsome amount of monetary benefits and an option to be a part of the most innovative industries. Students can opt for such short-term professional courses in the fields of animation, video editing, documentary or filmmaking, artificial intelligence etc.


Bachelor of Arts can be also done with specialization in an area of your choice. When indeed you complete your Bachelor of Arts with a specific technical stream then there are further options available to you in terms of advancing in that very particular stream.

For example, if you have completed your BA with specialization in statistics then you can opt for Post Graduation in Statistics, if you have done your BA with Economics then you can go for Master of Business Economics (MBE) or MA in Economics and if you have then you are BA with psychology as your specialization then you can go for higher studies in the Psychology field and go on to become a professional Counselor in various institutions or the private sector.

The point is that there are many options available when you do your BA with the specialization of your choice.

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