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Best Business School – How Do I Find What I Am Looking For?

Where is the best business school, and how do I find what I am looking for? Sounds a simple question, but it will take focused research to come up with the right answer. Taking two years out and spending a large amount of money as an investment in your future requires careful consideration. So, how do you go about finding the right business school without getting overwhelmed?

1) Get a notebook and grade your reasons for taking this course. Start the process by identifying what it is you are looking for. Decide why you want to take this route and specifically, how you will benefit. When finished, you will be looking at a career blueprint to use in pretty much the same way an architect does to construct a building. Once the framework is in place, begin to flesh it out.

In discovering how to find what you are looking for, be as specific as possible about your needs. If an MBA is the only way to progress on your current path, pinpoint exactly which aspect is the most important. You can then research the best business school that specialises in your particular subject.

2) What else should your best business school have? Apart from the main ingredient, what other subjects complement your blueprint? If you plan to start your own business, your list may also include subjects such as: basic principles of modern business practice, decision-making, strategy and goal planning, the marketing mix (including branding), organisation structure and the psychology of the consumer, etc. Begin to rank the business schools in order of benefit.

So many students hope that they will find inspiration and direction for their future once on campus, but if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know you have found what you are looking for?

3) In discovering your best business school, you should be looking for renowned schools that offer the best or most cutting-edge programmes. Are there good research and resource facilities? Are they up-to-date and of good quality? Is it more student research based or class based? Is there good student interaction with professors? Are support staff readily available? Answering these questions will help you identify the best business school – especially if you are moving far away from family and friends.

At the end of the day, the most important aspect is probably whether you can afford the fees to go to business school or not. If you can’t, don’t forget to look at other options. Many offer online courses and this is an excellent way to achieve your MBA, so make sure you include that in your research.

Another affordable option is to research the business training and mentoring centres online. Although you don’t come out with a degree, you can still receive practical, expert advice in all aspects of business start-up and management.

How to Find the Best Business Schools

You are in the workplace and you find that you are working hard for average pay, but you don’t feel that you’re advancing or learning new things; you feel that you are stagnating and are losing your touch on things, or that you are not as fast and as adept, or even as up-to-date on trends as you once were. You are in your final months as an undergraduate, and you have a fairly vague idea of where you want to be in the future: running a business or being part of one, and earning more money thanks to your knowledge and education. In either case, you may want to look for a business school to help you out and make you achieve your dreams – but what are the best business schools?

Despite all the lists and compiled school summaries that you will find both online and offline, the best business schools are really those that will help you succeed in the line of business that you want to get into. There are many different business schools out there with many different specialties, so if you are looking for the best business school to go to as you want to advance your career, or get into the workplace, you will need to know what exactly it is that you want first. Are you going to be doing accounting and auditing? Will you be running a business, managing people, hiring people, handing out salaries or wages, or overseeing processes?

Once you know what it is that you want to do, then you can pick out the best business school for you. True, there are the top tier business schools such as Wharton and Harvard, but consider other smaller business schools that might not be as well known, but are experienced in teaching the business aspects that you want to know more about. In particular, if you can find information on alumni of the school, see if their interests and credentials match yours. You might also want to check if the business school to which you are applying is accredited, as this can be an important benchmark of school and curriculum integrity.

You may also want to consider either a live classroom or distance education as the mode of instruction. If you opt for the live classroom, you will have the convenience of really going back to school and not having a headache over the computer programs and computer-based texts that distance education schools will employ. On the other hand, a distance education program will allow you to go to school even while you are based at home, or while you are still on the job, so that you do not have to go through the inconvenience of having to actually return to school. Look for schools that offer the mode of instruction that you need.

Moreover, look for schools that will offer you financial and job assistance. You can have scholarships or even fellowships to go to business schools, and often, the best business schools receive a lot of funding that will be shunted into their scholarship or fellowship program. Once you graduate, some schools will also offer you job hunting assistance, and others, as they are allied with companies, will actually give you placement.

These are only a few things to watch out for as you look for the best business schools. For more information, look for these schools online, and start planning your future in detail. Once you know what you want, you can find the best business school for you.

The Best Business Schools in North America

Business is big money in today’s economy and if you are going to succeed you will have to find the best business schools in North America. Schools that specialize in business will help you to obtain your dream job in the business and financial realm. You will also graduate with the opportunity to make some big bucks thanks to your degree from one of these accredited business programs:

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)

The Wharton School of Business is consistently recognized as a top business school. They are known for their innovative teaching methods and their wide range of academic programs and resources. They also claim to have the world’s largest and most cited faculty.

They offer a four-year Bachelors of Science degree in Economics, with courses in accounting, finance, marketing and informational management.

MBA students are allowed the flexibility of designing their own major and they have 18 majors to choose from. Students can double major or design their own major.

University of Texas at Austin (McCombs)

The McCombs School of Business is known for a well-rounded curriculum. They also have an outstanding faculty and the college consistently ranks among the best in the country.

The undergraduate program is a four year degrees in accounting, finance, marketing, International Business, Business Honors, Engineering Route to Business and Management and Information Systems.

The MBA program requires students take nine core classes including strategy, finance, statistics, financial accounting, marketing, operations, microeconomics, information technology and managerial accounting. Students are then able to mix and match electives. Students are not required to declare a graduate major.

University of California-Berkeley (Haas)

The Haas School of Business is considered one of the best business colleges in the world. The curriculum involves more than just the classroom setting and students have the opportunity to be involved in innovation, the community and global excellence. They also stress the importance of entrepreneurship.

Consistently ranked at the top of the board on excellent business schools, the undergraduate program allows students to begin after their sophomore year and earn a Bachelors of Science degree.

The MBA program focuses on management fundamentals and leadership abilities. Students will also hone their skills in quantitative, analytical, and strategic and problem solving skills.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)

MIT is a world-renowned school and the curriculum is both technical and real world. MIT uses a variety of techniques and projects to teach students business skills that they will use.

The undergraduate program at Sloan focuses on technical and managerial skill sets. Students are able to concentrate on one of the four areas including finance, marketing science, operations research and information technology.

The MBA program encourages students to have leadership and hands-on abilities. Students will graduate prepared to run organizations and to be excellent managers in a variety of situations.

University of Michigan (Ross)

The Ross School of Business ranks amongst the top business schools annually. They feature a wide curriculum with advanced electives and general management courses. Ross also has a commitment to research and they have excellent facilities available to students.

Ross features a BBA program that will prepare students for an MBA program. Students should have transferable credits in English, Calculus and Macroeconomics. They are able to choose from a three year or two year program.

The MBA program at Ross features a one-year core curriculum that covers the ten most important elements in business. Afterwards students work on a seven-week project that enables them to apply their education in real life experiences. Students are not required to choose a major in the MBA program and they have over 100 courses to choose from in their second year of study which allows students to focus on areas of interest to them.

Find the Best Business School to Complete Your Business Administration

Business administration has become an important part of studies in all the well-known universities. If you plan to complete your education in the same field, today there are hundreds of options for you. A business school is an institution that offers degree in business administration.

Various business schools may offer a number of graduate and post graduate degrees. Some of these include BA, BBA, BBS, MBA, MBM, MPhil. They also offer post graduate diploma courses like PGDM, PDGBM and doctorate degrees like Ph.D, DBA, etc. The degrees and their respective syllabus may vary university to university.

Complete your MBA from the best business schools

MBA is a two year full time course offered by various well-known and top universities. MBA has become a need in every field these days and all the individuals are going for it. There are a number of universities from which you can choose to complete your master’s in business administration. Many universities offer dual or combined courses for MBA where the time may be different from two years.

Various universities perform the series of tests to admit candidates in their MBA courses. The series of tests usually includes a written test performed by the university. After the students go through the written test, they are required to clear the group discussion and personal interview sessions. The admission procedure may have other tests as well. After the students have cleared all the procedures, they are given choices for the business schools. Every business school offers best teachers and study material for the students that assist them throughout their course to complete the graduation.

Subjects in business administration

The syllabus of MBA and other business administration course may differ from university to university but the basic subjects that form part of the business administration are calculus, statistics, accounting, economics, etc. The business schools perform an orientation program to make the students familiar with the course they are about to step into and they are guided tips and techniques to face the problems they may come across in their business career.

An MBA can be pursued in two forms. One is the regular which is just like usual college going studies. Students also have option to pursue online MBA. This is a distance learning program offered by almost all well-known Business schools now. In this, the students need not require to attend the classes regularly and physically. Usually online mediums are used for teaching. Students are provided with online study material, emails, CDs, video conferences, chats, books, etc. for reference.

Online assessment may also be performed to keep a check on the students and keep them updated of their performance. This type of learning provides is meant especially for those individuals who are already working and wish to nourish their knowledge with business administration without leaving their jobs. Those who are unable to go to college physically can also opt for this. Usually, the fees that business schools take for an online MBA course, is less than that of a regular one.

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