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All About the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau was established to encourage trust between buyers and sellers. Their goal is to advance the marketplace by creating standards for the business community and supporting business, which follow these practices.

Better Business Bureau members are now referred to as BBB Accredited Businesses. This means each business must apply for membership with their local BBB. These businesses promise they will practice in the marketplace by treating people in a fair and honest manner. The BBB then monitors these businesses to ensure they are complying with the BBB’s standards.


Work-at-home professionals should be very wary of potential work opportunities. Scam artist love to prey on decent people trying to earn a living. People can protect themselves by using the free information which the BBB provides.


There are 128 Better Business Bureaus in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. If a work-at-home professional is interested in finding out if a potential business is accredited before they register, they can easily check for themselves online. The BBB post all their national business reliability reports in their database. In addition, you can call your local BBB representative to assist you by phone.

Also, you should know that the BBB doesn’t only report on their accredited businesses but non-accredited businesses alike. They do not endorse or recommend any businesses. The main goal of their reports is to show consumers whether or not businesses comply with the BBB’s standard of business practices. Each report will share information about the business’ accreditation.


The BBB offers a plethora of articles online. They even have a series of articles targeted for the work-at-home professional. The information in these articles was written in cooperation with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. Some of these articles address the most known types of scams targeting work-at-home professionals such as these titles, Costly Coupon Scams, Multilevel Marketing Plans, Net Based Business Opportunities Are Some Flop-portunities, and The Seminar Pitch A Real Curve Ball.


The Better Business Bureau can also help you by resolving situations where you have been wronged by a business. Unfortunately, we can enter into a working relationship with a business and sometimes they do not follow-through on their end of the agreement. Instead of fuming in silence, contact your local BBB and allow them to attempt to resolve the situation.


As a work-at-home professional, you may discover the Better Business Bureau is your friend. When you research new opportunities, be on the lookout for the BBB icon on potential employer’s websites. The insignia should ensure confidence and trust when applying with a business.

How the Better Business Bureau Affects Your Business

Putting up a business is never an easy task, especially if you are planning to set it up from the ground up. Some people opt to go for a franchise, not only because this is the easier route, but it is also because of its risk-free nature-most scientific studies sup-port the conclusion that franchises have a higher success rate than independent businesses. However, whether a business is a franchise or independent is the end-all and be-all of a particular venture. Streamlining your business to the needs of your consumers is also a key player, and this is mostly influenced by the level of trustworthiness your company has.

What comes with a Better Business Bureau accreditation?

One way to build your company’s trustworthiness is by applying for a Better Business Bureau accreditation. The Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization that strives to build trust among marketers and businesses. It has been around for 75 years, and most of it was spent setting standards that help build the reliability of the businesses in its network. The main thrust of the organisation is to promote ethical, principled, and just business practices among its members. The tenure of the organization speaks for itself, because every year, tens of thousands of users look up businesses in the organisation’s database, especially customers who are not that familiar with existing businesses. For this people, there is no benchmark, and if all businesses are on equal footing, being part of Better Business Bureau will definitely boost your company’s trustworthiness.

What’s in it for my business if it gets accredited by the Better Business Bureau?

Helping your business gain credibility is not all that you can get from getting accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. When you get recognized by the organisation, it also helps widen your network, which will in turn, help you attract more business. Being a member gives you access to a system that collaborates with other entrepreneurs to establish the best practices in the industry, helping your business gain expo-sure to potential market and partners. Also, there is a lot of merit in exposing yourself to an organisation that highlights the transparency of your business because this way, consumers are more likely to trust you. In a nutshell, being a member makes your business the front runners of the ones doing the best practices.

Can anyone become accredited by the Better Business Bureau?

Getting accredited by the Better Business Bureau is open to everyone, but sadly, not everyone who applies makes the cut. This is because of the time and effort one company has to dedicate in order to achieve the most coveted recognition of the organisation. It takes more than a year to fully get cleared, and what comes with this is a very extensive and conscious dedication from the business so that they can truly prove the credibility of their company. Aside from meeting the requirements of the Better Business Bureau, it the company is also tasked to make sure that they minimize the complaints from their customers. This, if any, should easily be resolved and the company must not be subject to any legal sanction from the government. The implication of this is that it becomes apparent to the public that only businesses with high standards will get membership.

Despite the very detailed process every business has to go through in order to get
accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, it is evident how this has a positive effect on your business. It is not just because of the prestige, but mostly because of how it helps you create a relationship with your customer that is built on trust.

Better Business Bureau Ratings of Web Hosting Companies

Often when shopping online or at your local mall you will see ‘Member of the Better Business Bureau, or BBB’ and right away you feel good about shopping at the site or store. But what is the Better Business Bureau and why does it is inspire confidence, especially when shopping for a web hosting company?

The Better Business Bureau has been tracking complaints and keeping tabs on both profit and non-profit web hosting companies for more than 15 years now. Each year millions of consumers rely on the Better Business Bureau rating reports to tell them whether or not a web host is trustworthy or not.

The Better Business Bureau is unlike the local Chamber of Commerce in the fact that it does not promote any web host over another. The BBB gathers information on hosting companies both private and non-private then publishes its findings in their reliability reports. The whole idea is to keep the consumer informed and let them read through all the available information to better formulate which web hosting company is one they want to deal with.

One of the main functions of the Better Business Bureau is to try to help resolve complaints from customers against businesses. If a customer is unsatisfied with the company that they have dealt with they can file a claim with the Bureau and they will then contact the business on the customer’s behalf and try to help resolve the matter. Many people think that the Better Business Bureau only helps with companies that are members of the local BBB or accredited by the BBB, but the fact is that they help with complaints from both accredited and non accredited businesses. According to the Bureau, they are able to successfully resolve about 70 percent of all the complaints that are filed.

How does a web host become an accredited member and should it lend to your confidence?

To become an accredited member of the BBB, a web hosting business must have been in operations for at least one year. They must then fill out an application and pay member dues. Part of the application process is proving to the Bureau that the web host can adhere to the standards that the BBB requires to become a member which could include proving that the business is fully licensed an provides the level of service that they advertise.

Is Your Auto Body Shop Part of the Better Business Bureau?

When you are paying for something and especially for something for your vehicle you want to know it is worth the amount you pay. There are tons and tons of auto body shops all over the place, however it is always hard to know which one to go to and trust. It is hard nowadays to find a qualified and trustworthy repair shop for your vehicle. One of the best ways to see if an auto body repair shop or any other type of business is legitimate is if they are part of the Better Business Bureau. So, is your auto body shop a member of the Better Business Bureau?

If you are still trying to figure out what the Better Business Bureau is that is ok. The Better Business Bureau is national member organization that uses codes of ethics, news alerts, databases, and other programs to maintain a high level of trust between businesses and the public. Because BBB accredited businesses must qualify for accredited business status by adhering to certain standards, a business with a bad report will be disqualified for accredited business status. However, this doesn’t mean that a business that is not an accredited business has a bad report or would not qualify for accredited business status. The business has to reach out to the Better Business Bureau to ask for their support.

The Better Business Bureau is neutral it does not act on behalf of the business or the consumer. It is really just a way for business to keep in good standing for the public to see and for consumers to view accreditation before conducting business with a business. Through the support of their accredited businesses, BBBs work for an ethical marketplace by maintaining standards for truthful advertising, investigating and exposing fraud against consumers and businesses and providing information to consumers before they purchase products and services, however they will also help settle disputes but remain neutral through the process. If the business does not settle the consumer complaint they can lose the backing of the Better Business Bureau. So, you can see why you would want you auto body shop to have accreditation with a Better Business Bureau.

Since your vehicle auto body repairs can be costly and time consuming you should make sure you choose the repair shop wisely. Check to see if they have accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, this will show you that they deal fairly and honestly with their customers. If they are a member of the Better Business Bureau you can go to the Better Business Bureau website and look them up. This way you can find out if they are currently a member and for how long. You can also find out company information like the owner, services offered and type of business it is. You can also see if there were any complaints made against the business and if they were resolved. Every business will get complaints here and there; you want to make sure that your auto body shop resolved the complaints.

So, choose an auto body shop that is a member of the Better Business Bureau!

5 Reasons Why You Cannot Trust the Better Business Bureau

When most folks think Better Business Bureau; consumer protection, ethics and integrity come to mind. Right?

1. Would it surprise you to find out that there are hundreds of legitimate complaints and even lawsuits against Better Business Bureau franchises? Yes, you read accurately. The BBB is a corporation composed of several private business franchises very like to McDonald’s.

2. The majority people are under the perception that the BBB is a government agency. It is not. The truth is it operates as a non-profit and its funded chiefly through membership fees paid by businesses.

The fact that they make money collecting fees from businesses ought to automatically raise an eyebrow. How can they honestly look out for the consumers best interest when their customer base is businesses? They claim neutrality but to any rational person there is an obvious conflict of interest.

So you see a business with a BBB member sticker in the window, a plaque on the wall, or a banner on their website and you think they must be respectable. What should also be swirling in your mind is the fact that in order to become a member of the BBB the business must pay an annual membership fee. How many renewals would the BBB get if the members were graded badly?

3. The truth is members of the BBB are given much higher grades than non-members. It look as if an A+ grade is only possible for dues-paying customers (members).

4. The fact of the matter is everything that the trusted BBB warns us about when it comes to unscrupulous business practices, they are regarded by some as the biggest offenders.

5. The list of growing complaints around the country accuse local Better Business Bureaus of:

* Unfair and Disingenuous Business Practices.

* Underhanded or Misleading Advertising.

* Discrimination Against Certain Businesses Based On Their Industry.

* Use of Non-Profit For Personal Gain.

Many of us look to the Better Business Bureau to confirm the legitimacy of a business or to report a business, but where do we go if we have a issue with the better business bureau? Who watches them?

The savvy consumer and self respecting business owner does due diligence on the BBB just as they would before dealing with any other company. It just makes sense.

Internet Better Business Bureau

The virtual world has come to be the strongest avenue for trade and commerce but security remains to be a challenge. Almost all business transactions are delivered on the web. Issues like information losses, identity theft, credit card loss, deceiving offers, and overstated services are few of those anticipated bumps once you embark on business online transactions. To promote trust among business providers and consumers online, the Internet Better Business Bureau instills the Code of online business practices.

Internet Better Business Bureau is dedicated to provide online business entities with highly esteemed schemes to establish client loyalty and confidence for smooth business relations. Guidelines in online business deals are supposed to assist the companies in providing public and private protection issues in e-commerce.

For so many years, Internet Better Business Bureau has conceptualized and implemented beneficial codes that cater to different fields of businesses like health, education, fashion, manufacturing, hardware, construction, hotel, food, tourism, shopping, entertainment and transportation. The so-called programs as Reliability Seal Program and Privacy Seal Program are adopted by most business individuals.

To resolve computer exposure issues encountered by small and medium enterprises, the Internet Better Business Bureau created an information protection initiative. This is to address troubles like identity stealing, credit card slaughter and information loss. Designed was Scan Alert security service system that evaluates a small firm’s susceptibility to common troubles. It also facilitates the companies to meet up the requirements in Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standards or PCI DSS.

Usually acknowledged by Internet Better Business Bureau to receive credit card payments are Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover Card. Hundreds of business are being secured using the Scan Alert system especially when sending and receiving payments are primarily involved. The first year of availing the Scan Alert system doesn’t cost any seal holding company. Only a conservative amount of $19 dollars is paid in the succeeding years though.

The Internet Better Business Bureau seeks to deliver an unlocked and inclusive process for asking for inputs on the Code. The prime draft of the BBB code is accessible online. Suggestions and comments are even welcomed by the officials. Succeeding drafts are also made known on the web. It was in October 24, 2000 when BBB finally completed the code of online business practices.

In education field, the trend about getting an online diploma is accepted. This is the most virtual of all virtual educational institutions or the so-called digital diploma mills are signing up students. Using the advanced technology of getting educated virtually is the one of the greatest achievements the Internet has put forth. To determine the truth behind a university’s claims of being accredited or nationally recognized, etc., the Internet Better Business Bureau suggests that future enrollees should do some research by verifying with the US Department of Education and Council on Higher Education Accreditation.

What You Must Know About the Internet Better Business Bureau Seal

The internet has become one of the most active arenas in marketing and advertising. The internet enables companies to reach millions of potential customers at any time of the day at practically any place. However, the fact that business transactions are carried out online allows some unscrupulous people to hide behind their online persona; making the average internet business newbie susceptible to problems regarding information loss (including credit card information), identity theft and overstated product and service offers.

To help customers identify ‘better’ and legitimate businesses, the internet better business bureau came up with the Code of online business practices. For the consumer, an IBBB seal means that the company whose product or service they are contemplating of buying is trustworthy. Well, if a company is a non-BBB member, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is involved in rather shady activities. Another point to note; a BBB seal is a vote of confidence but please keep in mind that companies may not be maintaining the standards that they have had when they first applied for membership. There are companies that have lost their accreditation because of numerous customer complaints and poor performance in rating reports.

The internet better business bureau sees to different businesses such as health, fashion, education and tourism. They are implementing the Reliability Seal Program to ensure that companies provide the level of service that they advertise on their website. They are also known to arbitrate disputes In order to promote confidence and establish client loyalty to enable smooth business relations. In the field of education, however, the IBBB recommends that the student also check into the Council on Higher Education to find out whether an institution is accredited or not.

An internet better business bureau seal implies trustworthiness. If you own an online business, here is how you can apply for an IBBB seal.

First, you must be a member of the local Better Business Bureau. You can do this while you are applying for a BBBOnline membership since completing the online application form will serve the same purpose.

Of course, your business must fully meet government requirements. Your company must be based in the US or Canada. It is also required that your company has been operating for at least one year, unless it is a division of an existing business. Note that even customers can file complaints against non-members so you have to have a satisfactory complaint handling record with the BBB.

After submission, it will be forwarded to the local BBB office and the information you provided may be verified by a visit to your company’s premises. After that, sign the Participation Agreement. Then, you can pay the fees. It varies depending on the scale of your operation. Find out how much it costs by visiting the BBB website.

Finally, after reviewing and approval of your application, you will be contacted about how you can install the BBB seal on your company website.

Before doing online transactions, consumers often look to the internet Better Business Bureau for information and protection. If you are one, you still have to make sure that the use of the BBB seal on a website is authorized. Please check the validity. You can do so by clicking the image, which is supposed to take you to the BBB page confirming that the site is a member. After all, it is very easy to post an image on a website.

The Internet Better Business Bureau can help you. But you also have to literally help yourself as well

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