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Become a Bikini Fitness Model

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a bikini fitness model? Of course you have. We look at those beautiful bodies and we just imagine what it would be like to be that perfect. As a matter of fact, many of the famous women today became famous by starting out as a bikini fitness model. You might recollect seeing some of them on the front of various magazines, showing everything they’ve got.

However, becoming a bikini fitness model is not quite the same as becoming a fashion model. There is a difference. There are very high and specific standards for fashion models, whereas the bikini fitness model has a bit of leniency on her side. Nevertheless, it is common sense that she needs to be thin, in good physical shape, and has some sex appeal. She may not need to be a certain height or have a certain breast size, but it is crucial that she is in excellent physical shape or she can’t be considered a fitness model.

Here are some ways that you can establish yourself as a bikini fitness model:

1. Look for competitions that you can enter. This is a great way to get noticed. These contests can sometimes be held at nightclubs or other venues, so keep an eye out.

2. Look for reputable photographers to approach. If you can find photographers who have had photos published in swimsuit magazines, that would be great. You can put together a good portfolio to send to recruiters looking for that perfect bikini fitness model.

3. You need a hook. If you love welding or something like that, you want to make sure you make that known. That is something that can set you apart from the rest.

4. Use websites such as MySpace, Facebook, or other social networking sites to learn as much as you can about the industry. You can also use your profile to show off what you have to offer so that you can get the necessary attention.

5. You can communicate with swimwear companies. You will see a bikini fitness model used in their advertising from time-to-time and this is a great way to build a solid portfolio and get noticed.

6. Make sure you continue to work out during all of your searching because you can’t be a fitness model if you’re not fit.

7. Practice for a photographer. You want to do this because you can learn what your best angles are. That way you know what you need to do as soon as you start to work.

So if you want to become a bikini fitness model, these are the steps that you can follow to make that a reality. Like they say, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

Look Like a Bikini Fitness Model

The Myths

There’s a lot of myths out there about what it takes to look like a bikini fitness model. So many people think that you have to starve yourself or spend hours a day in the gym to get a body like that. But it’s simply not the case. All you need to do is learn how to eat and train like a fitness model to look like one.

Jennifer Nicole Lee

Think about Jennifer Nicole Lee, the creator of the Fitness Model Program, she was once over 200 pounds and had two children yet if you see her today you would never know it! She looks incredible with an amazing body and flawless skin & hair. Her story has impressed people so much she has been on Oprah Winfrey and other TV programs to talk about it. But there’s nothing different or special about her. The special thing is the plan that she followed. You see if she could make such an incredible transformation by following her plan then you can too.

You Can Do It

You can know from her story that it’s not impossible for a “normal person” to look like a bikini fitness model. You just need the right program to get there. There’s nothing special about fitness models except that they eat and train differently than you. It’s truly a matter of information. If you had the plan that they follow, you could do the same thing. Luckily, thanks to Jennifer Nicole Lee, you can get that plan and you can start to follow it right now!

Bikini Fitness Model – Why Being a Bikini Fitness Model is Hard Work

We’ve all seen the stunningly gorgeous, in “perfect shape” bikini fitness model in fashion magazines, fitness and healthy magazines, and we usually feel jealous. But did you know that these models work very hard to keep themselves in such great shape? It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to stay in such tip-top shape, and while their figures are enviable- appreciate their hard work and dedication.

The reason these models are in such great shape is because they take good care of their bodies. For these men and women, their bodies are their livelihood, their “bread and butter” so to speak. These people take very good care of their bodies, they watch what they eat, they drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and they follow strict work out regimens which help them stay in optimum condition.

A bikini fitness model takes care of his or her self constantly, and he or she stays motivated to do so by the fact that they FEEL better than the average person who doesn’t take care of themselves, as well as the fact that they don’t have much choice. Their body truly is their living, if they let themselves go, then they aren’t going to make money.

Likewise, fashion models are in the same boat. When your body is your way of life, your living and your “bread and butter,” it’s best to take care of it and make sure you do maintenance on it. Bodies are kind of like old cars, when taken care of, they run perfectly and look great, when they’re not cared for and maintenance isn’t done, then they start to deteriorate. This is the secret that any type of model has learned.

When a bikini fitness model works hard to maintain their body and stay in good shape, you can tell. Their hair and skin will have a healthy “glow” or sheen to it, skin blemishes and acne will be minimal if present at all, and you will be able to see their muscle tone and while some will be overly muscled, most will have simply good muscle tone over-all and well-defined muscles. You will be able to tell, simply by looking, that they take pride in their bodies and their fitness levels.

Most of these models won’t eat saturated fats, overly processed foods, and they won’t eat a lot of sugar or drink soda or overly caffeinated drinks. There’s a reason why- they have realized that these things will build up in a person’s body and slowly poison their bodies- which ends up sabotaging anyone’s attempts at being fit and healthy.

A bikini fitness model understands that to maintain optimum health, wellness and muscle tone- it’s important to feed their bodies healthy foods, nutritious foods, and to drink plenty of water. They also have the dedication and perseverance to keep up their healthy lifestyle and make healthy choices, they realize that to maintain their looks and fitness means that they maintain their income and way of living. That’s hard work.

Get Bikini Fit For Summer

One of the best things about winter is the fact that we can all don big baggy jumpers and ignore what is going on underneath for a few months. With comfort food, warm nights in front of the telly and lack of exercise in the cold winter days, it is no wonder we all put on a few extra pounds over the winter. But summer is soon going to come which means we all need to shed that extra weight and make sure we are ready for the beach.

Of course, the first thing you need to do when you want to start getting fit is make sure that you consult your doctor or medical advisor and make sure you do not over do it. Little and often is the key to good exercise, but keeping it up is even more important.

I have found that taking out a weekly contract is a great way to make sure you stick to your exercise regime. Agree with your partner or a close friend what you are going to do each week. Agree what treat you will get at the end of the week if you achieve your goal but also agree a punishment each week if you don’t achieve your goal. Though we can all go without that extra cake or that new dress if we don’t feel like exercising, if it means cleaning the house on your own all week or doing all the cooking, you may think twice before skipping a session.

Exercising doesn’t have to take long. Even ten or fifteen minutes a day can give you a visible change in appearance over time and when you start with fifteen minutes, you will soon realise that you want to do more to achieve quicker results and feel even better.

If you are overweight and worried about the impact on your body of starting exercising, consider swimming or water aerobics which will reduce the impact on your joints. There is some great plus size swimwear available that will give you support along the way and will make sure you are bikini ready come the summer. Or if you would like to try something less demanding why not treat yourself to a home exercise video or even a regular walk in the park.

Whatever you do decide to do, make the decision to do it now. Start as you mean to go on and don’t put it off any longer. Now is the time to get ready for summer and boy, will you be happy you did.

Simple Workouts to Get a Bikini-Fit Body

“If you are strapped for time and cannot complete all your regular exercise routines, make sure you always do your leg lunges”

Lunges are the best exercise for toning hips and thighs as they work the entire thigh (front and back ), hips and even the calves.

But no amount of exercise will give you a toned body if you don’t eat right and do your fair share of cardio exercises.

Stay away from high-calorie goodies like chocolates and donuts and get in at least 30 minutes of cardio(running, cycling,brisk walking,aerobics)three times a week.

If you really want to see results, you must be 100 percent committed to all three areas of your workout programme- cardio, nutrition and muscle toning.

Leg Raises

What it works:Inner thigh, glutes, calves core
How to do it: Stand with your hands up, lift your left leg off the floor and get your balance(if you find it tough do it with your back to the wall). Inhale and lift your left leg, knee straight until it is parallel to the floor. Hold for a moment, exhale and return to start position. Do 18 repetitions with each leg.

Plank with rounded back

What it works: Arms. shoulders, back, core
How to do it: Get into standard push-up position abs flexed.and inhale-exhale six times. Then suck in your belly button, arch your back upwards and drop your head between your shoulders and look at your tummy. Hold for six breaths (beginners can do three breaths) and return to start position. Do eight repetitions.

Power Lunges

What it works: Glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings,core
How to do it: Stand with your hands by your side, abs flexed, and jump into a lunge with your left leg forward and right knee dropping towards the floor. Pushing off your left leg, jump as high as you can and drop into a lunge with your right leg forward and left knee dropping towards the floor. Do 15 repetitions with each leg.

Find Yourself in a Bikini With This Fitness Program

Many women with weight problems often find it hard to lose weight. It’s really not because of the lack of fitness programs. Sometimes it’s the attitude. At other times, some women simply don’t have the time and money to spend hours at the gym.

Aspiring to have a hot bikini body or wanting to be on the cover of a fitness magazine can become reality. You are not the only woman with these goals. Bikini weight loss programs are becoming increasingly popular with women everywhere.

The reasons for this are pretty simple. Firstly, if you can look fantastic in your bikini you are going to look equally fabulous in tight jeans, slinky dresses, or La Perla lingerie. Secondly, you could find yourself on the cover of a swimsuit or fitness magazine once you have shed those love handles. You could end up getting paid to be a bikini or fitness model. Lastly, you won’t be signing on and paying for costly diet food that no one else in the house will eat.

Bikini fitness model programs are popular because they do not involve the taking of steroid drugs, or building up great hulking muscles which tend to not look so feminine. Only a few workout items are generally required. Better yet, the workouts can be done at home. Costly gym memberships and personal trainers are not needed. Best of all, the workouts only have to be managed 4 times a week.

Fitness model programs tend to be time effective and work quite quickly. Weekly weigh-ins at your local weight loss center are not needed. Neither is a personal chef, nutritionist, or expensive home delivered diet meals.

Once a woman starts to tone up, shed a few pounds, and lose a few inches, it is inevitable that her self confidence will increase. The increase in self esteem tends to encompass other aspects of life. Added bonuses of any weight loss program are extra energy, increased motivation, and regaining your mojo. Let’s not forget also, that losing the belly fat significantly decreases the risk of diabetes type 2, heart disease, stroke, and some cancers.

Many bikini model programs also include the insider’s secrets on how to get the gorgeous skin and glowing hair to match the great curves. You can makeover your whole image.

The baggy sweats and muffin top need not be a permanent lifelong fixture. Be careful to do your research before handing over your credit card number. There are many programs to select from, ensure you choose one that suits you and will deliver the results.

Find the Perfect Bikini For That Perfect Body Fit

The parameters of a perfect body fit bikini wear are age and body type. If you feel sexy and great wearing your bikini then it is the right fit for you. The bottom should appear smooth and nice, not too big and must fit tightly. Fitting bikinis need correct measurements and finding the right design and fit is torture knowing that it should flatter one’s body curves first. Women with flat abs will be proud to wear and look good with low-rise string bikinis. Tummies with little bulges may look better with one-piece bathing suits. Tankinis are stylish, tank-top-style, sexy alternative from the one-piece bathing suit. Blouson swim top looks like a Tankini but more like a blouse with a tie around the hipbone. Big tops with sexy ’40s style halter highlights cleavage still providing support.

Accentuating high cut legs, disguising midsection, revealing cleavage top, and emphasizing slimmer waist are all about fit and design selection. Vcut bottoms create illusionary curvy figure that moves focus on balance top and bottom. Bikini products come in different styles and sizes that could very well compliment any woman’s figure. Pick or order custom fitting bikinis for that convenient and comfortable feeling. A woman’s unique shape always has the specific bikini design and size to fit. A sexy halter bikini top matched with tie strings may do well if in a hurry to look for the right bikini top size. Finding the right bikini top and bottom has to consider specific body areas as such as the breast, the shoulders, the back, the abdomen, and the sides. After finding the appropriate design for your body build then start taking correct measurements.

Proper measurements need to flatter a woman’s body curves and prevent extra breast bulge at the top or abs bulges dropping at midsection more obvious. A nice bikini fit should make a woman more proud and very comfortable including the material. One may purchase the top and the bottom separately in varying colors and designs that compliments body contours as such as square top, double string, or a sporty square one. Stores have measurement size charts for customers to help get the right bikini fit and size.

JNL Bikini Model Diet Review

The JNL Bikini Model Diet was designed by physical fitness expert Jennifer Nicole Lee. This fitness expert once needed to lose weight, so she decided to transform her way of life by going to the gym, eating healthier, and discovering the answers to her weight loss through research and development. Jennifer Nicole Lee discovered the best approach to attain a slender, sexier, and more beautiful body.

The Bikini Model Program Contents

1. Exercise Like Bikini Models Do: This educates you how to get the maximum results when you work out on a tense schedule. It also educates you how to work out easier, rather than harder.

2. Eat Like Bikini Models Eat: This will show you tactics to eat accurately so that your body can execute with greater energy, and stamina.

3. Look Like A Bikini Model Looks: This part aids you to get even more noticeable to looking like a bikini fitness model.

4. Kill Your Craving Monster: This bonus guide was developed to help you with your food cravings that will get in the path way of your fat burning efforts.

5. Jennifer Nicole’s before and after pictures.

6. The Bikini Boot-camp: This bonus guide was designed to help you jump-start your weight loss with body shaping training, along with meal plans that were created to help you step-up energy, fill you up with sources of nourishment, and strengthen your muscles.

7. Motivate To Lose Weight Audio: If your stranded in a cruddy mood, and you need some inspiration to start you on your efforts, you can listen to the MP3 audio, and adjust your disposition and get even closer to your JNL fitness destination.

The Bikini Model Diet strives to clear-up your body fat content, and shape your muscles to obtain soft womanly curves, that you can be gorgeous with. All that you need to get started with this program is a fitness mat, a small bench, and a few dumb bells.

This Bikini Model Program Diet was created for busier women, so if you are hurried for time that’s fine, the JNL Bikini Model Program will not take much time from your busy day. This is a scientifically proven diet and fitness program. It has been accredited by elite fitness trainers, and has been featured in the best women fitness magazines.

Jennifer Nicole Lee shows you how to burn fat, and get rid of the cellulite on your body, with 4 short workouts a week. You can do all of the exercises in your own home with the basic workout equipment. You will learn about the foods you should be eating, plus the right amounts to eat. It shows you super foods that help you produce high drive, and stamina.

The JNL Bikini Model Diet also shows you how to lift up sagging breasts, remove stretch marks, and many more tips, but you must be willing to put in some kind of effort to get decent results. JLN’s Fitness Programs keep proving results time after time, plus there is a 60 day money back guarantee!

Just like everything else in life, you must put in a little effort to see good results! So, take a look at a bikini model diet today!

String Bikinis – How to Get a Perfect Fit

Usually when you purchase a string bikini, you will not be able to return it. This means that you definitely need to ensure you get the perfect fit before you take it home. Of course, sometimes finding the right fit can be tough, since different brands have their own size charts. To ensure your bikini fits you just right, keep these important tips in mind.

Measure the Top

First, you need to make sure that you take your top measurements. You do this by using a measuring tape and measuring around the fullest part of the chest. Don’t make the measuring tape too tight, but keep it snug so it isn’t falling down. With the measurements on top, you can look at sizing charts and see what size will work best for you.

Measure the Bottom

Of course, you’ll need to know your measurements on the bottom as well. Measure the hips where they are the widest. This will help you to figure out the right size for your string bikini bottom. Of course, most of the bottoms have elastic or strings on them, which can provide you with a little leeway.

Take Time to Try On the Bikini

Although you definitely want to get your measurements to figure out the right size for you, to make sure you really get the best fit, take the time to actually try on the bikini. While you may not be thrilled about trying on 10 different bikini options in a dressing room, trying on the suits can help you make sure that you look your best in the bikini before you take it home.

Just remember, if you are purchasing online, you cannot try on the bikini to get the right fit. In this case, you’ll definitely want to ensure your measurements are accurate, since you will be ordering by measurements alone. Take the measurements carefully and don’t fall into the temptation to cheat on the measurements or you will end up with a string bikini that doesn’t fit well.

Tips When Selecting Your Bikinis

It’s almost that time again, you know, when it is all about warm beaches and cool water. Even if it is snowing in your area, it is warm somewhere on earth and you can bet that some are in a frenzy about getting their bodies in shape for the new bikinis of the season; perhaps even one with a classic thong design. Not only does the body need to be in shape but you also need to know what will or will not look good on you. Here are a few tips to follow.

When shopping for a bikini, make sure that the bottom (panties) fit. This may sound like a rather obvious statement, but many people don’t really see that. A woman may be a size 6 but there is still the possibility of those dreadful love handles. It is not a pretty sight but it is true of even those who are fit. Do not let the desire to diet yourself down to a size 4 ruin how you actually fill out your swimwear bikini.

One major point of contention is how the top of the bikini fits, as there are many different shapes and styles. If you want to enhance the bust, then try on bikinis that have a bandeau top as they do enhance a smaller bust; possibly choose one with a bright pattern. Bold textures and prints give the illusion of a larger bust.

Of course, if you have the opposite problem, then an ample chest looks really good in a halter style top. Not only does it look good but with a wide strapped halter top you have the advantage of being able to tighten and lift at the same time. An added bonus to this sexy bikini style is the fact that you won’t have to worry about it coming off every time you dive into the water.

Remember, if you are wearing bikini swimwear that you feel good about and are comfortable in, then you may feel a little better about it when you are throwing your near naked body out there for the world to see. It also helps if you take a good friend with you when trying on bathing suits as they are more likely to be honest in their opinion.

Some women feel that they have the legs of a dachshund, meaning that they are short. If that is the case with you, then you will want to look for the bikini bottom that has a higher cut on the leg. You want to be sure to stay away from the bikinis that have the low-cut, boy shorts style, as it will make the legs appear shorter. If you are really lucky, then you may be able to find the very rare low-rise/hi-cut style. If you do, then be sure to stock up on them.

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Happy 60th Birthday to the Bikini!

Spread out on a beach with those long perfectly shaped legs, sun-kissed tan and of course that little bikini that leaves almost nothing to the imagination.
Okay, okay, we all might not have legs that come up to our elbows or we may never wear that teeny bikini but we can be sure that time in the sun this summer will be heaven. Still, it bothers me that there are women who are afraid of bikinis.

Some women shriek at the idea of wearing anything that doesn’t cover up those dimple-infested thighs or at the thought of bearing the extra flesh that shouldn’t be there in the first place.
I love bikinis on the beach, I wear those thongs like no-one’s watching or comparing.
But that’s just it, isn’t it – women compare. They silently compare thighs, stomachs, hair, noses, dimples – and I’m not talking about the ones found on your face. Yes, there are beautiful bodies on the beach. Yes, there are women who would put Elle Macpherson or Kate Moss to shame, but hell, I wear my bikini with pride, lazing in the sun and think that I’m having the time of my life. Why not? Why feel shitty about the skinny bombshell with the surfboard tummy getting all the stares – from men and women?

There’s no point in hiding behind a huge swim-suit which will only make you look bigger. I know some grannies who still bare it all in a two-piece and they look great – not because they’re in shape but because they don’t care. They go the to beach to feel their feet sinking in the soft white sand, to be soothed by the lull of the ocean, to absorb every ray the sun has to offer and know that it’s complete pleasure.

I say let it all hang out, let your briefs be brief, let the flab see the daylight and let the roving eyes of less secure women compare – because nothing compares to spending the day at the beach, and that should be exactly the reason for going: Simply to get close to paradise and frolic – wearing almost nothing. Forget the bikini-ready fitness, the bikini-ready diets and of course celebs in bikinis – because it all starts with the way you think…the rest will follow.

If anything, let this summer be about bikinis and being bold enough to let yourself wear one. It’s called getting bikini fit – and it doesn’t start with a warm up. So, slap on some sunscreen, your sunglasses and a smile that says, “I don’t care,” and join those who are too cool to worry about what others think.

Want a Body That Looks Great in a Bikini?

There are many different exercise and diet programs available to give you just the right body type that you are looking for. This may vary from toned and fit, to having a shape like a great bikini model, or to a bodybuilder’s physique. If you achieve the body shape and look you want, then it is a terrific confidence booster.

People tend to notice women especially, because they are often seen in a swimming pool or walking around on the beach, with a great bikini on their wonderfully toned and fit-looking bodies. If you want to look like these women, then you may have been hunting around for a great program that, with a little work and diligence, will enable you to end up looking fantastic! First, you want to have the look for your own satisfaction, and then you can use it to add a little wow factor to your marriage, or if you are into the singles dating scene.

Many of these women with a bikini model figure have fantastic posture and you would almost think they were ballerinas by profession. They are elegant and balanced, and exude an air of confidence and positive thoughts. Their looks can rival those of top celebrities and there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place! These women appear to be shopping in exclusive boutiques because their bikinis fit so well. They can be the center of attention, but you can also achieve this perfect look.

You may have often asked yourself if you can ever achieve the figures of these gorgeous looking women with their bikini model look. To try a program that really works, it is worth it to seek out a fitness expert and consultant with the proper credentials. If they are certified fitness instructor, a group fitness instructor, and a personal trainer — then they should be able to help you right away. With the addition of being specialists in sports supplementation and possibly certified through an international sports science association of some type, you will know that you will have the correct and perfect expert to help you.

Today’s women lead extremely busy, hectic and stressful lives. Instead of trying various bits and pieces of different exercise and diet programs, it is wonderful if you come across one that is ready made and tailored to get you that fantastic beach model look, and keep you fit and toned and the correct weight, as well. A program that keeps you in your own home, with four workouts per week using only simple exercise equipment — now that could be a real winner!

You can get a wonderful look for yourself at this great site.

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