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The Top 5 Breakfast Foods For Healthy Weight Loss!

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of eating breakfast. People who take time for a morning meal consume fewer calories over the course of the day, have a stronger desire to exercise, and are less likely to be overweight or obese.

People who skip breakfast are more likely to snack on junk food throughout the day, and over-indulge on fatty meals for lunch and dinner. If you are thinking about devising a healthy weight loss plan of action, think breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You have probably heard this many times, and it’s true. Even the name says it all. It is meant to break the fast you give your body from not eating since you put your head down on the pillow the night before. How you eat when you wake up in the morning dictates how your day will go. If you are trying to implement a healthy weight loss program, eating a healthy breakfast makes the difference between success and failure.

Just because breakfast is the most important meal of the day does not grant you permission to go into a feeding frenzy. That is exactly what Americas most popular breakfast restaurants are setting you up for, so make a conscious effort not to buy into it. They peddle fatty scrambled eggs, sugary muffins and donuts, and pancakes covered with enough syrup and whip cream to launch your blood sugar level up into outer space.

Foods loaded with unhealthy fats, added sugars, and refined carbohydrates are not how you want to start your day, especially when you are trying to have a healthy weight loss. They zap your energy levels so you will feel lethargic, and tell your body to store fat instead of burning it. To help you avoid these morning mishaps, fill your cupboards with the following foods to ensure a successful and healthy weight loss.

Healthy Weight Loss Breakfast Food #1: Soy-Protein Shake

This is how I lost 70 pounds 15 years ago and have kept it off ever since. Imagine getting 2,000 calories worth of nutrition for about 180 calories without the fat and sugar. It’s the closest thing you can get to diet magic, and it’s the best way to begin every day. What happens when your body gets the right nutrition? It begins to heal itself in ways you never thought possible. Nothing on any restaurant breakfast menu is going to offer good health like that.

Healthy Weight Loss Breakfast Food #2: Green Tea

Making sure you are well hydrated is an important part of breakfast, so why not give your body the best liquid possible? Unplug your coffee maker and find a different route to work that does not pass by a Starbucks. One cup of green tea every morning will give you enough energy to last an entire day, and you will not get the jitters like you might from coffee. Want to know the best part about green tea? It helps your body actually speed up your metabolism! Try finding that weight loss benefit in a fatty, over-priced latte.

Healthy Weight Loss Breakfast Food #3: Oatmeal

Remember when you were a kid and your mother made you eat oatmeal instead of your favorite cereal? That’s because it was healthy…and it still is, no matter how you prepare it. OK, so you can’t dump tons of sugar on it and make it taste like Apple Jacks, that’s a given. But you can sweeten it with fresh fruit or cranberries and raisins to enhance the taste. Just because you are older now and can make your own decisions does not mean your mother wasn’t right.

Healthy Weight Loss Breakfast Food #4: Scrambled Eggs With Vegetables & Steak

So you say you want to splurge sometimes and eat a real American breakfast like the kind you get at a truck stop? I hear you loud and clear. There is nothing wrong with wanting that…if you want to gain weight. How do you do it while sticking to your healthy weight loss plan? Be creative. Make yourself an egg beater omelet with fresh vegetables and lean meat. Just because a truck stop wants to serve you certain food in a greasy way doesn’t mean you can’t eat the same thing in a healthy way.

Healthy Weight Loss Breakfast Food #5: Fresh Fruit With Granola

Remember that recent high-protein low-carbohydrate diet fad that came and went faster than you could say Atkins? No one is on it anymore, and no one is thinner or healthier because of it. Don’t ever let anyone convince you that something like a fresh apple is bad for you. Your body needs carbohydrates and there are few healthier sources than fruit and granola. It makes a great substitute for high sugar cereals. If you can sprinkle some protein powder on top of it, it’s an even better way to start your day.

So there you have it…5 of the best breakfasts you can eat for losing weight in a healthy, natural way. It’s not easy to change your taste palette, but try these suggestions little by little as replacement for the high fat, high sugar choices that made you gain weight. Living a healthy lifestyle is essential for healthy weight loss, and choosing to eat smart for breakfast is the first step in the right direction.

Best Bets for Breakfast in Ventura

Because there is so much to do in the Ventura, California area, it’s a good thing that there are so many great places to get a tasty and hearty breakfast in the area. You can find everything from breakfast burritos and homecooked breakfast meals to grab and go meals and coffee shops.

Pete’s Breakfast House on East Main Street in Ventura has been featured on several television shows including “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” It is probably because of this new found fame that guests are often asked to sign in on a waiting list, however the food and service here is well worth the wait. Some of the favorite menu items here include the corned beef hash, Greek omelet, chorizo & eggs, chicken fried steak and of course, the biscuits. Pete’s serves breakfast starting at 7am and brunch until 2pm. Also on East Main Street is another great breakfast restaurant called the Cajun Kitchen Café. This locally owned and operated restaurant serves up southern breakfast classics with a Cajun twist. Some of the local favorites include the eggs benedict, French toast, St. Charles Breakfast burrito and the Crazie Shirley’s breakfast platter. The Cajun Kitchen Café also serves lunch so don’t be surprised if you come back for another round.

For even more southern breakfasts served in generous portions, visit Allison’s Country Café located on Telegraph Road. Some of the favorite dishes here include the Italian Omelet, Al’s Avocado Omelet, Scott’s Scramble and the breakfast burrito. The staff is always friendly and efficient. Allison’s Country Café is so good, it was voted Best Breakfast Restaurant by the Ventura County Star newspaper in 2010. Breakfast is served here daily from 7 am to 2pm.

Also on Telegraph Road you will find a quaint breakfast café called Two Trees Café. This local, family-owned and operated restaurant offers up home style breakfast meals made with market fresh ingredients. Here you will find such classics as eggs benedict and cornbeef hash and eggs as well as some unique items like the seafood benedict and eggs florentine. Breakfast starts being serve at 7am and is available until close at 2pm.

Galloping Hen restaurant, located on Bochard Drive, is what some might call a “hole in the wall” restaurant, but all the locals know this is one of the best places in town to get a hearty, home cooked breakfast. The portions are very generous and the service is fast, efficient and friendly. Be sure to try one of their unique menu items like the Chile Verde Omelet or The Buckaroo.

For the some of the best breakfast burritos in Ventura, you’ll want to visit Maggie’s on the Avenue, which can be found on North Ventura Avenue. Here you will not only find a wide variety of breakfast burritos, but also a great selection of authentic Mexican breakfast dishes like Chile Rellano, Carnitas and Carne Asada. Maggie’s on the Avenue is also open for lunch and dinner, don’t be surprised if you return for a snack later in the day.

There are also several great coffee shops in the area including Simone’s Coffee and Tea located on Telegraph Road. This quaint, welcoming coffee shop is open from 6am until 8pm everyday and offers a incredible variety of flavored teas and coffee drinks at affordable prices. There are also fresh baked pastries available. Another nice coffee shop nearby is Caffrodite on East Main Street. This small coffee shop features indoor seating as well as seating outside. Don’t let the small size and no frills look of this coffee shop deter you. Here you will find an impressive selection of blended coffee drinks, espresso and lattes as well as gluten free and vegan items. There is frequently live acoustic music and the coffee shop is situated next to Jim and Rob’s Fresh Grill which serves up excellent breakfast burritos.

One last coffee shop to check out is Peet’s Coffee and Tea located on Victora Boulevard. This is actually one location of a chain of coffee shops owned by the Peet’s Coffee and Tea company, which makes a great selection of robust coffees and hand-selected teas. The Peet’s location is open early at 5am on weekday and 6am on weekend days.

Top 10 Restaurants in Vegas for Breakfast and Any Other Meal

The very best (for different reasons, as explained below) places to eat in this great city are:

1. The Bellagio Buffet. By far one of absolute very best. Why? Because every dish is high-quality, cooked with ability and care for your palate. The range is large and the quality is, in the Bellagio style, excellent.

2. The Rio buffet. The best if variety is your priority. It’s probably the largest buffet in this city and the quality is still good (not as excellent as at the Bellagio but still good) whilst being very affordable.

3. The Main Street Station Hotel & Casino. Located in the downtown area, this is by far the best breakfast restaurant if affordability is key and you don’t want to compromise too much on taste and quality. The range is good with all the breakfast favorites. We strongly recommend it especially on weekends, when other places tend to increase their prices significantly.

4. Cravings. This is the Mirage buffet-restaurant. Absolutely a must if you value good quality and affordability. The best smoked salmon in town.

5. Treasure Island buffet-restaurant. A must if you wish to enjoy a decent (but not huge!) range of dishes of good quality in a really lovely setting which will make you forget you are at a buffet!

6. The Village at the Paris buffet-restaurant. The best if you want to have a fabulous visual experience! Here you will feel as if you were in a French village, eating outside and enjoying the picturesque architecture. The range of dishes is very good and the quality is good.

7. The Spice Market buffet-restaurant. Another great place to enjoy your breakfast if you like variety and decent quality. Unfortunately you cannot enjoy the roll-over lunch here, but if all you care about is breakfast, this is a good choice.

8. The Wynn buffet-restaurant. This used to be the second best restaurant for a sumptuous breakfast but things have been declining somewhat.

9. Any Bellagio restaurant. Beside its fabulous buffet, the Bellagio offers a good range of high-quality hotels which, if price is not an issue for you, you can try and thoroughly enjoy. If you can, go to the ones which offer a view of the fabulous ‘lake’ with its fountain show, but any other will be just as good.

10. Breakfast at Mandalay Bay restaurant buffet. The key is in the fruit section and in the hot sausage section! The rest is not fabulous but two items are served here at breakfast that, if you are in the area, you should not miss. Moroever, the environment is beautiful.

What Is Your Restaurant Idea?

You know you want to open a restaurant, but you are debating the concept. There are many different types of restaurants you could open, but your restaurant idea should have a bit of a unique twist. You can choose the basic concept, and then add your own restaurant ideas to the mix. Your menu items will define what type of decor and style your restaurant will basically have.

Restaurants are usually placed into three groups:

1. Quick Service-

These are the fast food restaurants. These restaurants usually offer a menu limited to food items that can be prepared quickly. This type of restaurant will usually have a drive through window and cater to take out. Even though you have a fast food restaurant, as long as you don’t have a franchise, you can incorporate your own restaurant ideas into this concept with special decor and uniforms.

2. Mid Scale-

These are restaurants that offer regular meals for a reasonable price. The customers see this as a good value. This type of restaurant can be a full service, buffet, or a limited service restaurant where the customers order at the counter and the food is delivered to them at a table. Again, as long as this isn’t a franchise opportunity, you will be able to choose your own decor, and how your servers will dress. Many of these types of restaurants do not have a uniform for their workers, but ask them to wear a white shirt and black slacks or skirt. Once you open your own, you will be able to be creative with your restaurant ideas.

3. Upscale-

This is the type of restaurant that will offer a customer plenty of ambiance, and charming full service. The cuisine and the prices will be High end. You can incorporate your own restaurant ideas into this type of establishment as well. There are many different restaurant ideas that involve menus written on unusual objects- Cleavers, Plates, slates, etc.. You can also have a different type of theme such as a 1930 or 40’s supper club where your servers dress in period attire, or a restaurant filled with antique gas station memorabilia and servers who wear elite coveralls.

You can see that the sky is the limit, if you are not limited in your choices by a franchise. In that case you are pretty much locked in to their decor and suggestions to fulfill your contract. Some of the concepts of a restaurant could be:

· Asian Cuisine- Specialize in Oriental food service.

· Breakfast Restaurant- Specialize in big breakfasts, for a reasonable price.

· Dry Restaurants- Do not serve liquor.

· Casual Dining- Offer more of a laid back and family atmosphere with prices in the mid-range.

· Coffee Shop- Provides different coffees, teas, and light meals.

· Concession- Operate on beaches, at fairs, festivals, sporting events etc.. This type of food service is usually operated in the summer months, and has a menu limited to simple to prepare foods and snacks.

· Delicatessens- Offer foods that are usually consumed shortly after they are purchased, the main product is usually luncheon meats and cheeses. They provide sandwiches, salads, soups and other snacks. Food preparation is simple or made ahead of time.

· Ethnic Restaurants- These restaurants can fall into all three categories. The menus usually include some American versions of ethnic dishes and truly ethnic dishes.
· European Restaurants- Usually specialize in French, Italian, Spanish, etc. cuisine and can be a mid range or upscale establishment.

· Family Restaurant- Offer family friendly dining, and they usually offer specials every day. Their menu is varied and they offer a child’s menu. They charge a reasonable price and are usually casual.

· Fast Food- These restaurant ideas usually specialize in one or two main foods, and may also offer salads and simple desserts. The menu offers foods that are easy to prepare.

Just about any type of food or restaurant idea can be incorporated into a restaurant of your own. Sit down and think of all the restaurant ideas you can think of. I think you’ll be surprised at what you come up with.

Great Restaurants in New York For Breakfast

New York is widely known for their great restaurants. Not only do they offer some great lunch and dinner items they also offer some great breakfast items as well. However there are a few places that you should really consider checking out if you are looking for a great breakfast at a reasonable price.

One of the best restaurants in New York on your breakfast search would have to be Big Wong King. You may not be able to find the traditional breakfast items here such as eggs, coffee, and pancakes but you will be able to find one of the best tasting bowls of congee, which is rice porridge that contains pork, beef, or shrimp. This is also accompanies by a fried cruller and tea. Although this may sound like a pretty unusual breakfast to you it is actually one of the most popular breakfast spots located in Chinatown.

Another great restaurant to try for breakfast in New York would have to be Bubby’s Pie Company. They offer some of the best grits outside of the South. They also serve your usual breakfast favorites of eggs, bacon and pancakes.

Clinton St. Baking Company is another great breakfast hot spot in New York. You will soon find however, that the lines to get served are long during the week but they are well worth the wait. The great thing is that if you have a craving at 8pm for pancakes you will be able to get them here because breakfast is always served.

Next head on over to Good Enough to Eat. On the weekends you will find that you will have a rather long wait to be served but it is well worth your wait. They have some local specialties such as their pumpkin French toast, and Wall Street omelet among others. You should really consider giving this great place a try next time you are searching for a great breakfast.

Finally on your search for a great New York restaurant for breakfast you need to consider giving Norma’s a try. They offer some of the best in breakfast comfort food. They are a little pricey but the food is well worth the cost.

So no matter what type of breakfast that you may be searching for in New York you will find it in these great restaurants. With the wide variances of culture in this great state you will surely be able to find something that fits your own appetite. Breakfast has always been the most important meal of the day so enjoy it today.

Breakfast Menu Ideas and Trends

Research has shown that breakfast has many health benefits, making it the most important meal of the day. Breakfast eaters have lower risk of being overweight and developing the health complications that come with obesity. Starting the day with a meal improves cognitive processes and prevents overeating later in the day. With the recent rise in health awareness, and the tighter budget of potential customers, it is appropriate that from 2005 to 2010 breakfast accounted for 60% of the increase in US restaurant traffic growth. Breakfast staples tend to cost less, for the customer and the business, since the ingredients are simple and inexpensive. By placing thoughtful focus on breakfast menu items, a business can increase its appeal and traffic flow.

Market studies discovered that the top US breakfast foods are cold and hot cereals, toast, bananas, pancakes, breakfast meats (such as bacon and sausages), and eggs. Businesses can put a trendy twist on these classics to spice up their menus. Current culinary trends include an awareness of healthy eating, ethnic cuisine, and putting a twist on familiar dishes. Additionally, breakfast foods are now becoming all-day foods, so offering them all day long, and as both sweet and savory meal options, can make a restaurant’s menu stand out.

Fresh produce, whole grains, and any other nutritious options are a great addition to a business’ breakfast menu because they will attract health-conscious customers whom might not otherwise dine out. Many international breakfast items include an array of vegetables, automatically adding a healthy aspect to the dish. Breakfast burritos are a great example. It is a twist on the Mexican burrito. It is essentially a wrap filled with different vegetables and eggs. It is a combination of the three major culinary trends mentioned above, while also including eggs, which are already a top US breakfast choice. Other good menu item options include Shakshouka and huevos rancheros, both international egg dishes containing vegetables. Finding ways to alter traditional breakfast menu items to make them interesting will compel customers to order. Stuffed French toast, savory French toast, and sweet and savory crepes are just a few items that potential diners would probably prefer to order out than attempt to prepare at home.

Breakfast menus provide ample opportunity for chefs to showcase their creativity and adaptability to modern trends and fashions. The decline in the US economy has led the population to dine out less often. However, it may have also influenced customers to choose to order breakfast foods. Breakfast remains a cheap, quick, and therefore justifiable meal for consumers to dine out. By sprucing up breakfast menus, businesses and diners both win.

Best Restaurants In Kuwait: So Many To Choose From

Surprisingly, the best restaurants in Kuwait offer a wide variety of ethnic foods. In fact, you can find almost any type of cuisine you’re looking for. From American, Chinese, Japanese to Persian, breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’re never far from a home-cooked meal when you’re dining in Kuwait.

One of the best restaurants in Kuwait is the ‘Sunny Side Up’, a popular breakfast restaurant that just opened in November of 2011. As you can probably guess from the name, the menu features a wide variety of eggs dishes.

Most of the menu selections are American and one of the favorites among the regulars is the Turkey Club sandwich, a real Dagwood sandwich stacked with slices of thinly sliced turkey, boiled eggs, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mustard. A favorite breakfast item is the tall stack of pancakes served with real maple syrup. Sunny Side Up is located in Al Saqaran Complex.

Another popular breakfast restaurant is the Living Room Lounge, located in the Marina Mall. The menu here is simple – you choose either an American breakfast, a Spanish omelet, an Arabic breakfast or French Toast. The Living Room Lounge is an upscale, elegant restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating.

And one of the best restaurants in Kuwait for breakfast lovers is the “Ryoog” which means breakfast in Arabic. Again, they have a very simple menu offering you your choice of an American breakfast, a Lebanese breakfast, waffles or sandwiches. Another elegant restaurant you’ll find the Ryoog on Block 8, Street 80.

If Chinese food is your favorite you’ll find more than a dozen Chinese restaurants in Kuwait serving everything form Szechuan to Hunan to Cantonese and Anhui.

Now, let’s look at the best restaurants in Kuwait that have lunch and dinner menus. Believe it or not, if you’re looking for American food, you can get your favorite burger and fries at the T.G.I. Fridays. They even have their world-famous onion strings.

If you’re looking for some delectable Japanese fare then you need to visit PF Changs, Maki, Wasabi or Sakura. And if you’re looking for Persian delights then you should visit Babak where you’ll find traditional recipes like Hummus, Kebab and Gheymeh.

For Italian fare you’ll find none better than the pizza, lasagna, spaghetti and ravioli the cook fresh daily and Nino, an Italian diner in Kuwait. Be sure to try the Mushroom Risotto or the Nino Pasta while you’re there.

If you’re visiting Kuwait then you probably want to try some traditional Kuwaiti food and the best place in town is the Freej Sowaileh diner. Freej Sowaileh serves a mouthwater chicken and rice dish called ‘machboos’ and it’s Kuwaiti cooking at its finest.

No meal is complete without dessert and two of the best restaurants in Kuwait are dessert restaurants. Pinkberry serves the world’s best frozen yogurt and Choowy Goowy has melt-in-your-mouth freshly baked cookies.

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