Computer Parts

Computer Parts

For some people, a computer that is pre built isn’t the answer to what they want or need. A graphic designer will require something that takes into account computer parts that are heavily geared toward graphic design, such as a more full featured graphics card and a vast amount of RAM, while the games tester may want something that will offer a powerful 3 dimensional card and a far more powerful audio setup.

This means that using a service such as the popular companies to build your computer may cost a great deal more for your PC. Building your own computer keeps your costs down and improves the odds that you get something which is built to your specifications and has the operating system that you want, rather than the one which is auto-installed onto their brand of computer.

Building a computer from scratch is among the most interesting and unique hobbies that you can take up. It has the added benefit of getting you precisely what you want from your computer and offering you the chance to customize every aspect of the process.

Most computers that you will buy offer you a minimal amount of things like RAM, hard drive space and DVD or CD Roms. Building your own PC or custom computer will net you the exact items that you want and need and get you the precise operating system that you want. It is probably the best way to give you the most bang for your computing dollar.

Computer parts are relatively low cost these days. In fact, if you know where to look, you may be able to get a great many of them donated to you by companies who are trying to find green or eco friendly ways of disposing of their older computers. Most of them are really not terribly outdated or otherwise in bad shape. Most of the computer parts that you may need can realistically be gleaned from other, or older computers.

This is particularly true if you receive them from companies who try to keep state of the art computers with them at all times. Generally what is donated will be easy to use and the computer parts, hardware, and other components will still be very viable so far as what is commonplace for use, since larger companies tend to replace their computers about every year.

For those who want their computer parts to be literally state of the art, the best place to get them will be at some of the discounted supply parts stores online. Purchasing your computer parts hardware online nets you a much better price, and the ability to put together your own custom machine for your use.

Building a computer from older computer parts may also be done for others. A great way to assure that an older family member has a computer is to solicit donations of outmoded computers and then use those computer parts hardware to rebuild other PC’s which are donated to older residents in your community or given to underprivileged children.

This not only helps the residents in question, but also assists companies in making sure that their older computers are put to good use rather than to become part of a landfill.

Wholesale Computer Parts – Getting Good Deals

Have you noticed that most branded computers today have become very expensive? If you have, then you probably have been shopping in the market for a new computer system. You might be confused why they’re so expensive when prices have fallen in certain sectors that contribute to the making of computers. For example, the prices of memory have hit an all time low. This is because of the enhancements in manufacturing volumes of memory manufacturers.

The prices of mother boards and other assorted computer parts have also decreased significantly. Well, you have to remember that the branded computer manufacturers are in the business to make their own profits. That is why good computers remain expensive despite the reduction that we have been witnessing.

Fortunately, you can still avail yourself of a good computer system these days. You can do this by sourcing your computer from dealers who specialize in wholesale computer parts. A lot of people are sourcing out and building their own computer through wholesale computer parts. However, some folks think that these parts are in some way inferior to the parts available in branded computers. To be honest, I used to be one of those people.

In the past, I believed that cheap and inefficient computer parts manufacturers use wholesale computer parts to offload their inferior stock on unsuspecting customers. However, my views about this issue changed when my computer broke down. I got a quote that was very high when I took it to the authorized dealer. I had no choice but to go to a local wholesale computer parts dealer because my funds are low and I desperately need to have my computer fixed.

I was amazed when I saw that this wholesale computer parts dealer has his own repair service. The repair quote I got was a fraction of what the authorized dealer had given me after they opened up my computer and diagnosed the problem. Naturally, I was curious as to what had created the difference, so I suspiciously eyed the wholesale computer parts on display. The dealer sensed that I was suspicious so he opened up my computer to show me that the replacement parts were the same with what my existing computer had. He willingly explained the wholesale computer parts business to me when I asked him how this was possible.

He patiently explained that computer parts manufacturers usually manufacture more parts than required by an order from a branded computer manufacturer. This is an in-built quality control feature that ensures that a sudden spurt in demand or a quality crisis can be handled quickly and efficiently. When the order is processed without incident, the excess parts are then offloaded to dealers for a huge discount. These equally good computer parts are then sold for a discount to users like you and me.

Learn More About How to Choose Computer Parts

A computer is a device that is assembled with a combination of components and elements and is programmed to automatically complete logical and sequential operations. The term ‘computer’ is not any single part by itself but a ‘sum of many parts’ working together. The physical components or elements that can be seen and handled or felt are collectively called ‘computer hardware; these elements more or less constitute the computer system.

Components or elements that are a part of ‘computer hardware’ are the chips, computer data storage, hard disk drive, graphic cards, keyboard, memory, monitor, motherboard, mouse, sound cards etc. In contrast, ‘computer software’ cannot be seen; it is the set of instructions or commands or programs installed in the computer and run by the hardware.

Usually computer parts in a computing system are labeled in reference to a desktop which is the most often used. A laptop also has similar parts but they are put together in a precise and concise package that can be carried anywhere.

The hardware components of a computer system can be detailed as follows:

• System Unit – Usually in the shape of a rectangular box, this is the ‘core’ of the computer that houses the electronic components whose central function is to process information. One of the most important components is the Central Processing Unit (CPU or Microprocessor) which is the brain of the computer. This processing element handles logical operations; the order and sequence of operations can be changed by a control unit. The other important component is the Random Access Memory (RAM), which is the unit that stores information temporarily when the computer is in operation; once it is switched off, the information contained in the RAM is wiped off.

Almost every other component of a computer system is connected to the system unit through cables plugged into specific openings, called ‘ports’. Other elements not collectively in the ‘hardware’ are referred to as ‘peripheral devices’.

• Storage – generally a computer system has one disk drive or more; these are plastic or metal storage devices that store information when the computer is not in use.

• Hard Disk Drive (HDD) – the HDD is located inside the system unit and is the primary storage area of a computer system; it is a stack of rigid platters coated with a magnetic surface and can hold large amounts of information

• Compact Disc Drive – a CD (Compact Disk) Drive located in the front top portion of a system unit uses lasers to retrieve data from a CD; this way information can be shared from computer to computer by ‘reading’ CDs. A CD Drive also allows information from the computer system to be ‘written’ on the CD for storage or for sharing; it can be also used to play music CDs.

• Digital Versatility Disc – called the Digital Video Disc until a few years ago, the DVD Drive operates much like the CD Drive but is capable of reading and writing more complex formats. A DVD Drive is usually used on a computer to watch video clips and full-length movies.

• Floppy Disk

• Drive – though no longer relevant since the advent of Pen Drives that are known as Mobile Storage Units because files can be copied and carried in hand for use anywhere, the Floppy Drive was extremely popular at the beginning of computer usage for storing information and retrieving it later. Since they were not fool proof against tampering, damage and loss of data, these have become redundant although some computers still have these drives.

• Monitor – the monitor or screen of a computer displays text and graphics. The two basic monitor types are the Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) which is now mostly relegated to the older models and the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) ones which are the newest. LCD monitors are much lighter and thinner than CRTs.

• Keyboard – the keyboard has keys for the arrangement of letters and numbers on a typewriter keyboard; besides these, there are also special keys such as function and navigation keys. A keyboard can also do some of the functions that a mouse is programmed to do.

• Mouse – this term is very appropriate for the device as it resembles a mouse with a tail; the tail is the cable that attaches the ‘mouse’ to the system unit although modern wireless units have appeared. Its function is to point out items and elements on the computer monitor or screen and allowing the user to use ‘click’ procedures to operate commands. A mouse has two buttons; the left button is the primary one used for clicking and the other, the secondary. A wheel set positioned under the mouse between the two buttons allows the user to scroll down the screen and look at pages of information without having to scroll line by line.

Buying Old Computer Parts

When you have an older computer you need old computer parts when you are upgrading or repairing it. Most new systems are not compatible with the older ones and the same holds true for their parts. For example, if you want to upgrade the RAM in your older system you will find that the styles on the market today are not able to work with your older system. You will have to look for used or refurbished RAM since the older styles are no longer being manufactured. Since the RAM is no longer being produced, the only option for replacement or upgrade is to buy used or old RAM from retailers and wholesalers that offer it.

Where To Find Old Computer Parts

When you are looking for computer parts that are outdated, obsolete or rare it can be tough to locate them. The best places to look are at computer repair shops in your area and of course online. If you are going to spend time calling around to local repair shops, be sure you know what you are asking for. If the system is not running and you do not know what it needs, you will need to contact the repair shop first anyways. If you do know what the system needs you can avoid the repair shop and start shopping online, as long as you know what the part is you’re looking for. Say RAM for instance, if you are upgrading it, some of the older systems will require you to have identical chips side by side. You need to know what motherboard is in your system to find out what it will support. You may be able to find large pieces of RAM but if your board does not support it you will have wasted your money.

When you feel confident that you know what parts you need and that you understand what your board will support, start shopping around. You may be surprised to find that just because they are old computer parts does not mean they are cheap computer parts. Many times you will end up paying more for an outdated and obsolete part than you would for a new one. This is mainly due to the fact that the manufacturer has stopped production on the parts and they have become extremely rare. RAM is normally the most expensive component you can buy for your older system, it is the most common part that gets upgraded or replaced in an old computer.

Sound cards, video cards and other components are normally still in the same format and can be purchased to fit even older systems. Motherboards are not normally replaced with the same old motherboard when doing upgrades or replacements, so they run fairly cheap. CPU’s are sometimes sought out and purchased for repair on an older system but it is rare since you can usually get a motherboard and CPU package for much cheaper and upgrade the system to a newer more compatible system with today’s technology.

You can shop around on auction sites such as eBay or look at retailers and wholesalers on the internet that offer older parts for older systems. Many sites will not advertise their old parts as part of their normal stock, so ask if they have what you are looking for.

Warranty on Old Parts

You can expect that you are not going to get a warranty with the purchase of old parts. Since the manufacturer no longer produces the parts you can assume they are well out of warranty. The company you buy them from may offer a warranty or guarantee that the parts will work, but not always. If there is a guarantee in most instances it will be for 30 days or sooner and you will have to notify the company right away if the part is defective in order to get a replacement or refund. If the old computer parts you purchased are extremely rare you may not be able to get replacement if they are defective and only be able to ask for a refund. Don’t hesitate to ask the company about their refund and replacement policies on the old parts, it will be the only recourse you have if something goes wrong.

Used Computer Parts and Refurbished Units – Should I Consider Used?

When choosing a computer there are numerous sizes, shapes, and styles to consider. Used computer parts are something that many have never considered. If you’re looking to save a bit of money or just get a lot more for your money then a refurbished computer may be an option you want to look into. Everything from small portable laptops to large desktop versions are potential options with used computer parts available for most all major manufacturers now.

With recent major leaps in testing capabilities all major manufacturers are now offering used computers now. What makes these a safe bet is the warranties that are now being offered with these units. They are an incredible bargain for the money considering many actually have new computer parts inside. They can’t be sold as new because it was already previously sold and shipped back for one reason or another.

In looking for a computer with used computer parts it’s important to know the main parts of a computer so you can evaluate what’s most important for your needs. The main parts of the computer known as the components are relatively easy to understand but most are hazy on what purpose they serve and it means for their everyday activities. Most people refer to the components as the hardware of the computer. There are many parts to a computer and a lot of this is considered common knowledge when it should be referred to is uncommon knowledge. It is important to know what this information is when choosing a computer.

In regards to the basic parts of a computer lets cover a few of the main areas. The computer case is where all of the other computer parts are stored. It houses all the components. The CPU otherwise known as the processor is the central brain of the computer system itself. The part known as RAM are chips that the computer uses to store memory temporarily and to get data. They are attached to the motherboard and is probably the most important part of a speedy computer. The motherboard is where all of the other parts of the computer connect to. The Power Supply is what sends power to all of the other pieces of hardware. The monitor is what lets you see what is going on of course. The keyboard is for entering data. The mouse allows the user to point and click commands into the system.

All said, it’s important to check out the specs of the hardware of a computer when considering the purchase of one. Check the age, warranty, and replacement values when considering the new purchase. Most importantly for most folks if you’re looking for a family unit to do normal tasks like surfing the web, checking email and research for school projects you will want a computer with at least two gigabytes of RAM. This is sufficient for most families. If your computer seems sluggish then you may want to add more in the future. Being that RAM is typically cheap to add finding old ram chips isn’t necessary.

Computer Parts – How to Build a Computer

Is it possible to build a computer from scratch? Can anyone do it? The answer for the questions depends on your passion and knowledge you have for computer system. This is because without knowing how the individual parts work and fit into a system will be a tedious task.

I say any one can build their own system, but one must have an interest to learn about the components. If you do this, building a computer can be an interesting experience. Above all, answering the basic concepts behind computer building will ease the assembling process.

Here are some tips you should consider to build a computer.

First, for what purpose are you building a computer? This is the first question you should answer. It will help you to focus on the right parts that will not cost you much. Each computer components have several variants designed for different applications and software.

For example, building a gaming computer much differs in speed and cost than building for applications such as word processing, spread sheet, browsing, email and the like.

Second, learn the basic parts of a computer. One of the challenges in computer building is to choose the best and the right computer part from the wide varieties of components available on the market. To overcome this challenge, try to learn about each component as much as you can. Computer parts are numbered, which will not take much time to grasp the basics of each component.

The main parts of a computer includes: motherboard, processor, RAM, hard disk, power supply, CD/DVD drive, monitor, keyboard, graphics card (usually built-in with the motherboard) case and mouse. You should have at least fundamental knowledge of how this parts works and connect each other.

Third, check parts compatibility. Compatibility of parts towards each other also matters a lot in building the best system. Not all parts are compatible each other, you need to research when you do the assembling. Usually, buying parts from known brands will make easier to tackle the compatibility issues, as specs and support are available from them.

Wholesale Computer Parts Distributor – How to Find Reliable Distributor For Computer Parts?

What are wholesale computer parts distributors?

Manufactures usually make more parts than are required by an order from a branded computer dealer. This is an essential quality control feature that ensures that if a sudden rise in demand occurs it can be handled quickly and efficiently. The excess parts that are not required anymore are off loaded to a wholesale computer parts distributor for a huge discount.

Why choose a wholesale computer parts distributor over a manufacturer?

Purchasing parts from a wholesale distributor is an excellent way to out source and build your own computer. Most people have the same opinion that these parts are in some way inferior to the ones available in branded computers. Yet the truth behind the curtains is that dealers use this as a means for cheap and efficient computer manufacturers to offload their low-grade stock. They are then sold for a discount to those who know better and are willing to invest their money in a cheaper yet same quality computer.

Most branded computers have become highly unaffordable and is felt more due to the credit crunch. This includes their parts such as memory cards, RAM, mother boards, hard drives and other various computer part. If you are thinking of purchasing a new computer system, consider gathering wholesale computer parts from a distributor as the prices will be quite cheap by a vast margin compared to those you purchase from a manufacture and you wont be losing on quality either.

Outsourcing to build your own computer by purchasing parts from a Wholesale computer parts distributor is becoming a larger trend in the world we live today with the credit crunch on our heads.

Which wholesale computer part distributor is recommended?

There are thousands of computer part distributors out in the market that are saying they have the cheapest prices to offer. However how do we know as a consumer, which one is for real? Neither of us have the time and money to sit down and try every individual website to figure out which one is the best option, but has. One must be cautious when buying computer parts, as many suppliers on the internet. Always read the terms of the sale and shipping. provides information on the suppliers and the feedback system will help to rate the reliability of the vendor.

Purchasing your computer parts only not only will provide you with cheap products but also match the quality of your branded ones too. Don’t just sit there, do something.

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