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Computer Wallpapers – Four Simple Ways to Create Your Own Wallpapers

Preloaded computer wallpapers can be a little boring. They are initially cute, but after a few months, you just need to get rid of them to give your desktop a new look and perhaps and new life!

Yes, you can always download a wallpaper somewhere in the cyberspace but if you want to be unique you may want to try creating your own. Oh don’t fret, creating wallpapers is relatively easy. And if you do not know where to start, here are some ideas that you can play with.

1. Choose your favorite picture. It can be a picture of you, your family or pets. It does not really matter. Just select one that makes you feel good the most. Once you have “that” picture, open your favorite photo editing software. Then, tinker with your photo editor and play with the effects tab. With it, you can adjust the contrast of the photo, change the color in black and white, sepia or you can even put white light spots in certain parts of it. Just by applying different effects, you will find that a simple two – dimensional image can have several different looks. So just pick up the effect that strikes you the most and stick with it.

2. Get your favorite DVD and play it on your laptop or computer. On your player, locate one specific button that creates screen caps – still pictures from the movie you are playing. Set the location where you want the photos to be stored, wait for your favorite scenes and click away! After playing the movie, check out the pictures, determine your favorite among those, edit and/ or crop it as necessary and set it as your desktop background.

3. If you have a gift with computer graphics, try to use that to come up with some totally unique wallpapers. Just treat the blank screen as your canvass and put whatever you want to put on it. When you are done, save your work in JPEG and/ or BMP format.

4. Use Microsoft’s PowerPoint application to create computer wallpapers with stylized words. To do this, you can simply choose your favorite template, click on the Word art icon and type in your favorite quote. When you are done doing that, you can position the quote you typed on a specific part of the screen and customize the presentation anyway you want to. Once you are done, go to file, Hit save as, use the filename that you prefer and in the “Save as Type” menu, select JPG and there you have it, you a have a new picture that you can use for your desktop.

Again, those are four ideas that you can work on. Simple yes, but if you are creative enough, you can end up the best wallpapers that you can use. And if you want to share your masterpieces to everyone, you can always upload it on a wallpaper site and perhaps monitor or see how many people actually downloaded and liked your artwork.

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