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Become a Creative Arts Teacher

The best career advice anyone can give is to do something that you love. Easier said than done because sometimes the things we love to do, few are willing to pay us for. If you are a creative type and you love art, writing, acting, or any type of creative endeavors, then maybe you should be a creative arts teacher.

Even if the recession is not over and marketing and advertising agencies are not really hiring, that does not mean you can’t put your creative talents to work as an art teacher. There are plenty of art students at the community college level, and there are plenty of private art schools, and private schools that need artistic enabled teachers.

As the economy starts ramping up our free enterprise system will dictate how many artists are needed, and they will have to be trained somewhere. Someone has to do the training, and if you are a creative person with such talents, then perhaps you should be a creative arts teacher? Do you need a creative arts degree to become a teacher in the arts?

It wouldn’t hurt, but more importantly, especially at pre-college levels, is your ability and passion for the topic and subject is most important. I think we both agree that you have that.

Life is too short to do anything that you don’t want to do in life. If art is your passion, then you should be doing something in the art field. If you are not creating art, then you should be teaching it. I sure hope you will please consider this.

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