Easy Weight Loss

Easy Weight Loss — 5 Steps to Lose Weight

Is it easy to lose weight? Yes. Losing weight is easy. I see it everyday. Patients of mine come into the office as happy as can be because they lost 15 pounds on the newest easy weight loss plan.

It’s easy but can you keep it off?

My patients may feel great but none of them keep the weight off. Just as quickly as they lost weight, my patients following easy weight loss plans, gain it back…fast!

Gaining weight, specifically re-gaining weight lost while dieting, should be the focus of weight loss programs. Other things, like easy weight loss, are distracting and costly for all of us. Every year thousands of obese and overweight people do not lose weight because of easy weight loss distractions.

Why are fast and easy diet plans so attractive? Well, what could be better than losing weight and looking good fast? How about lasting healthy weight loss?

Why do you think diet plans focus solely on losing weight and say very little about keeping it off? Because it’s easy to lose weight and it’s next to impossible to prevent weight re-gain.

Diet plans take the easy road and provide dieters a quick short lived solution.

From Atkins to the Zone, weight loss diets have perfected colorful ways to disguise one simple easy weight loss principle. All diets can lead to easy weight loss by following this one easy principle.

Low carbohydrate diets, low fat diets, negative calorie diets, low energy density diets–all apply this one principle. And this one principle leads to easy weight loss. Do you know what it is?

To experience easy weight loss…eat fewer calories.

Holding other things constant, like exercise, simply eat fewer calories and you will lose weight easily. Whether or not you keep the weight off depends on how easily you lost it.

The Easy Weight Loss Steps

1. Week One — Cut calories by 100

2. Week Two — Cut additional 150 calories (total=250)

3. Week Three — Cut another 150 calories (total=400)

4. Week Four — Final cut 100 calories (total=500)

First month weight loss total = 2-4 pounds
500 calories cut = 1-2 pounds/week of weight loss
End of second month weight loss total = 6-12 pounds

The chance of keeping the weight off = 5%

To accelerate weight loss and weight re-gain, just cut more calories…fast. Or you can hold off on the weight loss plan above and learn more about weight re-gain and how to prevent it. Stay tuned for Weight Re-gain Prevention.

Until then, healthy living!

Fast and Easy Weight Loss

Did you say fast and easy weight loss? Is that possible? Well, that depends. It depends on what weight loss plan you decide to try. It depends on if that plan fits your temperament and regimen. It depends on how much you’re willing to stick to the plan. Any weight loss plan can be fast, but not all of them are easy. Of course, easy is in the eye of the beholder. What is easy for you may not be easy for me? Effective weight loss plans require change from what we are currently doing, and if we are unwilling to change, then no weight loss plan is easy. There are multitudes of success stories of people who have successfully lost weight, so we know that if they can do it, we can do it!

How do you select a plan for you that leads to fast and easy weight loss? One thing you want to avoid is a plan that is geared solely on meal replacement shakes. Wonderful, you do lose weight fast, but you had to give up entirely all the foods you love, and feel hungry and dissatisfied all the time. Who wants that? Guess what usually happens when your diet is over and it’s time to feast on all the foods you’ve been craving during the diet? You guessed it, you scarf down all those desired foods, and now you gain back all the weight you lost. How frustrating!!! Do we want to play with an endless cycle of needing to go on a diet every so often as our weight hits a certain level? Do we bounce around within an acceptable weight range, and then when we exceed it, it’s time to go on a diet again? We must avoid plans that use meal replacement shakes, or something similar, as they usually don’t lead to a permanent weight loss solution.

We really want to target a fast and easy weight loss plan that will eventually become our permanent nutritional plan. The most effective plans for this are ones that involve an eating plan called “carb cycling”, exercise, and supplements that promote an increase in metabolism and fiber. The “carb cycling” focuses on alternating days in which you have a low carb intake day and then a high carb intake day. This will assist in developing a permanent change in how we approach eating that will result in permanent weight loss. It will take a little effort to educate and adjust your eating, but before you know it, it’s a habit and a way of life without even thinking about it. Exercise is also key as it helps increase your metabolism, and it also has significant health benefits for your vital organs and improves your energy level tremendously. There are great supplements out there today that help boost your metabolism, and also include fiber. The fiber is key so that when taken an hour or so before a meal, you don’t feel too hungry, and hence it helps curb your appetite.

Are you ready to target a fast and easy weight loss plan that will become your permanent nutritional plan? Change can be easy if we make it fun and don’t stress out in doing everything perfect. Improving how we feel after shedding all those pounds can be incredible. There are multitude of testimonies from people who after shedding several pounds no longer have the health ailments they previously struggled with, able to get rid of all the medicines they were on, feel more energetic, and are so much happier and enjoying life in such a beautiful way they didn’t think was possible. You can have that improvement in the quality of your life today! What do you say?

5 Steps To Easy Weight Loss Plans

Nothing happens over night except night itself and finding or making easy weight loss plans are no exception. As you plan your diet or look for a plan you should keep these 5 steps in mind so that you will have a very successful and easy diet.

Easy Weight Loss Plans Step 1

Surprisingly this step is to add to your diet and not take away. A wise weight counselor once told me that easy weight loss plans were more like chemistry equations than algebra problems. She was referring to the oversimplification of dieting as when people say, just eat fewer calories than you use each day. If we get the chemistry of eating correct, we will have a much easier time losing weight. It will be surprisingly easy.

So we must add certain things at first. You should add 64 oz. of water a day and take 30 or more grams of dietary fiber a day, preferably in its natural forms such as fruits and vegetables. Last, you need to add at leas 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. With these in place you are ready for the second step.

Easy Weight Loss Plans Step 2

Balanced nutrition makes for easy weight loss plans. If you do not give your body what it needs, you are not going to lose weight very easily. Sure, low carb may look good at first but believe me it stops and stalls out after a while and you have to really push your body to lose weight with it. Low fat can also deny your body the essential fats that it needs and cause your body to stop losing weight. Low calorie diets also can cause your body to think it is starving and thus lower its metabolism drastically causing you to stall out in your fat loss. Balance is what you need.

Easy Weight Loss Plans Step 3

You need professional help planning a fat loss menu or plenty of time to get up to speed on nutrition. Either way you need to plan. There is great software and web based menu planners on the Internet that are like hiring your own dietitian only they cost a whole lot less. With these, you can set up healthy balanced meal plans that you will really enjoy and the weight will just melt off your body.

Easy Weight Loss Plan Step 4

Exercise. I can here the groans now, but before you amble the other way, we are not talking the Boston Marathon. Just daily walks for 20 to 30 minutes. You could also find a sport or activity to enjoy. The bottom line is that exercise will increase your fat loss, boost your health and make for easy weight loss plans.

Easy Weight Loss Plans Step 5

This is one of the most important steps and it is pretty straight forward. Start now! That’s right, any plan no matter how easy won’t work unless you take action. This is true for any endeavor and it is true for fat loss plans as well. So get your plans written or find diet plans that walk these steps and you will be on your way to losing weight, felling great and living confidently.

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