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How to Start an Electronic Art Business

All you need to start an electronic and computer art business is a home computer, color printer, and graphic software packages. Many people go into this business because they already have some experience in desktop publishing and want to advance to computer art designs. You may start the business with friends, relatives, and others that you have already established a business relationship. To get experience, you may offer to do free designs for local groups such as churches and charitable organizations. They in turn will advertise your work. Make certain your company’s name and telephone number is on your advertisement. You should also advertise your service in the local paper and in the telephone directory Yellow Pages.

For this type of business it is better to charge a flat rate rather than work by the hour. You may get request to do jobs such as business cards, resume’, and newsletters with designs. The rate for these projects may vary depending on the complexity of the job. An individual working at home offering full services such as writing and design can generate $100,000 a year or more.

If you want additional training in electronic art or desktop publishing, you may contact your local community college or a school that offer courses on these subjects. To find out where to get products to start an electronic art business, see the list of electronic art suppliers on the Internet.

To find out how to make greeting cards and other artistic designs using electronic art, see article on “How to Start an Electronic Art Business 2.” For more information on desktop publishing, you may contact the National Association of Desktop Publishers Journal, 462 Old Boston St., Topsfield, MA 01983.

Electronic Arts Shocks The Video Game Industry

The game company known for the Madden video games and Lord of The Rings video games (Electronic Arts) has decided to purchase BioWare/Pandemic. Electronic Arts wants to open their checkbook and plans on spending an estimated $ 860 Million to buy BioWare/Pandemic. This is a brilliant marketing strategy by Electronic Arts. They have been making fantastic decisions since 2005.

When Electronic Arts bought the exclusive rights to the NFL, it prevented 2K Sports from using actual NFL players in their game. Consequently, Madden 2006 obliterated the sales of any 2K Sports game that year. Then, Electronic Arts did the remarkable Lord of The Rings games. After that, they delayed the release of the Crysis demo to prevent low sales due to Halo 3. Electronic Arts keeps making unbelievable decision after unbelievable decision. No one can deny the success that Electronic Arts has had with games like Madden, Quake Wars, and the newly released The Orange Box.

The future looks bright for Electronic Arts. They are going to be earning so much money from games such as Army of Two, Hellgate: London, Spore, Crysis, Mercenaries 2, Rock Band, The Simpsons Game, and Need for Speed ProStreet. More importantly, Electronic Arts will own the rights to MASS EFFECT!!! What does all this mean for Electronic Arts? It is too early to infer the intentions of Electronic Arts, but there is intense speculation that the highly anticipated game Mass Effect will no longer be an Xbox 360 exclusive. Mass Effect could be a multi console game and be ported over to the PlayStation 3. The game is still slated for a November 2007 release date on the Xbox 360, but Electronic Arts has not ruled out a PlayStation 3 iteration of Mass Effect.

For right now, BioWare/Pandemic and Electronic Arts are separate video game companies. January 2008 is when Electronic Arts will overtake BioWare/Pandemic. PlayStation 3 owners have to doff their caps to Electronic Arts if they can pull something like this off. If Mass Effect comes to the PlayStation 3, then owners of the PlayStation 3 will give Electronic Arts a standing ovation.

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