Jamaican Restaurant

Jamaican Restaurants

Jamaica is known for its wonderful cuisines, which have considerably influenced the world of international cookery. Jamaican restaurants form an essential part of the dining options in the United States. They usually focus on seafood dishes, which are a stupendous treat to all seafood lovers. Because of its international popularity as a vacation destination, there are many hotels in Jamaica that serve exceptional international dining delights, in addition to ingeniously prepared dishes flavored with local culinary spices.

Jamaican jerk cuisine, which is a process of spicing and grilling meats, poultry and vegetables, is one of the specialties of Jamaican culinary accomplishments. Many restaurants and hotels offer this hot, spicy, and flavorful Jamaican dish, which becomes an instant favorite with almost all tourists. Sensibly priced, the restaurants that offer this specialty are a must-try place for those seeking the real Caribbean culinary experiences. Featuring jerk chicken, seafood and pork, this eatery tends to be crowded during the lunch hour, especially on the days when the cruise ships come in.

Apart from all the other magnificent specialties of Jamaica, the food itself is worth the trip. At considerably smaller restaurants, the kitchen staff will usually be happy to pass on a few of their own special culinary tips to the travelers, which helps individuals to taste the most exotic and traditional dishes, that transports the tourists to the ancient Jamaican era.

Probably the most famous Jamaican dish is jerk pork that can be called the ultimate island barbecue. Many restaurants also serve jerk chicken and fish apart from the customary rice and peas. There are many exquisite restaurants in and around all the resort areas, though the Kingston area has the widest selection. Many restaurants outside the hotels in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios also provide complimentary transportation facilities.

More information regarding the various Jamaican restaurants and the varied cuisines served by them can be found on web portals. These sites contain the names of ingredients used in each of the dishes served in the Jamaican restaurants along with their prices.

Jamaican Food Recipes

Jamaica is a Caribbean island. It lies in the Greater Antilles chain, and is the most populous English-speaking island in the Caribbean. Many people are aware of Jamaica for its music, especially reggae and ska, and for it being the birthplace of the Rastafarian movement. Nowadays however, more and more people are become aware of, and learning to appreciate, Jamaican cuisine.

Jamaica is home to a wide variety of different dishes, many of which making interesting use of spices. Although numerous different spices are used, two in particular which are found in many Jamaican recipes are Jamaican allspice and annatto. Jamaican allspice, which is also known as “Jamaican pepper”, “pimento”, or “pimenta”, is a hot and fiery spice. Annatto is very unusual, it comes from the pulp which surrounds the seeds of the achiote tree, and tastes rather like pepper mixed with nutmeg.

The national dish of Jamaica is saltfish and ackee (sometimes spelled “akee”). Saltfish is salted cod, which is rehydrated and washed before cooking. Ackee is type of fruit, which actually has a texture more like a vegetable, and is boiled. The cod is sautéed and mixed with the ackee, and then other ingredients such as tomatoes, onions and peppers added.

Another popular recipe from Jamaica is “jerk”. This is actually a style of cooking that can be used for many different meats. In Jamaica, jerk is traditionally used for cooking pork or goat. On the other hand, in Jamaican restaurants in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, jerk chicken is usually on the menu. Jerk dishes are prepared by rubbing the meat with a mixture of spices known as “Jamaican jerk spice”, and then cooking over a charcoal grill.

The Very Best Jamaican Restaurants

No matter the quality of dining on offer at your Jamaica luxury hotel, it is worth trying the gastronomical delights at some of the classy local restaurants. For a truly enjoyable experience you might like to book a table at one of the establishments highlighted in this article.

Ritz-Carlton Jasmine

Apart from being a popular Jamaica luxury hotel, the Ritz-Carlton is also home to one of the best restaurants on the sunshine island. There is nowhere better for couples who want to spend some romantic time together. Candles flicker gently in the background, the staff busy themselves with the preparation of ideal sharing food, and the occasional tune is played by the guest band. You’re sure to leave with a smile on your face!

Sugar Mill Restaurant

On a warm Caribbean evening you will find a sizeable group of international travellers engaged in idle chit chat on the patio of this restaurant. Many will have indulged in the freshly caught marlin, which is served with delicious home grown vegetables. The exquisite meal should be capped with a generous scoop of the chef’s special rum and raisin ice cream.

Bloomfield Great House

After a tiring day of hiking or cycling around the picturesque countryside you may feel ready for an energising pasta meal. There are few better alternatives than the home made Bloomfield fettucini. After a bite to eat you could either take a stroll along the sand back to your Jamaica luxury hotel or continue the evening’s festivities with some music at one of the local beach bars.

Evita’s Italian Restaurant

Whether you have a desire for lasagne or seafood, this place should be your first port of call. The resident chef prides herself on the quality of the meals and strives to ensure that every single customer is satisfied. She’s bound to offer you a glass of the fantastic house wine, which packs something of a punch despite its subtle flavour. It’s probably sensible not to over indulge if you don’t want to wake up in your Jamaica luxury hotel feeling a little worse for wear!

Strawberry Hill

Located in the historically rich capital, Kingston, this restaurant serves up its own special range of authentic cuisine. Highly recommended meals include the grilled fish with jerk mango and fish with cilantro. You should also look out for the regularly updated house specials.

Mille Fleurs

As you walk towards this first class restaurant you’ll notice a magical blend of smells. They come from the kitchen, where the chefs work hard preparing the coconut and garlic soup and spicy mango and shrimp sauce. Visitors are invited to try and buy the freshly prepared jams and breads.

Jamaican Food – Full of Fun, Flavor, and Family

Speaking of food, that’s another thing that Jamaica is known for. Well that and gorgeous, life changing Caribbean vacations. Many will think of jerk chicken or pork, a spicy, flavorful dish that can be served with rice or simply by itself. Jerking actually refers to both the spicing and slow cooking of meat. This process preserves the juices and creates a unique spicy flavor. Anyone who has bit into a properly prepared piece of jerk chicken knows there is nothing quite like it. The jerk seasoning usually contains hot pepper, onions, garlic, thyme, allspice, ginger, and cinnamon. These days, you can simply buy a bottle of jerk seasoning sauce at the grocery store and cook up some chicken in the stove or on your gas grill. The traditional method, however, utilizes an outdoor pit lined with wood. Exotic couples vacations to Jamaica are even enhanced by the spicy flavoring of jerk chicken. Sometimes, a couple visiting Jamaica on vacation will return to their home and immediately pull out the phone book to see if they can locate a Jamaican restaurant in their area. The food is intoxicating and very hard to forget. Thankfully there are many Jamaican restaurants in all corners of the world.

In your daily life, meals can be nothing more than a quick shoveling of food into your mouth. Chewing is optional, and for many meals you may not even sit down at the dinner table. In Jamaica, the customs are a little different. The social aspect of the meal is very important, whereas table manners take a bit of a back seat. Food is served family style in large plates. Everyone takes what they want from each plate. Of course, for some in Jamaica life is also very hectic and they may not always get a chance to sit down with their families for a proper dinner. And if you have your honeymoon all inclusive resort all picked out and envision sitting down to eat your food family style, you will probably have to go elsewhere, as the resort you are staying in is likely a buffet or standard sit-down meal establishment. However, if you meet some friends on your trip and ask the waiters to serve you family style, they just might oblige. Just imagining plates full of jerk chicken, fried plantains, and peas and rice is enough to make anyone hungry.

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