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How To Make Money With Facebook – Simple Facebook Money

The query of how to make money with Facebook is stirring up all over the web. Reason being, Facebook is not only the most widespread social media outlet on the planet right now, but in the past month if you check on you will notice that not once, but TWICE – Facebook passed Google in world wide traffic for the first time – making them the most popular website on the internet.

Do you not feel like doing a little dance? Congratulations Facebook – you’ve beat down the man – twice, in a month – & no other site has done that for 5 years. therefore the question becomes – what does all this mean to your business – & from what source can one literally make money with Facebook?

Before I get into the ‘how’ it is important to understand the reason Facebook even surpassed Google – & the reason is simple: more & more folks are utilizing the web as a social means. People do not have time to spend a few hours with neighbors at the coffee shop all the time anymore – hence instead, they’re hanging out on Facebook, many times multi-tasking as they are working their day job!

Consequently if that is the reason WHY individuals are on Facebook – then it is easy to discover HOW to make money with Facebook. You have to be social! I notice folks all the time doing this completely backwards. They are out there on Facebook spamming their affiliate links and multi-level marketing biz opp links on everyone’s Facebook wall praying that someone will click on the link and just ‘automatically’ buy their affiliate products or join their multi-level marketing opportunity. What’s the difficulty here? that is not even remotely social! If you are trying to make money on a social network, you cannot just be the sales person that keeps throwing ‘stuff’ on the wall & hoping some of it will stick. (Pardon the expression).

The good part is, you can be social on Facebook without even having a million friends – or even thousands of friends for that matter. I only have around 400 friends & use Facebook as a profit generating machine – I just do it completely differently than most other people. The key is to provide valuable facts to people rather than simply coming out and trying to hustle them something. For example, if you are a member of a multi-level marketing group on Facebook, instead of posting your biz opp links on the Wall, post a ‘how-to’ video or content on something you are good at in the network marketing industry. Perhaps it is sponsoring – maybe it’s having the right mindset, or being tenacious & not stopping until you make it. Whatever it is, post it on the Facebook Wall there & allow people the opportunity to ‘get to know you’ by means of your article or video before you jump right out & sell them on your business.

Think about it – when you find affiliate links all over your Facebook Wall or a Facebook group you are a part of, do you ever feel tempted to click or purchase anything from that person? If you’re anything like me, you are no doubt just totally annoyed that someone spammed your wall or your group wall and you click the little ‘x’ to remove the spam and block the user. right? that’s what I do. consequently to make money on Facebook – do not be that person – be the one that stands out from the spammy mess.

Make Money On Facebook

Facebook is the world’s most popular and widely visited social networking website on the internet. Most people visit Facebook just to socialize with friends and family but still a lot of people are making money online from Facebook. There are various ways to make money on Facebook. You can make money on Facebook through pay per click advertising, promoting your own product or service using multiple marketing methods and driving traffic to your affiliate websites or links which can be posted on your profile. Facebook also offers banner application advertisement that gives you an edge when posting your product or service offers on your profile. The best aspect of Facebook is its viral nature. The Facebook website can be described as a sticky website that promotes your products and services easily. This feature ensures that you are able to build a highly targeted business that sees to the needs of a particular niche in a very short period.

The first thing you’ll need to do to start building a profitable niche business on Facebook is to build your business profile. Build a business profile with your business name and website URL attached. Then you can start linking to friends and other similar business groups on Facebook which gives your business the much needed exposure. Make your profile sticky by posting messages and links and also encouraging your friends and other business enthusiasts to comment. Even the recession does not have any tremendous effect on Facebook earnings especially as people never stop socializing. And the best part about making money online from Facebook is that you do not need proficiency in computer analytics or any kind of technical skills to earn money daily.

There is a huge opportunity for those who want to expose their business with Facebook ads. Though the ads on the Facebook may cost you more than those for pay per click advertizing, the viral nature of Facebook ensures that your ads are adequately exposed to your targeted audience. Facebook encourages users to develop their own applications. Applications range from free games, horoscopes, puzzles and personality tests amongst others. These applications draw a lot of users to your profile and in a few minutes, a lot of Facebook users can be using your applications. You can then go on to sell advertise space on your applications which brings in some earnings. There are a lot of sponsors available for your particular niche so if you do not have the money to launch your applications, you can partner with a sponsor. Amazon or eBay are popular sponsors that will partner with you if your business profile is sticky. There are also a lot of developers who can help you design your applications if you find it difficult to design one. Work with one and build especially on their monetization ideas. Application developers also help to maximize the social networking graph and build a viable business in any niche.

A good 500 million users are registered on the Facebook platform due to its powerful socializing prowess and boundless business opportunities. A lot of money is being earned by various Facebook users’ everyday so it is needless to conclude how much money could be made. Facebook is the 6th most visited website on the internet which assures developers of steady earnings. Applications in the fields of dating, weight loss, health and fitness and other business niches make huge profits for their developers.

4 Easy Ways to Make Money With Facebook

There has being a lot of questions asked about how to make money with Facebook. Most people ask this question because they want to know the financial opportunities that Facebook provides.

Facebook attracts millions of users from around the globe daily. Anyone who takes advantage of the opportunities to make money with Facebook has a lot to gain.

If you want to know how to make money with Facebook, then you are reading the right post. This article will show you possible ways to make money with Facebook.

Use Facebook as an Advertising Platform

Facebook has more than 400 million active users and it is a great place to advertise for free. You can create a Facebook page for your company or product and reach the entire planet via Facebook.

After creating a Facebook page for your company or product, you can create interactions on your page to make it more appealing and interesting to visitors. You can achieve this by creating games and giving gifts as prizes to your fan base.

Try to update your page daily to make your customers know more about your products and services. This simple technique will save you so much in advertisements and generate sales for your product. This is a great way to make money with Facebook.

Setup an Online Store on Facebook

You can make money with Facebook by setting up an online store on Facebook. You do not need to host a website today to create an online store.

You can create an online store with Facebook that you can manage easily and generate sales. All you need do is to create a Facebook page for your products and put the pictures of your products and their prices on the Facebook page.

You can make your Facebook online store attractive and appealing to customers. Ensure that the products you sell are easily seen on your page and customers do not get lost trying to find them.

It’s also important that you provide efficient customer support to meet the needs of your clients. Setting up an online store on Facebook will help you save a lot of money that you would have spent to create a website for your products.

Create Landing Pages for Companies

This is another unique opportunity to make money with Facebook. You can spend some time learning how to make Facebook landing pages and pages for companies.

Many companies are working on increasing their social media presence. This means that they are willing and ready to pay anyone to create great customized landing pages on Facebook.

You do not need to have any knowledge of coding to be able to create Facebook pages. With services like pagemodo you can create great Facebook pages for your clients for free.

The technical skills involved in creating landing pages are learnable by anyone. Take advantage of this opportunity to make money with Facebook.

Provide Regular Updates for Companies

You can make money with Facebook by working with companies to manage their Facebook accounts. Many firms hire social media managers to manage their social media presence.

You can work for such firms as a social media manager. The job description of a social media manager is to update Facebook status for companies and give information about company products to customers.

A social media manager is also required to generate likes for the company’s Facebook page and interact with customers on the page by answering their questions and providing customer support where necessary.

You can now see that Facebook does provide many opportunities for users to make money with Facebook. Take advantage of these opportunities to make money with Facebook and start earning the income you desire.

How to Make Money From Facebook Today With 4 Simple Steps

If you do not already know how to make money from Facebook, it’s time to learn. Since its launching in February 2004, Facebook has more than 800 million active users as of July 2011. A January 2009 ranked Facebook as the most used social networking service by worldwide monthly active users. Based on Quantcast’s research, Facebook has 138.9 million monthly unique U.S. visitors in May 2011!

So, don’t you think it is very important to learn how to make money from Facebook? Can’t wait? Here are the 4 simple steps on how to make money from Facebook.

First, choose your product to promote or sell on Facebook

You can promote your own offline or online products on Facebook. Or, if you do not already have one, you can start by promoting affiliate products and earn commissions from the sales. You can find hundreds if not thousands of affiliate products from websites like and

Second, promote the product on Facebook

Once you have decided on the product/services, you can create advertisements on Facebook to promote the product.

To get the most out of Facebook advertisement, you must know how to utilize Facebook tools/features to reach out to your targeted market. Facebook offers both demographic and location-based targeting. You can tailor your ads based on your targeted market’s gender, location, age, interests, hobbies or the groups they have joined within the Facebook community.

To get this right from the beginning, it is advisable that you conduct a market research before developing any advertisement.

Third, improve the click through rate to your Facebook Ads

Your Facebook ad’s click through rate (CTR) is the key to how to make money from Facebook.

To improve your ad’s CTR and conversion rate, you must first of all, create a heavily targeted ads like what I mentioned above.

Next, split test the various advertisements for your products. Among others, use different images, words or text. Also consider the best hours of the day your ads should appear by looking at your target markets’ time zone and age group – are they normally active at night or day time, during or after office hours?

Always check out how your ads perform. Rectify and make the necessary improvements as you go along to get a higher CTR and conversion rate.

Fourth, retain and convert the customers

How to make money from Facebook is not just about Facebook per se.

Yes, Facebook is the one of the best methods to get targeted leads. But in order to convert your leads into your customers, more needs to be done.

When the leads click on your Facebook ads, direct them to your website or a sales page. An informative, compelling and attention grabbing website or squeeze page is important to retain your leads on the page long enough to either buy from you or provide you their contact details.

In this aspect, you need to understand that people don’t normally buy the first time they know you. Online or offline, it’s important for you to build a relationship and trust with your prospects before they will buy from you.

To be able to build that relationship and trust, you need to capture the prospects’ contact details the first time they come to your website/squeeze page.

With these details, you can then follow up, send them newsletter, free products or information, build the relationship and trust. That enhances the chances of people buying from you. The easiest way to do the above is by having an autoresponder system. This system enables you to pre-set emails and have them sent out to your list on an auto-pilot basis according to your designated time. On an online business, the money lies in your list.

I hope you at least have some ideas on how to make money from Facebook. It is a powerful tool. Do not miss it.

Learn How to Make Money on Facebook

Do you really want to know how to make money on Facebook? It can expand your business’s reach beyond your wildest dreams. But you probably need training to learn to market on Facebook.

The first thing you will learn is there are thousands of Guru’s. Some good, many bad. Many assume you know more than how to log in to Facebook. So the first step is too weed through them and find a fit for you and your pocket book.

Step 1 on How to Make Money on Facebook.

You can try many Facebook training systems for free. Beware the free gifts or trials that ask for your credit card number. The person who is making money on Facebook here is not you. It is only my opinion but Free and Credit Card are mutually exclusive. Don’t you want a system you can respect and trust? I don’t respect or trust people who are trying to trick me and I bet you don’t either.

There are good Facebook training systems out there. I found the good ones offered some sort of free trail which is a great way to start. They believe in their service and are good with you testing it out. If you can’t test it without paying skip it.

There are many brilliant trainers and you need to choose somebody to help you make money on Facebook that’s at your level. Many techniques are too confusing for somebody starting to login to Facebook. But like Goldie Locks you can find a Facebook Training system that is just right. The techniques you learn should start at a very basic beginners level and progress up in difficulty. There are many ways to make money of Facebook. Get in with a group that will continue to introduce new things.

Step 2 on How to Make Money on Facebook

Next, jump into some Facebook Social Networking. Learned how to make your own profile and fan page. Make some friends and watch how other people do marketing on Facebook. The main thing you will probably learn is what you don’t want to do to make money on Facebook. I really don’t like the Timeshare Salesman style. I don’t like to be pushed and if the product or service is good I don’t think it is necessary. Narrow down how you want to present yourself to Make Money on Facebook. Deciding how you want to present yourself is called Branding.

Basic Qualities Needed in a training system to Learn how to Make Money on Facebook.

Free Facebook Training to find out if the system fits your level of understanding.

Continued On-Going Training to keep up with the endless, on-going changes on Facebook and to continue honing your skills.

A Fair, Reasonable Price for the complete system so you can continue learning how to do business on Facebook. You do NOT need to spend hundreds on dollars to get high quality training! Price does NOT equal quality.

Access to a real humans for advice and suggestions on how to really use the Facebook Training to market your business. I like a 24 hour Master Mind group on Skype. This is a really good way to be able to access people no matter what time zone you live in.

Follow these suggestions and with some focused effort the process will work for you. Thousands of people, just like you, make good money of Facebook. I do and am still learning new things everyday. Social Media Marketing is one of the most exciting things that can happen in your business. Hook into the right Facebook Training system and it couldn’t be easier. Believe me, anybody can make money of Facebook.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
Social Media and Video Marketing is the most exciting thing that will happen in our lives.

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