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Making Money On YouTube – The Insider’s Guide

YouTube is blowing up!… Well, it already has blown up – everybody everywhere knows about it and it is the only serious contender in the war for the biggest video database in the world. We have all used it to watch “People Are Awesome” compilations and our favorite songs slowed down 800%, but how is anybody making money on YouTube? Is anybody actually making money on YouTube or is it just being sucked back into their corporate coffers?

How Ordinary People Are Making Money on YouTube By The Buckets!

The truth is that hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of people are making money on YouTube, it is not really any huge secret. Although there are a lot of ways to do it, a few of them are illegal and YouTube cracks a pretty fierce whip that nobody wants to be lashed with- so stay clear of the “illegal strategies”.

To start making money on YouTube you have got to stay legal or else you may end up getting sued by Sony or something, which would seriously deflate any industrious entrepreneur’s wallet. Obviously the first step to start making money on YouTube is to get an account – I won’t bore you with the simplicity of that. Below are some of the most profitable ways to begin making money on YouTube.

1. Product Reviews. Okay, so you have self esteem issues and don’t think you are pretty enough for the camera? No problem, just don’t film your face. You can use PowerPoint and Camtasia to produce videos without even saying anything- I don’t really like those though. Anyway, some of the best product reviews on YouTube are created by people who have a hobby that they love and will review products in that category. If you are a massive acoustic guitar fan, start by reviewing the guitar you own, and do a really good job of it. This is one of the best ways to start making money on YouTube. Describe exactly how it plays, where you got it, what price you paid, what you don’t like, what it could have better, what it came with for free, shipping costs… Be extremely thorough but without babbling – keep it high quality.

Once you have made this review, give it a killer title that you think somebody would actually type in if they wanted to find your video such as ” Walden CD550CE Acoustic Guitar Review HD”. Don’t write something of center like, “acoustic gat review”. Then you can write a keyword filled description and encourage people to comment below. In your description you can insert a link to Amazon or other retailers with your affiliate link so you will receive a commission if somebody purchases that guitar. Remember to be honest – you never know, you might get lucky- the Walden team might start asking you to try out free guitars – It’s happened before. Making money on YouTube is simple with this approach, not necessarily easy, but it is a simple method to follow.

2. Provide Non-related Viral Content. So you caught a plane crash live? Well, that is truly sad, but so is the world, and that video will get a ton of clicks within the first day. If you have something which you think might go viral like the poor Ginger Soul guy or Charlie the finger biter,(seriously, you’d be amazed at the stuff that goes viral) upload it and put some ads on it. You can do this under the Monetization setting and is incredibly simple, just be aware that you have to be approved first (which is a very simple procedure). You can run ads before your videos and also banners that stay up during the video (which I am sure you have all endured), and there is no doubt that they create income. The idea here is to get a lot of views. There are thousands of videos like this that are making money on YouTube for their owners.

3. Pure Information (With More For A Price). If you know a bit about a subject but don’t want to do product reviews or there aren’t many products you can get your hands on, doing info videos is a great way to start Making Money On YouTube Videos. Take building websites as an example. If you can build a website from scratch, that is an incredibly valuable skill and people want to know how to do that. Start off with some markets that you find might be underserved by having a look around. Are there good tutorials on how to do HTML? How about using FileZilla? What about using CSS to make gradient backgrounds? Really hone in on something specific and be sure to use HD. Start making money on YouTube today just by sharing things you already know with the world.

Once you have some videos up there, put some affiliate links into your description to a product that you believe will be a great help to the viewers and start making money on YouTube like you want! The comments section is very powerful, so make sure you are providing relevant links that will truly help the viewer or you will get called out on it. Everyone has skills that others would love to learn – do you bake a killer banana chocolate cake? Can you kick the ceiling fan in the lounge? Can you play the tune to FunkyTown on glasses of water filled to different levels? Be creative and have fun with it.

How Should I Approach My Videos To Start Making Money on YouTube?

People on YouTube love creativity and something different. Instead of trying to just replicate what’s out there and put on a normal show, do things a bit differently. Dress up or shoot your videos somewhere different. If you have specific skills and a webcam, you will start making money on YouTube. It just takes a bit of creativity and a bit of work – but seriously, how much work is it to make a 5 minute video? People also dig videos that are human, don’t edit out small mistakes, and don’t try to be a 100% business like scholar (unless you are teaching how to be a business like scholar… lol ). Any of these ideas are achievable and doesn’t require a lot of effort. If you are on a budget and don’t have a webcam, $20 will get Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 you one and most computers have a built in microphone.

On the other hand, if you have some funds to spare I would suggest getting the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920. It has great quality and runs about 80 bucks. If you are on a newer computer or Mac, you will already have everything you need right in front of you to get started. The only thing that you need to remember is to provide quality. Whether it is to make people laugh, to think, to cry or to scream in terror, you need to provide them with something they will get some sort of value out of. People love TV characters because they are characters – be one!

How To Make Money On YouTube Videos

Many people want to know how to make money on YouTube videos. This is not surprising because YouTube is known and used in many households throughout the civilised world. It is actually the third most used search engine in the world. Enough video is uploaded every three minutes to play non-stop for more than a week. And then that video is watched in 39 countries in 54 languages. There are different ways to make money with YouTube videos. This article is about one of the easiest ways to generate money with YouTube, and that is by joining the YouTube Partners Program.

The YouTube Partner program was created in 2007. Joining this program is super easy and once it is set up it doesn’t require any extra effort on your part. In fact hundreds of YouTube Partners are earning more than 6 figures in income each year. But even though this amount of income is obviously attainable by some, most people are very happy to earn much less than that. And why shouldn’t they? The money is there for the making and it can be gained for very little effort.

So what is involved in making money this way?

Joining the YouTube Partner Program

This is a simple step by step procedure for starting on the YouTube income ladder:-

First Step

Open a YouTube Account.

If you aren’t sure how to do that, just open up your internet browser and type in or copy “how to open a YouTube account”

Click on one of the links that opens up and then follow the directions.

Once you have completed your details and created a gmail account (for receiving and sending emails) you will be directed to your own YouTube Channel.

Second Step

Upload a video to your new YouTube account.

The video does not have to be of a high technical quality.

Uploading a video that you have recorded on your phone, your camera or even on your webcam is quite good enough.

The most important thing is that your video is interesting, amusing or informative so that people will want to watch it.

You also need to make sure you own all the necessary commercial rights to the visual and audio elements of the video.

The main problem occurs when someone includes a pop song in their video, for instance. And that pop song is copyright. Or there could be a song playing on the radio or TV when a video is being recorded, for instance. Just make sure that you are not recording anything that is copyright and you will be alright.

And, if you prefer, YouTube has a wide collection of music that is free to use and it is a simple thing for you to change the soundtrack on your video once it is uploaded and before it is published and made public.

Obviously, if your video includes someone talking you won’t want to change the soundtrack. But if a music background is part of your recording, then you can easily use YouTube’s selection.

Third Step

Publish your video.

When you upload your video to YouTube the default setting is to make it “public”. This means that the general public will be able to watch it.

If you prefer, you could change that public setting to Private or Unlisted, but since you want people to watch your video so that they can click on your advert, you will prefer to leave it at the default public setting.

And finally you can take the:

Fourth Step

Join the YouTube Partner’s Program.

In order to join the program you need to have at least one video approved for monetisation, and so, providing your video was acceptable then everything should proceed easily.

Simply go into the Channel Settings on your YouTube Channel, open the Monetization section and apply for the Partner’s Program.

Finally, to make sure that you are the one who receives the money from the “clicks” on your video, you need to open up your own Google AdSense Account.

To do this, simply paste or copy the following into your web browser “how to open a Google AdSense Account”, follow the links that come up and get your own AdSense Account

After that, enjoy your video making and start to record and upload your videos as often as you want to.

Your videos will be there, on the internet, for people to watch and click on the adverts, and bit by bit, your income will start to build up.

And so if you are still wondering how to make money on YouTube videos, just follow the procedure listed above and start to enjoy yourself while building an income.

Can You Make Money On YouTube? Find Out How

It is quite possible that you could have come up with various articles or information from friends and relatives that could answer the question can you make money on YouTube. However, since most of us are not computer wizards, we tend to look at this kind of information with skepticism and a bit of doubt in mind. We keep asking to ourselves, Can you make money on YouTube? If you ask me the answer to this question is “Yes”. YouTube is one of the most widely visited websites in the world and it is perhaps the one stop solution for many different types of entertainment and other types of information. Most of us have always thought that YouTube is just good enough to watch movies, sports, entertainment and other such things and hence there is no way the answer to the question can you make money on YouTube can be found. This kind of mindset is wrong and it is based on opinion rather than facts. Let us over the next few lines try and find out the various ways and means by which we can understand that there is money to be made using YouTube.

Though Google still continue to dominate as the number one search engine, YouTube is also fast catching up and today many people have started YouTube very regularly in their quest for seeking and making use of information. YouTube continues to play a very important role in helping people to find the right kind of information regarding any product or service. Hence, it is a place where prospective buyers and sellers often keep coming together. Therefore it would indeed be a great opportunity for marketers and others to be present on YouTube and make money which would be the best answer to the question can you make money on YouTube. Let us try and understand how money can be really made on YouTube.

Since YouTube usually is full of videos, you should have the best of videos to catch the attention of the prospective customers. You should market these video links on YouTube extensively using the various SEO techniques and link building strategies. The product or service that you are planning to market through such YouTube link should be unique and something different. You can try and offer some incentives and gifts to viewers who visit your YouTube link which could eventually turn into genuine business relationships.

However if you wish to get a positive answer to the question can you make money on YouTube, you should be prepared for the long haul. There are no overnight solutions for making fast bucks. Like all good things life, making money on YouTube takes time, energy, some bit of investment and most importantly lot of hard work and commitment. Now that YouTube has been purchased by Google, advertisement has become an integral part of YouTube. Hence, you can also place advertisements on YouTube and derive mileage from the same. With the best of videos supported by smart and well planned internet marketing, you can leverage the strength of YouTube and make lot of money and could positively answer the question can you make money on YouTube.

Wondering How to Make Money With YouTube?

Anyone passionate about video creating and producing unique content can make money with YouTube. To do this, you do not need to have a hit soundtrack like Justin Bieber or Psy of Gangnam Style fame.

There are many other ways to make money with YouTube. Although it is quite possible to make profits in this way, you must realize that it is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’.

It takes patience and diligent effort to start making the income that you desire. This is a business opportunity for those who are passionate about making videos and are willing to work hard over a long period. In this article, I will discuss the steps you can take to increase your profits on YouTube.

6 Ways to Make Money with YouTube

1. Create a YouTube Account

Creating a YouTube account is very simple. All you need is a Gmail account. If you already have a Gmail account then you are set to start but I will advise that you create a new Gmail account just for your YouTube account. Getting a You Tube account is the first step to generating income in this niche.

2. Create Quality and Exceptional Content

The buzz statement for success on YouTube is, Content is King. The content you provide is the key to make money with YouTube. Before you start your YouTube Channel, you should know what content you are going to provide. Your content could be video tutorials, gadgets, sketch, talk show or even comedy.

3. Be original

YouTube is very particular about copyright laws. Even if you are using a soundtrack that does not belong to you as a background sound, make sure you have the rights to use it.

This is important because the only rule that makes you eligible to make profits with YouTube is, ownership of all necessary rights to all the materials used commercially, even if you are a third-party.

4. Work Patiently and Make Profits

Patience is required if you must make money with YouTube. YouTube pays you $2 per 1000 views, so to make more money, you need to have great and unique content that will attract large views. Before you become popular with the YouTube community, you need to have a lot of good videos.

Some people make phenomenal videos that catch on quickly but the majority has to work patiently and assiduously to make money with YouTube. The best thing about making money on YouTube is that when the money starts trickling in, it never stops.

5. Link your YouTube Account

The purpose of making YouTube videos is to get it out to as many people as possible. To achieve that, you can link your YouTube account to your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. You can use the ever-growing social media to promote your videos.

6. Use Simple Equipment

You do not need very heavy video creation and editing equipment to make money with YouTube. Most computers come with simple video editing software which you can use. You can also use natural light as your source of light but a halogen lamp is better and it won’t cost you more than $15.

The steps listed above can help you make money with YouTube if you adhere to them. You can create your You Tube account today and start to make money with YouTube.

 Can You Make Money With YouTube?

YouTube has the biggest number of users to their site for videos. Today many people use YouTube to do a search instead of going to Google. By marketing your site through videos you have a great chance of getting lots of visitors to your site thus helping you rank high up in search engines. YouTube is creating a community around the world where people can express themselves and share their views.

One can easily harness the recognition of YouTube to their benefit to make money. Internet marketers are unceasingly working hard to find ways to make money from the videos they can create.

In order to be a successful marketer with YouTube, you will need to keep your videos fresh. If your video is old, you will have a difficult time getting video honors and advancement within the search algorithm. An easy way to keep your video fresh is to withdraw it from YouTube for some time and then resubmit it.

Following are some fundamental and easy ways to start flipping a profit with your videos.

Partnering With YouTube

After Google purchased YouTube, advertising has become an essential part of this site. Now Google lets you place ads in your video where you get paid by the number of clicks just like in the AdSense program. You can become a YouTube partner quite easily. In Google search for YouTube partner and you will be able to quickly join YouTube partner program. You’ll need to have a G-mail or YouTube account to sign in and then you’ll be filling out an application to have your site approved.

After approval of your site, all you have to do is post videos on YouTube where people can opt into the partner network. This is one of the least complicated ways to make money on YouTube.

Marketing Your Web Site

YouTube is a great way to promote your site. All you will be doing is posting a video on YouTube with a link to your site in your bio section. These videos will be specially created to furnish information on your niche and develop your brand awareness that you can cash in later. Once you learn to make money from YouTube then this will become one of your most common tools to create traffic.

To advertise your site through YouTube you will need to get a recording device which can make high quality sound and videos.

YouTube Rentals

YouTube Rentals was introduced earlier this year. What you are doing is charging a fee/rent for anybody to see your videos. If you give seminars or you produce multiple viral videos, you can now charge a rental fee for your viewers to see each video in your series. This is a wonderful money maker for anyone that has any video content to sell.

Great Way to Collect Email Addresses

Email marketing is one of the most valuable ways of all online money making and YouTube can be a tremendously useful tool for it. Though it is not possible to place an opt-in capture form on YouTube itself, but you can place a watermark on your video or a link in your bio that points to your squeeze page.

With this strategy you are not directly making money with your videos. All those email addresses you have collected through your videos are like checks which you can cash in later in your internet marketing. In Internet Marketing world it is said that each eMail address is worth $1. Don’t be surprised if you eventually build a list of tens of thousands of email addresses.

Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t have your own product to sell, then Affiliate Marketing is an easy way to start making money on YouTube. For this method, you’ll need a simple video editing tool that will allow you to add a watermark to the videos you upload. All you will be doing is creating your own videos with basic information, techniques and tips and then nudging visitors to go to your site to buy a more completed product.

Another easy strategy is to take the product video and upload it again with your watermark on it. Despite the fact that this is the simplest method, but you should beware of any copyright violations and avoid any broadcast material.

You can also advertise your Videos through other social and web 2.0 sites. Social sites such as Facebook and MySpace allow you to share and direct traffic to your video.

YouTube has been an important piece of the social and viral web for most of the last five years, allowing marketers around the globe to start trying out more interactive money making ideas. NOW is the time to learn to make money on YouTube and use the service as an offshoot of your online marketing business. Your income capacity is limited by your imagination.

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