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Muscle and Fitness – How to Gain the Pounds You Need

Muscle and fitness go hand in hand, especially if you are trying to workout and gain those extra lean pounds. While gaining good weight is hard for most people, it doesn’t really have to be that way. You see, it tends to be the most simple of things that work for most folks and here are tips to help you achieve your goal.

When it comes to muscle and fitness these days, there are a few basic things that always need to be remembered. They are the building block for all future development. Without a good workout routine, eating right and a good attitude, you will not go far on your mission to gain the lean weight you want. Here are the building blocks that have helped me in the past and continue to work for the people who know how to stick to the basics.

First, we are going to talk about free weights. For muscle and fitness in general, free weights are what needs to be mastered. There are many reasons free weights are great for you, but the top reasons will be the ones that help you skyrocket. When it comes to using free weights, there are two main exercises that help you body quickly gain mass. They are dead lifts and squats. Now, all people are different, but these tend to be “the” exercises that work the best and fastest. Dead lifts and squats work out your entire body. Muscle and fitness go hand and hand with these two monster workouts. The help almost every group of muscles in your body develop at a blazing pace if done consistently. The great thing about these exercises is that you don’t have to do them every day. Two times a week is sufficient for most people to get good lean muscle and they still see amazing results as far as their size goes with the fitness performed.

Secondly, we are going to talk about your form and posture when using free weights. No matter what exercise you are doing for muscle and fitness, you will want to perfect your form and posture. I am sure you have heard this a hundred times in the past, but it is worth repeating, as many people simply forget about good form. Not only will good form minimize your chance of getting injury, but practicing good form helps your muscles grow twice as fast as if you were just jerking the weights around. The more concentrated you movements the better off you will be. Muscle and fitness is something that takes some getting used t, but if done right, you can easily see the results you want with a good diet.

When it comes to muscle and fitness in this day and age, you don’t have to kill yourself working out nine times a week. Just make sure you are using your muscle and fitness regimen to its fullest extent.

5 Ways To Improve Muscle And Fitness

Millions of people are in search of ways to improve muscle and fitness in this health conscious world we live in. It doesn’t have to be complicated, painful or difficult. Let’s talk about 5 simple but effective methods which can help improve fitness and build muscle.

1. Assess Your State of Bodybuilding

Unless you know where you stand today, it will be difficult to chart out a plan to take you forward to your bodybuilding goals. It is easy to take stock. Measure your weight and muscle bulk using regular bathroom scales and a measuring tape. This will give you the baseline value before you start working out. It will also help you track your progress as you continue through your muscle gaining program.

Knowing where you are right now, you will be able to set goals that are reasonable and measure your progress towards them at a steady pace. Not only will this keep you on track, it will also give you encouragement and a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as you notice your muscles growing and becoming stronger. And even if you don’t hit your targets, if your overall muscle and fitness improves, then that’s really a successful result. When you notice a significant improvement in your health and fitness as a consequence of your workouts, you will be even more motivated to keep going on.

2. Set Bodybuilding Goals That Are Appropriate

Having long term goals – and keeping them written down – is a major determinant in your bodybuilding success. You should have specific goals set out for a week, a month and for the next six months. How many kilograms will you put on? How much will your biceps circumference increase? How much will your waist measure? All these are targets that can motivate you to stick with your exercise program.

Challenging yourself to reach a goal can be a great motivating factor, helping you try just a little bit harder or go a bit further with your exercise. If you also have 1 year and 5 year goals, it can keep you on track over the long run. But more important in the earlier stages are short term goals which will let you see a marked and immediate change.

3. Maintain a Workout Log

Whatever exercise routine you adopt for building muscle and fitness, keep a record of it in a log book. You may do it digitally using a computer, tablet or smart phone. Or you might prefer to jot down numbers and dates in a notebook. Whatever you use for documentation, be sure that your diary is accessible easily and review it from time to time for inspiration.

What should you record? Quite a few things, like the exercises you did, the weight you lifted, the reps and set count, and more. You may not realize how important this is when you’re beginning. But as you gain muscle and grow stronger, you’ll look back and see just where you began – and that will powerfully motivate you to keep going on to higher things.

4. Keep a Cardio Exercise Log

You can club this together with your workout log, or separate it in a different book. The reason for tracking cardio exercises separately is that it burns off fat and helps build up endurance. The workouts you do with weights is designed to bulk you up with muscle. While both are important, they deal with different aspects of developing muscle and fitness.

Items to track include what activities you are doing, how long you exercise, and any problems or difficulties you notice. Using the record of your recent activity, you can make intelligent decisions about changing things and ramping up your level of activity to a comfortable level.

5. Devise Your Own Muscle and Fitness Program

The biggest difference between dreamers and achievers when it comes to bodybuilding is that the few who accomplish their goals have built in their exercise regime into a complete program that they follow strictly. They don’t just visit the gym on a whim and fancy, but have a timetable or blueprint that they stick to every day.

Only if you outline a regular program and then stick with it consistently can you develop muscle and fitness levels you aim for. It often takes a few months or years to reach this point, which is why a systematic approach is so important. There are several guides and experts who can help you devise a fitness program based on scientific principles. It is well worth studying these programs and adopting their lessons into your own system.

Muscle and Fitness Go Hand in Hand

Believe it or not, there is a formula to muscle and fitness. I know that sometimes the fitness industry can be quite confusing. As you start your search for your fitness solution, you are flooded and bombarded by all of the “quickies”. If you aren’t familiar with this term in reference to fitness, it is probably because I started using it myself. I use it in reference to anyone that is looking for a quick sale, and have no care for truly helping their customer get the muscle and fitness solution that they want. I am going to help you to find some focus and direction to guide yourself through the storm to your muscle and fitness potential.

Muscle and fitness is the answer to your problem. So, you are expecting me to go into how the Muscle and Fitness magazine can give you the information, tips, and tricks to turn your body around, right? Wrong. I can truthfully say that I am a subscriber to Muscle and Fitness magazine. I find Muscle and Fitness to be one of the top magazines to use as a source for the latest and greatest fitness information, and exercise techniques that give the best and fastest results. However, this is not the muscle and fitness that I am speaking of.

What muscle and fitness am I speaking of then? I am talking about your muscle, and your fitness. The greatest contributor to your body’s fitness levels or lack thereof is your body’s muscle content. The higher percentage of muscle mass that is present in your body, the more calories that you will burn in a day. The same can be said of having a lower percentage of muscle mass causing you to burn less calories. The truth of the matter is that, with a high percentage of muscle mass, you will burn more calories than a person of the same body size and weight, with a lower muscle mass, while you are both sitting on the couch. Your muscle and fitness are dependent upon your muscle density.

A higher percentage of muscle mass doesn’t mean bigger. The important thing that you should remember about your muscle and fitness is that muscle tissue’s mass is dependent upon its density. An individual, who works out with low to moderate weight but with high repetitions, will have leaner and denser muscle tissue than someone that solely works out with high weight and low repetitions. In fact, bodybuilders will actually go back and forth between the two training techniques to ensure that they don’t lose muscle density in their pursuit to gain size.

Want some proof? Some of the best examples that I can give to you to prove how your muscle and fitness are tied together, are easy for me to give to you. They are extremely high profile, which makes my job that much easier. Look at any retired NFL athlete or body builder, who fails to maintain a steady conditioning and workout routine to maintain their muscle and fitness. You immediately will notice that these individuals’ muscle and fitness degrade, especially in the stomach region. This is solely due to the fact that they have not kept up with the intense physical training which maintained a high muscle density during their careers. Their muscle tissue has slowly lost its potent density due to the decrease in demand. Their muscle and fitness changes are greater than most due to the large difference between training levels at the peak of the careers and their retirement.

What should you do about your muscle and fitness? Well, the best way to ensure the greatest potential to your muscle and fitness, you should exercise regularly. I believe in a good mixture of cardiovascular exercise, weight and resistance training, and body training. Body training consists of calf-raises, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and flutter-kicks. My cardiovascular routine is a mixture of swimming, running, and the hill program on the exercise bike at the gym. My weight training routines are very versatile, doing three exercises for each major muscle group, and two muscle groups per day. My fitness tuning techniques are available at my free membership website listed below. Utilize all of my free information to tune your body to its fullest muscle and fitness potential.

Muscle and Fitness: Build Lean Muscle – Get It Right, and Get the Results Fast

Building your muscle and fitness is not some dark art, something that you need to be highly qualified to understand. However, to get the results in the most efficient way, you really do need to get educated about what you are about to embark upon.

So how is this article different from the others? There are thousands, maybe millions of articles that tell you about building muscle and fitness, or how to build lean muscle – most of them say the same things, and are very generalised and don’t give enough information to be useful. This article will give you some details about the overall process, although there is not enough room to do the subject justice, you can visit David’s site for more complete information on the subject, and exercises to go with them.

First things first, there is no magic to building lean muscle and fitness, once you have the knowledge it really is all about consistency and maximum effort. If you have the knowledge, consistency, and put in the effort, you will get results.

Building lean muscle is all about building muscle whilst targeting your body fat levels to a percentage that will make your efforts noticeable. In most people this means that you need to lose body fat whilst you build muscle. To make this possible, you need your body to have access to the calories required to maintain your base metabolic rate plus 500 calories – if this is made up from the foods you consume and a small amount of body fat, this is the ideal. You also need some high quality fats and proteins, so natural foods like chicken, pork, beef and fish. It is important to realise that a lot of the effort is down to diet – you can’t party hard and still get results, unfortunately.

Build lean muscle and fitness is initially about creating a great platform to achieve results with – this means building your functional or useful strength and muscle mass to a point where you have the overall ability to increase muscular fiber and at the same time burn excess body fat through the increased metabolic rate that this creates. This initial stage will have look looking noticeably bigger, but you will still look rounded, and the body fat will have reduced but there will probably still be a lot left to go.

The next stage would be to start to target muscle fiber strength a little more whilst still building on the muscle mass and metabolic rate again, and increase intensity to really challenge your body. Given your new ability to be able to safely build lean muscle and fitness you will now be capable of lifting bigger weights safely, and will also have the cardiovascular capacity, and energy to complete them with a much higher intensity. This means that your workouts can remain short and to the point, be highly intense and burn a large number of calories at the same time and you build lean muscle. To burn calories it is not necessary to do extra cardio workouts, you would only do this for cardiovascular fitness reasons.

The next stage would be to start to target belly fat burning in particular, by building the core muscles, whilst still building upon the metabolism created in the previous two stages. The way to target belly fat is to start to build muscle near the site where the fat currently exists, this works because of the increase metabolism created by the previous stages, and the muscle that has already been built. You cannot do this stage alone, it would not work at all, as there is not enough demand for calories on its own. During this stage, you can also change up the routine a little to shock the muscles through different, more challenging exercises, and in so doing, prevent the muscle growth from getting into a plateau.

The final part of your exercise routines is going to be to get rid of that final bit of body fat, to really give your muscles a deeply defined look. This is going to still build on the other two stages, but may also include things like high intensity interval training, or HIIT. This is going to be incredibly difficult to do, but with all the other stages completed your and lean muscle, you should be in a position to take on the challenge, and win. This will really strip off the final bit of body fat, whilst really boosting your muscle and fitness to new levels.

Muscle and Fitness Training – How to Work Out Effectively

If you are looking to do gym or exercise workouts that involve muscle and fitness training, there are a range of different exercises you’ll have to focus on, and the order you do them in will also make a difference as to how effective your workouts will be.

Building muscle and getting generally fitter or trying to burn fat require two different forms of exercise.

Muscle and fitness training will involve work with weights for muscle building. If you are going to do both muscle and fitness training then its best to do the muscle work first after an initial warm up. It will mean the body is already up and running when you move on to the more fitness/stamina based aspects of exercise.

What you do with weights again depends on your objectives – if your are looking for a “body building” kind of work out it will focus very much on specific muscle groups, while more general strength work will look at building up core stability, i.e. the abs, the lower back muscles which help support the spine and hips. A lot of problems can stem from weakness in this area.

The fitness training exercises will have the most impact at the end of your workout. They might be running, cycling, or cross country ski-ing, or machines that mimic those. The best way to improve general fitness is to alternate between high and low intensity. If this was running, then jogging mixed with brief periods of sprinting would be a good example. It all helps get your heart rate up to the levels where the body will start to burn fat.

So good muscle and fitness training will see a careful choice of balance and exercise.

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