Netflix Tips – Getting the Most Out of Your Netflix Subscription

Netflix was established in 1997, and they offer the ability to rent DVDs online via the Internet. I initially joined Netflix in 1999. I was not satisfied with the service and canceled my membership three months later. Fast forward to 2005, and the buzz in my workplace is about Netflix. My co-workers tell me service is great and they love it, and I tell them I hated it. I waited about ten days for my first DVD, and I never received any other DVDs. I was a member for three months. I forgot I was a member because I never received any DVDs. My co-workers tell me differently and I decided to try Netflix again. After three years I am still with Netflix, and I have convinced countless co-workers to join, and now I am going to share a few of my Netflix Tips with you.

Distribution Center – Having a distribution center near your home or mailing address will determine how quickly you receive your DVDs. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii, and the Distribution Center for Hawaii uses a Honolulu PO Box. If I put my DVD in the mail on Monday, Netflix will receive the DVD on Tuesday and send out a new DVD that same day. This means I would receive my next DVD on Wednesday. That’s pretty quick if you ask me. IMPORTANT: Please pay close attention to the mailing address on the Netflix return envelope. Every once in a while a DVD may take a while for delivery (I find this true with a lot of the older movies). Check the return address! If it is not from your local distribution center, this is why delivery was delayed. Do NOT send your DVD back in that envelope. Only use envelopes that have your local distribution center address. I normally put 2 DVDs in one envelope so that I have an extra envelope with my local distribution center address to use at a later time. You only need a few extra envelopes because Netflix will always send you a return envelope.

Choose the Right Plan – I switch plans all the time, if you choose the wrong plan, you can easily switch it online. I am currently enrolled in the 3 at-a-time plan. How many DVDs can you watch in one month? If you average $2 per DVD rental, which plan would be the best deal? Let’s say you can watch 8 DVDs in a month. That’s about $16 using my $2 DVD rental average. The 3 at-a-time plan is $16.99 and the 2 at-a-time plan is $13.99. In this case, the 2 at-a-time plan is a better deal because you got $16 worth of DVD rentals for only $13.99. I would never choose the 1 at-a-time (Unlimited) for $8.99 or the 1 at-a-time (2 a month) for $4.99 because if you use my $2 average, Netflix is getting the better deal.

Getting New Releases – People always complain to me that they never can get New Releases from Netflix, yet I always get New Releases. You’ll have to test this one for yourself, but if you’re in Honolulu, and put your DVDs in the mail on Friday (Saturday and Sunday also work, but Friday works best for me). Netflix will receive your DVDs on Monday. New movies are normally released on Tuesday, but Netflix already has the DVDs ready for shipment on Monday. Netflix will send out the New Releases on Monday, and I will get them in the mail on Tuesday. When I first started using Netflix I rarely ever got any New Releases until I figured this out. I simply returned one DVD on Wednesday, one on Thursday, and one on Friday and waited to see what movie on my queue was sent as Netflix received each DVD. As long as the New Release was at the top of my queue, I would normally get the New Release delivered on Tuesday. If I missed the first shipment of a New Release, chances are I would not get the New Release for a while. I can cut down the waiting time if I miss the first shipment, by having one open delivery position, and not having anything on my queue except for the New Release. This cuts down on the amount of DVDs I rent in a month, but if I missed the first shipment of New Releases, this almost ensures that I will get the New Release on the next shipment. You could just have New Releases on your queue, but then you wouldn’t get your moneys worth.

“Throttling” or “Smoothing” – Netflix denies that they “throttle” accounts, but I personally experienced throttling. Throttling or smoothing is Netflix giving priority to people who rent less DVDs. I was on the 3 at-a-time plan and I rented a total of 24 DVDs per month. This went on for about three months and then I started receiving movies from other distribution centers on a weekly basis. Because the DVD came from another distribution center, delivery time was more than doubled. In a few instances my DVDs took 3-5 days to be delivered. Netflix even sent me the same broken DVD twice. I decided to look for answers online and found a Netflix forum. Forum members talked about “throttling”, and I wondered if this was the case for me. I started to watch less DVDs (12 a month) and my delivery schedule went back to normal. I do not think this was a coincidence.

Netflix wants to make a profit, but they don’t make a profit off of someone who rents DVDs frequently. If the amount of DVDs you rent, calculated at $2 per DVD is greater than what your monthly rate is, Netflix doesn’t make as much money; therefore, Netflix gives priority to those who rent less. If there is a limited quantity for a particular movie, this means the infrequent renter will get a higher priority and the frequent renter may not get the movie, or the movie will come from another distribution center which will cause a delay in shipping. This is a little sneaky, but if Netflix didn’t do this, new customers wouldn’t be able to get the DVDs they requested, and Netflix would most likely lose that person as a customer, and then no more Netflix.

Broken, Lost, Scratched, not Playable DVDs – Over the years I have received less than 6 broken DVDs. The majority of the broken DVDs I received were during the time when I was renting 24 DVDs a month. It has been a while since I received a broken DVD. I have received only two DVDs that were not Playable in either my home DVD player or my PC. I received only one DVD that was scratched badly enough that it would not play in my PC or my DVD player. I have personally lost only one DVD over the last three years. When sending your DVD back in the prepaid envelope, make sure there are no sticky surfaces on the outside of the envelope. I remember putting two envelopes in the mail because one was sticking to the other. Netflix only received one of the envelopes. Netflix is very good about broken, lost, scratched, or not playable DVDs. I have never been charged for any of these items.

Netflix provides a great service, and Netflix also allows you to watch some movies instantly on your PC. Your computer will need to meet the minimum system requirements, you will also need a fast Internet Connection, and only older movies have this feature. The quality is not that great using this method, but most older movies are not of good quality to begin with. I think this feature is great and it’s already included in your monthly fee. The competitor site didn’t have several older movies that I wanted to watch, and the ability to go to a local store didn’t appeal to me as that is the exact reason why I selected Netflix, I didn’t want to get in my car and drive, and with gas prices going up, having DVDs delivered to my home is much more convenient. I hope these tips were useful.

You can find a list of Netflix Distribution Centers online by doing a google search for “Netflix Distribution Centers”.

Delivery times for each distribution center will vary. The delivery times specified in this article are specific to my location and my personal address.

Netflix Review – 10 Reasons to Join Netflix

Being a Netflix member has many ups and a few downs, but what doesn’t. In my opinion, its ups are way higher than its downs are low. To clarify, I love getting to watch more movies than I’ve ever had the ability to watch.

So what’s the big deal? Why is Netflix so great? If you’re thinking about joining, here are 10 great reasons to join.

1. Netflix Has So Many Movies

Have you ever walked through a video store for so long you just get frustrated. You want a good movie, but you just can’t find one. Well, Netflix puts the movies you want at your fingertips. Just type in a title and search away.

2. Netflix is Easy to Use and Convenient

No more trips to the video store then… now the movies come to you. After you’ve found the movies you want, guess what you have to do? Nothing! The most you’ll have to do is walk to your mailbox to get your movies out.

3. Netflix is Cheap

You’ll be spending much less money for way more movies. If you rented the amount of movies you can get from Netflix at such a low price, you’d spend a fortune. This means you get to watch all the movies you want for a much lower price.

4. Netflix has a 14-Day Free Trial

Even if you’re not so sure about joining, you can try it out for 2 weeks and at least see how it goes. If it’s not for you, just cancel, but at least you’ll get to see how the process works and how easy it is to get your movies.

5. Netflix Allows You to Download Movies to Your Computer

Even better, you can buy products that will allow movies to stream directly to your TV! This means absolutely no waiting. Granted, the selection is less (12,000 and growing) but Netflix is adding more and more titles. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the authority for online movie downloads in the near future.

6. Netflix Delivers Quickly

With 47 shipping centers in the US, you’ll get your movie within 1 day usually. This is way faster than other similar services.

7. Netflix Does Not Edit Its Movies

Don’t you hate when you’ve rented a movie and you’re waiting for that one scene everyone has told you about and the movie ends and you never got to see that scene? You just watched the edited version of the movie! You won’t have to deal with that frustration with Netflix. All of its DVDs are unedited.

8. Netflix is a Social Network

It’s like MySpace for movies. You’ll get to see what other people are watching, connect with like-minded movie lovers, make and receive suggestions and more. Basically, you get access to millions of other movie lovers!

9. Netflix Considers Your Children

Netflix will allow your children to log in and choose the movies they want. However, you, as their parent, can edit and block access to certain types of movies. This will prevent them from watching something inappropriate and allow them to watch the shows they want at the same time.

10. Netflix Does Not Charge Late Fees

No more worrying about getting your movie back on time. Netflix provides that one assurance that all movie renters want… you don’t have to pay any late fee charges. Keep your movies as long as you want.

Netflix isn’t perfect, but it’s one of the best movie rental services out there today. If you’ve been considering joining, I hope this has helped you see how convenient and fun Netflix can be. So find out how effective Netflix can be… your movies could be in the mail and in your living room by tomorrow!

Netflix on PlayStation

Recently PlayStation enhanced its support for Netflix on PlayStation 3. And, these few technology enhancements have definitely ensured good news for the PlayStation owners. Netflix subscribers can watch all time favorite movies right in their living room by streaming movies over the Internet. Sony started the association with Netflix in 2009 and since then the relationship has grown and matured considerably. Earlier, PlayStation users required a video streaming disc for live streaming of movies and videos on their console. But now, the new Netflix application for PlayStation 3 console has improved the live streaming experience considerably.

From October 2011, you can enjoy an intuitive interface which is fast and user-friendly. You need a PlayStation 3 console, an Internet connection, preferably high speed, and Netflix subscription. This will enable you to watch movies, TV shows, BBC shows, documentaries, biographies, and lots more. But before downloading the new app, you need to delete the existing app. Existing users can upgrade their Netflix application by going to the TV/Videos section through their PlayStation XMB. Go to the Netflix icon, delete the existing application. Log on to the PlayStation Network, then go the “What’s New” section and download the new Netflix app. Agree to the updated terms and conditions and you are ready to watch Netflix movies. It can be easily accessed by using the directional arrows on PS3. A great plus point is that Netflix and PS3 combination provides some exclusive features that are still not available for other consoles, like movies in 1080p high definition, with Dolby 5.1 channel surround sound.

According to a survey conducted by Knowledge Networks, Netflix has become key destination for entertainment among the U.S. consumers. As per the report:

  • 35% of U.S. consumers from the age group of 13-54 years use Netflix for streaming or DVD/ Blu-ray rentals at least once a month
  • 10 % of Netflix subscribers agreed to cancel the service if their cable/ satellite providers began to offer similar service at same price
  • 62 % of the Netflix users prefer videogame systems for watching Netflix “Watch Instantly” content on a TV set

Netflix on PlayStation 3 is being highly preferred by users. When compared to Hulu Plus, an Over The Top (OTT) subscription service provider, Netflix scores much better as it comes with 20,000 titles from different genres. It also succeeds Hulu Plus by offering 1080p high definition streaming as the former streams in 720p. Netflix on PlayStation surely looks promising and is going to become premier source of entertainment for all the PS3 owners out there.

Which Is Better: Netflix, Redbox, or Amazon On Demand?

Renting DVDs at a traditional video store is quickly becoming a thing of the past. People are now getting movies faster and much cheaper thanks to Redbox, Netflix, and Amazon OnDemand. The million dollar question for consumers is “What service is the BEST and most affordable?”

Here’s how the big three movie rental services stack up:


With over 16 million subscribers Netflix is the leading internet subscription service for DVD by mail, streaming movies and tv shows. For as little as $4.99 per month Netflix will send DVDs directly to your mail box. Pay a little more and you can get movies and tv shows streamed instantly. Many people have actually dropped cable and satellite all together in favor of Netflix.


  • Great Value: Netflix offers subscription plans starting at $4.99 with no long-term commitment. The cost of a single movie rental from a traditional video store will nearly pay for an entire month of Netflix service.
  • Huge Movie Selection: Netflix carries a collection of over 100,000 titles allowing serious movie buffs to access a wide range of movie title categories that may be hard to find at a local video store.
  • DVDs By Mail: No need to venture outdoors to rent a movie. You can have movies delivered right to your mailbox.
  • Instant Movie Streaming: Netflix will zap movies and tv shows directly to a television, ipad, or iphone. At this time Netflix does not stream to Android phones, but they likely will soon. Netflix has over 17,000 instant titles, which is a significant increase from the 1,000 the service offered in 2007. The viewing quality of streamed movies depends on streaming device and internet speed.


  • Possible Long Waits: Netflix claim that over 97% of subscribers receive one-day delivery on movies. But, this only applies if the movie is available. However, the availability of movies varies and you may experience a “long wait” or “Very long wait” on movie titles.
  • New Release Delay: New DVD releases may not be available from Netflix until 28 days after they go on sale in retail stores. This is a huge turn off for people who want to see certain movies right away.
  • Additional Internet Expenses: Netflix streaming requires a minimum internet speed of 1.5mbps to get video quality similar to DVD. If you currently have a lower DSL speed be prepared to spend money on bumping up your internet speed.
  • Extra Device Required: You might have to shell out more cash for a device to receive Netflix instant movie streaming. The most popular device is Ruko ($59.99). Several gaming systems including Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 are already enabled to stream Netflix movies, which could save you a little money. At this time, PlayStation 3 is the only gaming device capable of streaming Netflix movies in HD (1080p).


Redbox kiosks offering $1.00 per night movie rentals first started to pop up at grocery stores and McDonald’s locations in 2005. It has grown wildly popular over the past few years with people clamoring over the big red cube that spits out DVDs instead of soda.


  • Great Value: The biggest advantage with Redbox is that DVD rentals only cost $1.00 per night. This obviously beats paying $2.75 – $4.99 at a traditional movie rental store. Redbox frequently offers coupons for free movie rentals.
  • Easy To Use: Redbox users simply touch a button on the kiosk to select movies and swipe a debit or credit card to instantly get movies. You can even reserve movies online and pick them up at the nearest Redbox kiosk.


  • Location: Many Redbox kiosks are placed outdoors which may be an issue for people who don’t want to stand in front of a kiosk during frigid temperatures.
  • Limited Movie Availability: Redbox offers a much smaller variety of movies in comparison to Netflix. Also, popular new DVD releases don’t hit Redbox kiosks until 28 days after they go on sale in retail stores.
  • Credit Card Skimming: Redbox has reported isolated incidents of illegal devices designed to read and capture personal credit card information being placed on their kiosks. The vast majority of Redbox kiosks are safe and secure, but Redbox recommends that users to pay a little extra attention to credit card swipes and check for any unusual activities or evidence of tampering.

Amazon On Demand

The king of online book sales is now poised to claim the “watch now” crown. Amazon On Demand service allows movie watchers to instantly view new releases on a tv, pc, mac, or portable device. The service does not offer streaming to mobile phone devices.


  • Instant Movie Viewing: Amazon On Demand movies can be downloaded on a compatible device in 5 minutes or less.
  • New Releases Available Now: Unlike Netflix and Redbox, Amazon On Demand offers new releases right away, and users don’t have to wait 28 days to see a hit movie.
  • Competitive Pricing: At $3.99 the cost of an Amazon On Demand is line with movie rental fees at video stores. Amazon On Demand even offers lower prices on thousands of other titles and free movies as well.


  • Extra Device Required: You may have to spend money on a device to stream Amazon On Demand movies to your television.
  • Higher Internet Expenses: As with Netflix, Amazon On Demand requires a faster internet speed (1.5mbps minimum) for streaming movies. Users of the service could spend an additional $200 – $400 per year on a faster internet speed.

And The Winner…..

The overall best choice among the various rental services is often determined by entertainment needs of each individual. Redbox is more suited for people who want to save a few bucks and don’t mind waiting 28 days to see a hit movie. If you want instant access to movies in the comfort of your home Netflix or Amazon On Demand may be a better fit. Of course good customer service and no late fees is a huge factor and all three service excel in that area.

The best way to choose a rental service that is right for you is to try out Netflix, Redbox and Amazon On Demand. You can try each service for little or no cost. There is a link for free Redbox movie offers and a free Netflix trial at After you give all three a shot, simply stay with the one that gives you the most satisfaction. What truly works best for you is the BEST choice!

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