Packing Advice

While hiring a top-notch removal Brisbane company is critical when it comes time to move, it's also smart to keep in mind that even the most experienced professionals have to deal with unplanned mishaps and other circumstances. One of the best ways to minimize the likelihood of your items becoming damaged or destroyed during a move is knowing how to pack them up properly. Being thorough is wise, but there are also several tricks of the trade that a removals Brisbane professional could impart to you. Learn a bit about those tips and tricks by reading on below.

What Will You Need?

Having the right supplies is half the battle when it comes to packing efficiently and effectively. Before getting started, make sure you have all of the following on hand:

1. Packing tape - choose a heavy duty variety
2. rope or cord
3. roll of butcher paper
4. markers
5. filling material like foam packing peanuts
6. white tissue paper
7. multiple-sized plastic bags
8. cartons and boxes of many shapes and sizes
9. bubble wrap
10. paper - newspaper for items where smudging is not an issue

Tips And Tricks For Packing Efficiently And Effectively

Rather than going through a lot of trial and error, you can study the following tips and tricks in order to have a much smoother packing experience.

Kitchenware - Stack, or nest, pots and pans together, placing a sheet of paper between each one to keep them from rubbing or clanging together and causing damage.

Furniture - Take apart bed frames and tie them together with rope or cord; wrap up the baseboards and headboards to prevent scratching. Wrap the arms and legs of chairs and tables up to avoid damage. For furniture that can be taken apart - like kitchen tables - place hardware in a baggie and tape it to the underside of the table. Pad table tops with bubble wrap or another material.

Glasses and Dishes - Inexpensive butcher paper can be used to wrap dishes and glasses with ease. Best of all, this material won't leave smudge marks behind. Upon arriving at your destination, the butcher paper can be stored away for reuse, or simply thrown out. Once everything is wrapped, stack it carefully in a close-fitting carton and stuff with paper so it doesn't jostle around.

Clothes - Hanging clothes can be packed in wardrobe cartons. Everything else can either be left in dresser drawers or packed in boxes/bags.

Books and Magazines - Use several small boxes to pack up books and magazines; in a large box, their sheer weight can become overwhelming and can make moving them a major chore. Cushion them within the box with crumpled paper or bubble wrap.

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