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Dog and Cat Art on the Internet

Looking for Dog Art or Cat Art online? No matter if you are looking for dog or cat paintings, portraits, prints, gifts or even clip-art, the internet is a quick and easy way to find the perfect pet art. However, as with anything you look for using the internet, it can be an intimidating challenge to locate exactly what you need. In this article we will look at all the various types of dog and cat art available online, where to find it, and the good and bad to watch out for.

Pet art, and in particular dog and cat art, is immensely popular today. There are many reasons for this, but particularly the almost universal popularity of dogs and cats as beloved pets and companions. You would struggle to find anyone who isn’t either a cat or a dog lover today, and many love both. This means that there’s always a huge demand for all kinds of cat and dog art. And as everyone knows, the internet really is the easiest and fastest way to find virtually anything. Today every possible type of pet art can be found online, including:

– dog or cat paintings in oil or watercolor or acrylic medium
– original portraits from people’s own photographs of their pet
– high quality cat and dog art prints
– trendy pet related pop art
– dog and cat clip-art
– gifts t-shirts and clothing sporting pet art designs and logos
– and even gifts and clothing for dogs and cats themselves

The choice of art available online for the cat or dog lover is huge. However, this wealth of choice presents some challenges. Because the pet industry is a huge money-spinner for businesses the world over, it does mean there are some unscrupulous traders and sellers of pet related products online, so it makes sense to be cautious and do some research before spending any money. Potential problems can include cat or dog art which claims to be original art, but which is in fact a photograph altered digitally using software such as photoshop. This is completely different from legitimate and skilled digital artists who paint using a digital brush. Also, when searching for pet related clip-art, care must be taken when visiting some seemingly free sites which exist simply to pop-up new browser windows which can be annoying, and as with any sites which repeatedly generate pop-up windows, they could potentially host malware. However, it must be said most websites are perfectly safe to use.

In fact the largest problem when searching for cat or dog art is how to actually find the particular type of art you are looking for. With the almost infinite number of websites on every topic today it can be surprisingly time-consuming and frustrating trying to find exactly what you want. Searching for cat art for example will return millions upon millions of matching websites, containing everything from drawings of cartoon cats to clothing stores for pampered kittens, so try to narrow your search by using a more precise search term. Alternatively look out for websites which have done much of the work for you, gathering links to many different sources of cat and dog art and pet products in one place.

How About Getting a Portrait of Your Pet?

Isn’t amazing to get your dog painted? It would indeed be wonderful to then gift it to your loved one who is especially fond of pets. Art work of dogs, cats and other pets makes for a unique gift for your dear ones. How about getting these portraits custom made?

Well, with the internet being around you can easily look for portrait artists online. You have the option of either working in person with the artist or an artist may work remotely for you using pictures. Finding an artist working remotely can help you cut down your expenses and also you have the liberty to choose among the most talented artists worldwide. Though working with a remote artist offers you several advantages, working in person can indeed be very special.

If you plan to work remotely with an artist, then of course you need a photograph of your pet which can be used as a reference for the painting. However, photographing pets is a tough task. The issue really is that pets will not pose for the camera. Thus, getting a good photograph of your pet will take lot of time and patience. You can get better pictures of your pet in a comfortable environment such as home rather than a photo studio. Photographing your pet from his level such you going down on your knees or belly would make it look very intimate.

Avoid using flash as pets are usually scared of electronic flash. Natural light works really well, preferably early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the harsh midday sun. Focus on the eyes, as they are the focal point of the picture. If the eyes are not in sharp focus, the picture will be ruined. Choose your background carefully which complements your pet. Dark backgrounds work best for light colored animals. Lighter background colors work best for dark colored animals.

Once your photograph is done, you can send it to the artist in the remote location for the portrait. This provides you with an option of working with artists in lower wage countries. Always ask the artist to send you the pencil drawing and the first draft of the painting before going ahead with the final version. Once you are satisfied with their art work they can ship the painting directly to your home.

A portrait allows you to capture the unique personality and exact likeness of your pet. If the chosen artist is skilled and talented enough than he can add a lot of liveliness to the painting. These true to life paintings create a lasting memory of your dog, cat, rabbit or any other pet. The best pet portrait not only depicts the physical appearance of the pet but also, its essence and spirit.

The portrait painting indeed forms a good memory of your pet. Lifelike nature of portrait paintings helps you keep their beautiful memories alive in your hearts. So, why not go ahead and get a portrait of your pet? Isn’t your pet worth remembering?

Pet Portrait Photography

Pets are an important part of any family and as a result make the perfect subject for a Pet portrait hung pride of place in a hall or living room. Unfortunately it is much more difficult to capture an animal in the perfect pose. Unlike a human subject they don’t understand that we are trying get them to pose and although this makes it more difficult to get the picture it usually means that you get a much better picture when you do. A dog or cat won’t feel embarrassed or pull a silly face when confronted with a camera. This means that all photographs of pets are natural poses which make the nicest shots.

There are a number of points to consider when taking a photograph of your dog or cat. Most experienced photographers know how to create the perfect senario to capture the photo. If you aren’t an experienced photographer you may not know this but you do know your own pet. This is the main advantage you have. You will know what your pet likes to do, what makes him/her uncomfortable and the funny individual behaviour that makes them different from any other.

Here are a few ideas to help you get the best Pet Portrait from a Photograph.

The surroundings – Inside or out? outside in the garden where the dog is more likely to be running around playing and so you are much more likely to be able to get an ‘action shot’. Be prepared to take a lot of photos if you are attempting this. You may need to take a hundred photos to get just one perfect portrait photo. Inside you are more likely to get a relaxed pose of your dog or cat. The cutest pet portraits can come from photos of pets sleeping. Especially if they happen to sleep in a funny position.

Light – One advantage of taking your pet portrait photograph outside is that you will get the best natural light for the photo. Natural light will ensure that you don’t get ‘red eye’ and will also avoid disturbing your pet.

Make them jump! – This can be very fun as well as helping to get a great photo. You might need tow people to make this technique work. One person to have the camera ready and the other to call or jump out at the pet.

Pose – Do you want an action shot or a more relaxed pose. A more traditional portrait pose is a simple head and shoulders shot which is very popular and makes a great piece of art for your wall. If you are unsure of what pose you would like or are not very confident in you photograph skill then this is the best pose to choose. To get an action shot you need to set up the camera first and encourage the dog to play around you using treats and toys. Be prepared to take a lot of blurred photographs if you are attempting this!

Pet Portrait Art – Immortalizing Our Furry Family Members

We all love our pets. We all tend to love our pets unconditionally and beyond reason. And they love us back unconditionally. They bring us joy, they amuse and entertain us, they comfort us and are always there for us. We play with them, ply them with toys, and photograph them incessantly. We enjoy looking at the photos we snap of our pets almost as much as we enjoy looking at them.

A lovely way to honor and commemorate our pet is to have an artist create a custom portrait of them. We all have dozens of photos of our furry friends that we have taken over time, and any one of them can be transformed by an artist into a unique and very personal work of art to hang in our home. That shot you have always liked so much of Duke in mid air catching his favorite frisbee; the photo of Tiger, deep in kitten mischief, that you managed to capture in spite of her speed;  these priceless moments all make for wonderful art portraits.

A pet portrait is something special. It is a work of art. It portrays a pet with a depth and uniqueness that can surpass what a photograph shows. A work of pet portraiture is a fun thing to give to oneself, but it becomes an excellent gift idea to surprise someone else with.  If you are searching for that super special gift to give someone, the gift that they would never be expecting, the gift that they will cherish forever – this is it. A portrait immortalizing their beloved pet is a surefire winner.

For a special occasion, for a gift giving occasion, or for no reason other than that we love them beyond reason, think about having a work of portrait art created that captures your pet’s personality and proudly displays it for all to see and enjoy. After all, they are family.

Five Dog Art and Pet Portrait Styles

With many people opting to get more than digital photos commissioned for their beloved furry friends, pop art styles for pet portraits are becoming increasingly common. In this article, we bring forth a few such styles of dog art and pet portraits that are common today. If you too are thinking on getting such portraits commissioned, these ideas can be of great help.

Sketch Style

Ever-in-fashion, the sketch style of portraits can look fantastic. However, the difficulty in this style is getting your dog(s) or other pets to pose straight long enough for the artist. Digital tools are thus of great help and can convert digital photos to sketch style of art easily. Moreover, you even have the choice of background and sketch colour.

Warhol pet portraits

If you thought that Andy Warhol prints are just for celebrities, then your pet is definitely one. Using this style, digital artists convert digital photos of your pet into the Warhol style. Bright colours and backgrounds reflecting your pet’s persona are used too. If you are planning to opt for this style, do not forget to check out the Andy Warhol panels. Each portrait can have two or more panels with the same or different photos of your pet. Your moments with the dog can also be captured attractively in this style.

Patch collage style

Another popular style that looks great for pet portraits is the patch collage style. Swatches of different colours, textures, prints, plains, texts or designs are put together to create the image here. The most attractive part of this style is its play with colour and the balance in the variety.

Pet collage

If you have more than a few pictures of your pet, you can put them together in the form of a collage too. This is a great pet portrait idea when you want to compile the various memories you share together. All placed on a common portrait are a great way to help you recollect memories, without having to flip pictures on an album. Collage options in pop art are varied and you can decide between body shape collages, two colour styles, crystallized and other variations.

Monochromatic styles

Black and white portraits look great whatever the subject maybe. And that is the precise reason why many people today commission pet portraits in monochromatic colours. With a little creativity, tone changes and single colour highlights, alluring combinations of monochromatic styles can be obtained too.

The above mentioned five styles are some of the great ways of creating pet portraits. But these are not limited options. Each of these styles come with variations that make for great looks. Also, many other styles, not discussed here exist too. You may want to look at scanner darkly, silhouette, Piet Mondrian collage and Bilal styles too. Whatever pop art variation you use for creating a pet portrait, ensure that it reflects your pet’s persona. The bright colours of Warhol change to match your dog while an Enki Bilal inspiration is great for getting through a serious look.

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