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Guidelines in Infrared Photography Technique

What a fun ‘business idea’ for people who are outgoing, love shopping, and have reasonable camera skills! Let’s face it, most people like shopping with others, so they can ask for opinions, views, and ideas. This type of business should become very popular if you are the kind of person that enjoys shopping with others and helping them make dressing choices. You will be sought after as a companion shopper, even more if you offer a service that takes pictures of each shopper wearing all of the different outfits they try on.

Clothes shopping can be very overwhelming at times, especially if shopping for a completely new seasonal, or vocation, wardrobe. This could take a whole day of shopping, or even several days, of comparing styles and various department store options. We all know how hard it is to choose between many different clothing items. We are concerned with the way the clothes look on us, the way they fit, age appropriateness, etc. After trying on many different items, it is easy to become completely overwhelmed, not even remembering the first items tried on, when trying to decide which of the articles of clothing to purchase, or invest in. It makes it even harder when trying to stay on a budget.

If you decide to offer this fun and helpful ‘business idea’ you should be able to charge around $35 an hour for your services. You might also offer package deals for people that might like to shop with you in small groups or someone that plans to shop for more that 10 hours in a week. These are all things that you can take into consideration once you establish yourself in this exciting and fun business. Since you are your own boss, you will be able to see what the needs are of your customers and be able to gauge what different customers are able to pay you for your services. When customers start competing for your time and services, you will be able to start charging more, if you want to.

To get a good start with your new business you’ll need a digital camera, laptop computer, computer case, image software, a pack of writeable CDs and CD burning capabilities. Once you have taken pictures of all the outfits your customer want pictures taken in, you should burn all of the images on to a CD for your client to keep and reference later. This is about all you will need to invest in to get started. You can decide on how you want to choose your mode of transportation to the needed shopping areas. You may be able to ride with your customer, or just meet them at an appointed time in a department store, or clothing store.

Always make sure to have a professional and affable demeanor. You want your satisfied customers to refer their friends and family to you, which will equate to more profits!

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Guidelines in Infrared Photography Technique

Even though digital infrared photography is a method of photography that is most commonly known among experienced photographers, it is one that those of any level can learn in order to create unique pictures. The effect of the photography method is caused as a result of infrared light, a type of light that cannot be seen by the human eye. When taking photos, this infrared light is captured by the camera while visible light is mostly not used in creating the image. This technology produces a photo that has a dreamy appearance that can be attention-getting to those who view it. In spite of the unique effects obtained through infrared photography, learning it is not difficult.

If you have a modern camera, it may be equipped with the technology that is needed to capture infrared light. To test it, hold the remote control to a television toward the camera lens. Press any of the buttons on the remote while holding it at least 6 inches from the camera lens. If a light can be seen in the LCD, your camera has the capabilities needed for you to practice digital infrared technology.

Additional Equipment You Will Need

There are a couple of pieces of equipment that you will need to enhance your experience in using infrared photography including a filter and a tripod. A filter is used to prevent visible light from passing through while allowing infrared light to be captured. This is an inexpensive piece of equipment and a good quality one can be purchased for around $20. The tripod will need to be sturdy so that you can use a higher aperture and a lower shutter speed. Look at the local photography shop to find the equipment you need and to gather advice on choosing the equipment that is right for use with your camera.

Some Techniques to Try

Once you have gotten the equipment and installed your filter, you are ready to start creating infrared photography. Start by using some ideal subjects such as sunny skies and landscapes. You can also work on creating portraits of people for some unique images.

When taking the pictures, remember that specifications vary from one camera to the next. In order to get the results you want, it will be necessary to adjust the settings to create a specific effect. Try your camera in automatic mode to determine if this is how it works best. If not, there are some adjustments you can make.

Turn the flash feature off and change the camera mode to black and white. Set it for a film speed of 400 or higher and the shutter speed of 1/15th of a second. If you camera offers a lower setting, use it.

Take a Course to Learn More

Some professional photographers offer classes or entire courses in digital infrared photography that may benefit you by seeing these techniques firsthand. It is a good opportunity to increase your skill levels. For a more affordable option, search for free online digital photo classes and you will likely find a wide selection to choose from. This is a convenient and inexpensive option that will help you learn more about doing infrared photography independently.

There are also samples of photos taken using infrared photography that will peak your interest in learning more about this technique. You will be surprised by the results you can achieve and you will improve your skills as a photographer. Digital infrared photography is rapidly increasing in popularity and you can join the fun by learning a little more about this unique form of photography.

Learn Digital Photography – The Best Digital Camera For Beginners

The decision to buy a digital camera after a cell phone is perhaps the most important piece of technology the average person will buy. As a beginner photographer it can be quite a task making your first decision. So how do you go about making your first digital camera choice?

As a new buyer you’ve probably been assailed by a host of advertisers trying to get you to spend your buck with them. Going to a photography shop won’t help much either as there it’s the same economic principle, sell as many of the highest priced camera as possible. Higher priced is not always better quality.

So where do you start with your first digital camera purchase? What do you buy? As an inexperienced camera newbie there are a few simple principles.

1. Don’t make an impulse buy

There are so many messages assaulting your senses that it is easy to make a quick decision which is probably not a wise decision. When looking at the camera you want buy, think, then go away and consider the merits. If you still think it’s the camera you want buy go back later, make the purchase but live with the decision without regrets.

2. Don’t buy under pressure

The oldest sales trick under the sun is for a salesperson to pressure a customer saying this is a never to be repeated deal. Don’t buy because of free memory cards, cleaning, kits or pouches. Nobody gives away something for free. Somewhere along the line someone is paying for it and most probably it’s you. If the salesperson won’t allow you to come back tomorrow or to think about it there is a reason.

3. Don’t buy cheap

The great price you are being offered has a reason and very seldom is it a great deal. Either you are losing on quality or you’re being conned into something illegal. There is saying that goes, “buying cheap is expensive”. On the other hand, buying a reasonably priced camera is good sense.

4. Evaluate the product

A reputable salesperson will allow you to go and research the deal because if it is a good one you’ll come back. The internet has opened up the world for us to research the products we want to buy. Read the reviews, ask questions on forums and chatrooms. Join a photography club and rub shoulders with experienced photographers who’ll give the right advice. Find out as much as you possibly can.

5. Buy what you can afford to lose

I don’t mean to physically lose the camera. What I mean is that if you don’t continue you haven’t got something that has broken the bank and wasted your hard earned money. If you decide that photography is not for you then you won’t regret your purchase.

6. Therefore the best digital camera is…

The best digital camera is one that is reasonably priced, takes a reasonable photo and is not complicated to use. Good photographs are taken by good photographers. A good photographer will take a good photo with any camera. The quality of the print or digital photo might vary in quality but it’ll still be a great image. You want to learn photography and not just how to operate a digital camera.

As you enter the world of photography you’ll find that the camera is just a recording device and has no idea as to what a good photo is. The key is learning photography and understanding what it takes and what you need. Once you understand this and have proven that photography is for you, you have the knowledge to go out and purchase a camera that will serve your photographic needs.

Too many people, spend too much, too quickly buying a camera that is too expensive and isn’t what they need for the area of photography they want to pursue. So buy a camera that suits your requirements and not what the salesperson thinks you need. Happy shooting!

Learn Digital Photography – Portrait Photography Tips

Learn Digital Photography – Portrait Photography Tips

Portrait photography was once the realm of the professional portrait photographer but now most amateur photographers can shoot a reasonable selection of portraits without much experience. This is because digital allows you to review your images immediately and make any colour or lighting corrections. So how can the average amateur take good quality portrait photos. Here’s how.

The bottom line for any budding portrait photographer is good basic photography gear. If you have this then you are on your way to good images.

1. Relax your subject

The difference between a professional portrait photographer and an amateur can be seen immediately by how relaxed the subject is in the photo. Experienced photographers will put a subject at ease very quickly. Without the ability to do this you won’t progress much further in your portrait photography. So take the time to master this before attempting any shooting of your subject. This can be done by an informal chat before the shoot, allowing a child the freedom to play with interesting toys or just playing around with your camera and allowing the person to shoot some images of you or the surroundings. Develop your own techniques to relax them that work for you and your subject. There is one problem though, if you aren’t a people person you are going to struggle in this field as it is focused people. So, either find a way to become more outgoing or choose another genre of photography.

2. Use props

This can be a contentious issue as some photographers don’t like using props. I say whatever works, use it. The bottom line is that you want a great image at the end of the shoot and however you do it is okay. Now, it will be difficult to keep a supply of props for every kind of person so doing a bit of research prior to a shoot is essential. Ask the subject to bring in their favourite things, work or play items or just something that they’d like in the image. Children make this easy as they always have something that they are interested in or like. Before you jump to conclusions, these are not to be included in all the photos and perhaps none of them. They are there to relax your subject and get them in the zone. Of course some may be really appropriate like an Ipod for a teenager or a book for an elderly person. One of the best personal portraits I ever shot was of my elderly grandmother looking up from the cowboy book she was reading.

3. Change your perspective

By simply changing the position you are shooting from will create a different image altogether. Don’t be afraid to vary your height or angle. Shoot from low down looking up. With children you need to get down to their level and make sure that the camera is at the same level as their eyes and they are looking directly into it. So often images of kids are taken from above their eye level and they are just not as effective so remember this point.

4. Get in closer

We all tend shoot from too far away and rely on zooms. By shooting just part of a subject’s face you immediately change the whole character of the image. Eyes of course are the most effective as they are the window to the soul, as the old adage goes. Remember that portraits are shot to make memories and a closer image allows you to see more of the person which is important years in the future.

5. Lighting

I can’t even begin to scratch the surface of this subject as books are written every year on lighting. What I would recommend is that you get a good flash with a diffuser to break down any harsh lighting. Reasonably priced lighting kits are available for the beginner so explore online and in your local photography shops for entry-level gear. And, don’t be afraid to explore natural lighting, another huge subject.

These are just a few tips that if put into practise properly and regularly will help you achieve a level of excellence very quickly. Happy shooting!

Do You Want To Start A Photography Business?

If you enjoy taking pictures what could be more thrilling than doing it for a living? Just think of how wonderful it could be to be a paid invite to hundreds of weddings and parties a year, to capture joyful family memories that will last a lifetime everyday, to watch children grow up, or even to just to experience others smile everyday of your career. With photography you can do just that. And what is great about the photography industry is there’s more than enough work for the freelance/work-at-home photographer.

To get started you need to get the right equipment. This will require you to decide exactly how far you want to take your business. If have a room in your home that you could set up as an office you might want to look into setting up a backdrop and lighting equipment. On the other hand perhaps you don’t have the space in your house. Don’t let this discourage you. You can still compete in the photography realm even without an office. One of the greatest thing about having a work-at-home photography business is that you can offer most of the same services that the photography shops offer, but at a fraction of the cost. Mainly, because you will not have to worry about a lot of overhead such as employees and rent, you will only have to worry about delivering quality photos.

Fortunately, delivering quality photos now days could not be easier thanks to the invention of the digital camera. If you have a low budget you can easily get started with a personal computer, digital camera, and above average printer. Of course if your budget isn’t quite so limited it would be a great idea to invest in some extra equipment like camera filters and zoom lenses.

After you have decided what equipment is essential to starting your business you need to start selling yourself. The great thing about photography is if you belong to a local club, church, etc there are always people in need of your services. Also, don’t forget your family since they can be powerful with putting the word out there. More than likely you will get most of your business through referrals. In this case customer satisfaction is essential. Word will spread like wildfire if your services stink. So remember whether your taking photos for free at your nephews wedding, or your getting paid to take photos at your local school prom always put your best foot forward. In fact one of the easiest ways to start building your portfolio is to start taking free pictures of friends and family.

Last, if your business really gets rolling you might want to consider registering your business. Taking care of legalities gives your customers a sense of security. It lets them know that you mean business. Also, at this point you may want to start advertising in the phonebook, newspaper, or even listing your services on the internet. The internet can be a powerful resource because you can set up an online portfolio to display all of your handiwork.

You can do it! To start a work-at-home photography it is going to take dedication. Make a plan and stick to it! Remember, this is something you love! Treat your job like you love it and your job will love you!

All About Starting A Wedding Photography Business

Starting a wedding photography business is a fulfillment for those who enjoy taking photo of special moments. Aside from them profiting in this field, they get to enjoy what they are doing. In short, this is a success career achievement. Since you will enjoy taking photos, then all the process and the system you need to use will be easy. You also get to find your cues to when to take the shot making your subject – the customers – satisfied with your services. You would in addition get familiar on the dramas of positioning and actual shoot. That is already your edge.

A celebration to unite two lives is a memorable event that needs to be documented. It is everyday that somebody gets married. With the many people, you will establish your wedding photography shop, then you will have unlimited customers and in fact get confused who to serve who. That is your advantage in starting a business like this. Aside from wedding, the nature of your business can take other events such as anniversary, engagement, and many else. In fact, if you permit, you can also take pictures of events like birthday and such. All you need is to let the name of your business known to the public with your quality service and customer skills.

There are a lot to prepare when you think in having this business. First of all, you need to find a good location where you can be accessed easily. After that, the materials and equipment should be purchased ahead of time. Indeed, this is an investment that you will gamble but doing the right steps and does all you can to prosper, and then your investment will come back in many folds. When you have this, you should also have the right skills and the right people to hire. It is not about taking picture it is about timing. Wedding photography can sometimes be tricky.

Enjoying the things you do can be used as your money making method to survive. You just need to learn how to incorporate business making and hobbies. For sure, this will not tire you and eventually will enhance your ability in photography. On the other, you should also understand what wedding is all about. Again, when you incorporate both your business and the wedding events, then you can start a wedding photography business. It takes some effort and talent. As a starter, you need to make some sacrifices with your finances. That is what every photography business has gone through.

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