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Food Lover’s Guide to Portland – By Liz Crain

When exploring the many unique restaurants of the Portland area, you’ll soon discover the exemplary use locally grown foods and beverage in Portland provides a completely unique culture. In the book A Food Lover’s Guide to Portland, written by Liz Crain, was released in July 2010. While the book does delve into many of the unique establishments in the totally self-sustained restaurant ecosystem of Portland, it misses the mark of the target audience.

This book, which consists of 256 pages of restaurants in a highly local town. Through a lengthy series of essays, she explores the numerous advantages and lifestyles of those providing the support for this completely unique culture, reviewing the various restaurants that make this town special, and how everything comes together to form one of the best food towns in the United States.

Unfortunately, this is where the good points of the book end. For a unique food culture, like Portland, many of the local favorites have been excluded, opting for more of a tourist focus. This can be viewed as both a blessing and a curse. While smaller eateries have been skipped over for more tourist friendly restaurants, this can help to keep these hidden treasures buried, but also take away needed business to help the community grow and prosper. Some locals may love it, but others would prefer to attend the places they already know and love.

A Food Lover’s Guide to Portland could provide a lot more than it did, but it is still currently available in paperback and electronic editions for those who would like what I could best describe as the basic of the Portland restaurant community.

Portland Oregon Restaurants

The following are some of the best restaurants in the city of Portland.

Wildwood is a restaurant owned by celebrity author and chef Cory Schreiber. He and his team serve up great cuisine in this popular restaurant.

Heathman has a mix of Pacific Northwest and French cuisine. The head chef is Philippe Boulot, a winner of the highly regarded James Beard award for excellence in 2001. He and his staff are renowned for serving cuisine that is believed to be among the country’s finest.

At Higgins, Chef Higgins serves food based on his principle that food is community. Mushrooms and wild salmon, along with some of the country’s finest wines, adorn the menu. At Higgins, one gets to eat food that typifies the northwest.

Huber’s is the oldest restaurant in the city, and is deemed a national historic landmark. The restaurant’s decor is top class and it is a great place to dine. Huber’s is famous for the “”turkey cuisine”” that has been on the menu since 1879.

Portland City Grill offers an all-encompassing view of the landscape. It is renowned for its steaks, as well as seafood with an Oriental flavor.

Castagna offers top class French-Italian cuisine in a stylish setting. The Castagna Café, next door, serves great cafe fare in a more laid-back atmosphere.

Typhoon is famous for pioneering Thai food. Known for its beautiful food presentations, Typhoon’s decor has an Oriental feel to it. The menu has customary favorites, with rates ranging from reasonable to exorbitant.

Saucebox serves imaginative Pan-Asian fare and is open only in the evenings. It has stylish decor and serves great cocktails. Saucebox was nominated Oregonian’s “”restaurant of the year”” in 1998.

Il Piatto offers Italian cuisine in a laid-back, yet stylish, dining atmosphere. It is well-known for its broad wine list that feature Italy’s best regional wines.

Equinox offers exceptionally diverse cuisine with global influences. However, it also features locally produced organic food. To go with its name, the restaurant’s menu changes every season.

The cuisine at Lucy’s Table is inspired by Northern Italian and French Country fare. Goat cheese ravioli is the signature dish of the restaurant.

Bluehour can claim to be one of the most happening and exciting restaurants in the city. Gourmet Magazine has described Bluehour as having some of the most stylish and modern food in the city.

El Gaucho, in downtown Portland, has live Spanish guitar shows and impressive tableside service. Its steak house is among the best in the country.

Applewood has a Northwest feel to it. The cuisine here features a diverse selection of appetizers. Applewood is best known for its house-made desserts.

Genoa offers fine Italian food in a luxurious atmosphere. This restaurant does not believe in printed menus; instead, the waiter will explain the evening’s menu to the customer before the start of the meal.

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