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Pre Paid Cell Phones Reviews & Tips

At this time most people probably have a cellphone. It has become an important need today, because with this thing that everyone can always connect wherever he is. It’s just that sometimes the cost we need to use it can be very expensive and certainly not everyone afford it.

Seeing these problems, some companies introduced a pre paid cell phone. For this type, we will only pay for the minutes that we use. In addition we are also not bound by contracts that make us dizzy, it’s just that the problem is how we can choose them are best for us, because today almost all companies have this type of phone. I’ll give some tips for you so you really get it that suits your needs.

Exchanging experiences with others who have been using are the best thing you can ask a lot about this type of phone, what the pros and cons and what companies they use. One thing you should know is that the pre paid cell phone may work well in some areas but not so in other regions.

Comparing one service with other services is also important that you do, because each service will provide a different offer to you. Some of them probably will have a better advantage than others.

Although most people choose it is to save money, but they do not have insurance such as phone service other types, it is wise if you decide to buy a cellphone with good quality.

So before you decide to buy this type consider the things I have written above.

Pre-Paid Cell Phones – Pros and Cons

Up until recently if you wanted cell phone service, you had to get on a “plan”. That usually involved a credit worthy two year commitment. The better your credit was, the better plan you could get into. Prepaid cell phones were once the “dirty distant cousins” of regular wireless plans. People that bought pre-paid wireless phones could not qualify for a regular plan.

Times have changed! The Pre-Paid sector of the wireless industry has taken its rightful place with regular wireless. And it’s gaining ground on the regular wireless plans because it offers good value without having to make a long term commitment. What are some advantages and disadvantages you should consider before buying a pre-paid cellular phone?

No Commitment
The biggest advantage to a Prepaid arrangement is that there is no commitment. You can drop the service anytime without penalty. In a typical two year plan, you are penalized if you cancel the service before the contract period is up. Also consider how long two years is in an industry like wireless. There are lots of technological changes in a two year period and people may not want to get stuck with something that long.

Pay as you Go
Pre-paid wireless arrangements generally let you pay as you go. This means you don’t have to pay money every month like you would with a two year wireless plan. You can budget your phone usage to go for several months or use it all in one month. The choice will be yours.

Rollover Minutes
In a regular cell phone service plan, you are usually allocated a certain number of minutes each month. For example, take a plan that offers 900 minutes per month. If you use 700 minutes in a month, the remaining 200 minutes go to waste. In most pre-paid arrangements, the unused minutes will simply roll over into the next month so there are no wasted minutes!

Cost and Selection of Phones
This is the one disadvantage to a prepaid wireless phone service. With pre-paid, generally the phones cost more and the selection is more limited. The best phone prices and the best selection of phones generally come with two year plans. For example, at the time of this article, the Apple iPhone is only available with a two year plan. With two year plans, phones are deep discounted and in some cases given away free. You won’t find these kinds of phone prices in pre-paid arrangements.

If you can overlook the price of the phone, a prepaid cell phone can offer a good value for your money. It can offer a way to avoid monthly phone bills and long term commitments. But make sure you can find a phone that fits your budget and your phone usage requirements before making the choice.

The Advantages of Having a Pre Paid Cell Phone

Do you think it’s a financially viable option to trade your cell phone number with a pre paid cell phone? Consider my experience of having better experience of making the most out of cheap pre paid cell phone, especially while I am in a new city for a limited number of days. I was like that only, not willing to trade my regular cell phone number. I have worked in almost all states. The duration of stay in a city varies from less than a few days to many weeks.

I used to call my manager using my cell phone, which is expensive. I had to pay even while I receive a call from my head office, because of the roaming charges. Later I shifted the pattern to purchase a pre paid cell phone soon after I land in a different state. Thanks to the finance guy who pointed to me the advantages of using a makeshift pre paid cell phone.

I will give full marks to the convenience of pre paid cell phones that are on the go the moment I buy them. Shopping for pre paid cell phones is a relatively easy task for me and now I am better adapted to compare the charges of different plans from different cell phone companies and buy a phone with the cheapest plan. All I need is to furnish my driving license and a little paperwork – my experience is that simple in all the states I have visited over the last two years.

I then send a message to head office within two or three minutes of purchasing a pre paid cell phone and my manager can me at the least possible costs. My pre paid cell phones give me another important advantage; my local clients can reach me without making any long distance calls. It also creates in them the confidence that I am locally available at least for the time being.

I also find it amusing not having to pay a monthly subscription fees and the freedom to load the pre paid cell phone account with as little or as much money as I really need. If the visit to the city is for a few days only, I put lesser sums and for longer stays I buy a higher denomination pre paid cell phone card.

I am not boosting up about pre paid cell phones. They have their own disadvantages too. For instance, pre paid cell phones are not very profitable for a long term plan. It is the kind of determination and prudence in using the prepaid cell phone to your advantage that will work in your favor. No one can say it with greater conviction than one who is doing the same for more than two years now.

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