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Fitness, weight loss, and a healthy lifestyle are three of any individual’s top 10 goals during the course of a lifetime! Today’s work and recreation environment including weather conditions combine to make the achievement of one’s life goals more difficult, especially if your goals are fitness, weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Luckily, Proform treadmills are widely available in a variety of models at affordable prices, which puts an individual’s goals within arm’s reach regardless of weather conditions.

Each of the Proform treadmills is ergonomically designed to ensure that weight loss, fitness and a healthy lifestyle need not be strenuous for the health conscious individual. All models of Proform Treadmills incorporate the revolutionary cushion deck technology, which helps ease impact on leg joints and provides more convenience to the user.

The combination of price and features is the most compelling reason people decide to buy Proform treadmills. Some models of Proform Treadmill machines boasts of their iFit compatibility, which allows the user to download personalized workouts straight to their treadmill from the Internet.

Important factors that a prospective buyer needs to look at and evaluate when buying a treadmill is space usage, motor rating, special exercise attachments, and the running deck.

Following are three of the affordable but feature-rich Proform Treadmills that you may want to consider if you are seriously thinking about getting one for yourself or your family.

Powered by a 2.75hp motor, the Proform Power 690 LT Treadmill offers the same features as high-end treadmills. It is equipped with a shock-absorbing running deck, an iPod/MP3 compatible sound system and is also compatible with iFit Live experience. The 690 comes pre-programmed with 4 preset performance workouts and 4 preset distance workouts that you can modify using the incremental speed and incline controls. The inclusion of iFit compatibility makes your Proform Treadmill an interactive workout machine that allows you to connect with other users via the Internet.

The Proform Quick Fit Treadmill with 16 Preset Workouts includes an iFit Workout Card by Jillian Michaels. The unit’s 16 preset workouts allow you to select the amount of calories to burn and the treadmill will auto-select the necessary speed, incline and workout time! The unit also has built-in sound system compatible with your iPod and MP3 players and measures approximately 69″L x 34″W x 58″H in a space-saver folding design.

Made for serious workouts, the Proform Power 995 is backed up by a powerful 3.5hp Mach Z Commercial Pro Motor. Compatibility with iFit Live allows you to workout with Jillian Michaels, download workout programs and join 5k races against your Facebook friends. It comes pre-programmed with competition training workouts, including 22 performance, distance and weight loss workouts and a touch screen display for quick and easy navigation.

Buying a Proform Treadmill however saves you from all the hassles because of the machine’s ergonomic design and availability of replacement items like belts, drive motors, and console overlays. The machine’s durability, quiet powerful motors, and user-friendly electronic interface will provide any fitness enthusiast hundreds of hours of both high and low impact workouts.

Proform Treadmill

Proform treadmills are manufactured by the company Proform. Proform is another subsidiary of Icon Health and Fitness, Inc. Proform is one of the best known names in home treadmills since they’ve been around for years.

Proform treadmills are economical and do offer lots of workout features. With the advent of higher quality treadmills for a similar price, it only makes sense to consider a Proform treadmill if individuals budget is extremely limited. Proform treadmill is a better option for users who are looking for a standard treadmill under $1000.

Proform treadmill is not suitable for frequent treadmill users, heavier individuals or competitive runners.

The main strength of Proform treadmills is their affordability since they range in price from $500 to $1000. Another strength of Proform treadmills is that if users want features like iFit compatibility (download new treadmill workout programs from the Internet), CD players, workout fans and hand weights, they can probably find it in a Proform treadmill.

Proform has one of the largest treadmill line ups in the market and there are tons of treadmill options to choose from.

The Proform 540 treadmill ranges from $500 to $799. This model offers running surface up to 19 x 55″, incline adjustment up to 10%, 300 pound user weight capacity, cool air workout fan operating at 2 speeds and a 2.75HP motor capable of speeds up to 10 mph. This Proform treadmill model has a space saving design and can be folded away after use. The Proform 540 treadmill offers a 10 year warranty on motor and 90 day warranty on all other parts and labor. The warranty period of this model is very impressive especially considering the point that this model can be purchased just under $800. This treadmill model is not suitable for runners or heavier users.

The Proform 995 SEL treadmill can be purchased for $689. This treadmill model offers running surface up to 20 x 55″, incline adjustment up to 10%, a 2.75HP motor capable of speeds up to 10 mph, 200 pounds user weight capacity, free 2 pounds hand weights for upper body workout while walking and iFit compatibility to download new treadmill workout programs from Internet. This model of Proform also comes in space saving design and can be folded away after use. The Proform 995 SEL treadmill rates fairly well with buyers and is an affordable price machine. This Proform treadmill model is not suitable for runners or heavier users. The major disadvantage of this treadmill is that it offers no warranty and is a large & heavy machine.

Proform Crosswalk Caliber treadmill provides users a treadmill plus upper body workout arms. The Crosswalk’s adjustable resistance arms allow the user to customize the intensity of their arm workout. This treadmill offers running surface up to 18 x 55″, incline adjustment up to 10%, 1.75HP motor capable of speeds up to 10 mph, EKG grip pulse sensors, 6 built in workouts, cool air workout fans, iFit compatibility with 2 free iFit CDs and folding option. The main advantage of this treadmill is its ability to cross strain by using the arms. This model can be purchased for $799.

Proform Pacetrainer treadmill is available at a price of $399 and is probably the cheapest Proform treadmills. It offers a motor of 2.25 HP capable of speeds up to 10 mph, incline adjustment up to 10%, running surface area up to 16 x 50″, 3 year motor warranty, EKG thumb pulse sensor to monitor heart rate, cool air workout fans and space spacing design.

Advantage of this Proform treadmill is obviously the price and the warranty period of the motor. Proform Pacetrainer treadmill has a very small area to move and run on.

Proform treadmills are a good option for users who have a budget limited under $1000. Proform treadmills are neither solid nor reliable. However, features like space saving design, iFit compatibility, heart rate monitoring, workout programs, etc are noteworthy especially considering the price of these treadmills.

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