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Tattoo Art Designs For a Woman

You might ask, are tattoos art designs appropriate for a woman? You may see women with a lot of tattoos in their skin and you would immediately judge them. Some people may say which may include your own family members especially the older ones, and people from church, among other members of a conservative society that tattoo art designs for woman give you the impression that you are a bad woman or a woman with loose morals, which have no consideration at all for decency and cleanliness. Due to this reasons, they therefore discourage you from getting one.

However, despite what you might or what other people might think, there is nothing prohibiting you from getting a tattoo. There are actually a lot of reasons to get it, even if you are a woman. So, what are your reasons for getting tattoo art designs for woman? There can be a lot of reasons. Let us go first to the usual. Tattoos are usually considered art and the art of tattooing or wearing one is also considered a talent in many cultures. Since these are very beautiful illustrations, you must wear them with pride as your own body in the canvass for this very exquisite art. Since it is also art, tattoo art designs for woman are also a means for self expression.

Through the tattoo, you might want to show your own personality and wild side. You may also want to make the tattoo distinguish yourself or to affirm your own individuality. The most common reason for getting a tattoo however, is for beauty. In some ancient cultures, the more tattoos you had, the more beautiful you were. Tattoos were also indicative of the amount of money a person had. In our society today, tattoo art designs for woman are for increasing sex appeal of the sexiness of a woman. If you had a tattoo, it would give off the impression that you are a dangerous and therefore exquisite to pursue. As you also see in beaches and pool sides, women with tattoos usually intimidate most men as they appear to be very sophisticated.

There are hundreds of tattoo art designs for woman which you may use to express yourself, or you simply just find it cute and pretty. There are usually single pictures or continuing tattoos. An example of single picture tattoos include those of animals, things, or even flowers such as roses. The most popular of single picture tattoos are butterfly tattoos, cat tattoos, puppy tattoos, star tattoos, flower tattoos, dragonflies, heart or even dolphin tattoos. Continuing tattoos on the other hand are those which extend to different parts of the skin and which does not cover a single picture. These include graphic images of tribal tattoos, Celtic tattoos, and zodiac tattoos which may extend throughout other areas of the body and may be continued further if you want.

There are a lot of body parts of a woman which are usually used in getting a tattoo. These parts of the body and part of the skin are the usual choices due to their visibility and exposure. Some of these popular areas of the skin for tattoo art designs for woman are the lower back due to the fact that it outlines your curves and waistline. It may also be in the upper back or near the shoulder of the woman as it emphasizes the very slender figure of the woman. Most tattoo art designs for woman are also in the back of the neck which is also a very sensual place to make the minds of many men fantasize.

Tattoo Art – The “Inside Scoop” About Online Tattoo Designs

Have you turned to the web for Tattoo Art like millions of others? The demand for high quality tattoo-able art is at an all time high and the internet can be a great place to find your perfect tattoo design. Searching online for quality artwork can be a daunting task though. There are endless web pages to weed through and even after locating a possible design how are you to know if that tattoo art is proven ink-able on a human body? Fortunately we have some insider tips for picking a quality design that you will love forever.

Avoid Free Tattoo Designs – A tattoo is forever and choosing the design is one of the most important steps you will make in your tattoo experience. Tattoo designs that are free are drawn with very little attention to the details. They are drawn fast and offered for free with the intentions of getting you to purchase something else. If you were to pick a bad design, it might not even be tattoo-able on your chosen body part.

Choose Your Tattoo Location, Size and the Design – The tattoo art you’re considering may look good online, but are you sure it will look good tattooed on your body? It is suggested to first pick your body part location and then from there narrow down the size of the tattoo. By really focusing on the tattoo location and size, you should then quickly determine if the online design will look correct and proportionate in your desired location.

Pick a Design from a Reputable Website – Websites and the methods they use to offer their tattoo designs varies. There is free, pay per design and membership sites. The membership sites usually provide the best value, and it’s important to note that the reputable websites will offer some sort of “satisfaction guarantee”. For example, if you were to pick Celtic art and later decided to look at Tribal tattoos, there should be no problem whatsoever. A wealth of knowledge can also be found in chat rooms and tattoo forum; and is a good way to find out what others have experienced.

Popular Tattoos Art Designs – Five Most Popular Tattoos

A variety of tattoos art designs are easily available to first time tattoo bearers and one of the biggest decision one can make is choosing among the hundreds of thousands of available tattoo art designs. There are literally too many choices that one can simply get lost looking at each design and trying to get some sort of connection to it by internalizing and feeling every image design. A list of the most popular tattoos art designs can help you narrow down your choices. By focusing on these famous ones, perhaps you can find something that can truly represent your spirit and character.

The five most popular tattoos art designs are the following:

Tribal Tattoos

A symbol of masculinity, leadership and brotherhood, this particular type of design is highly popular with men. The design is usually placed in the upper back, lower back and arms. This is especially worn by men who have been very religious in working out and is sporting muscles and six packs. Tribal tattoos can highlight the bearer’s plump muscles if they’re placed on the right spot. Having rich cultural symbolism, it also represents social status and rank. But although it is still being used that way by cultural sectors, many are using this solely for their aesthetic properties and design.

Cross Tattoos

Although this has been often seen simply as a religious symbol, cross tattoos are also symbols of spirituality, fertility and healing. Amazingly, the cross tattoo can also be found in Gothic designs. There are many different kinds of cross designs. They range from Celtic crosses, Catholic crosses, cross moline and many more. The main basis in choosing cross tattoos is your faith and belief. Should you have the desire to proclaim your faith, you can go with a catholic cross design or if you are more into life and its complexities, you can go with something Celtic in nature.

Star Tattoos

There are several kinds of star designs for tattoos and all bear different meanings to them. For example, the nautical star which is one of the most famous star designs among all stars, represents protection and guidance. The meaning of each design of the star depends on the number of points and its orientation.

Butterfly Tattoos

A symbol of femininity, Butterfly tattoos have been popular ever since the tattoo craze came about. It represents the different stages and levels of womanhood and is mainly seen as a symbol of transformation. But what makes butterfly designs a very popular choice among ladies is the beautiful and intricate designs of the wings.

Flower Tattoos

There’s no denying that flower tattoos are one of the most popular designs among other tattoo designs. It crosses age, gender and culture. They are used as a main subject in the design, as an embellishment or as a frame to the main subject. The meaning depends on the type of flower and how it is depicted in the image. A great example would be the ever famous rose whose meaning stands the test of time – love.

These are just few of the many kinds of tattoos art designs available. It would be interesting to see other popular tattoos art designs too so as not to miss anything artsy.

Respected Tattoo Art

The days of tattoo art done in dirty studios in dark alleys are gone. Tattoo art has reached a level of mainstream popularity that has thrust it, not only into the limelight, but also into the heart of the American consumer. Now, white-collar people are willing to spend their hard-earned money on tattoos. The high quality of the tattoo art that is being produced has played a large role in this shift. People from all lifestyles appreciate good art and most want to participate in some way. Tattooing provides a medium to do so.

All of these opportunities were born out of the fact that people began to realize that not only was tattooing an art, but that these artists were very skilled. With a multitude of tattooing milieus available for study, tattoo art has continually gotten better. Tattoo artists commonly choose one form, whether it be Japanese, portrait, freelance, or any number of others, and then focus specifically on developing their skill and expertise in that style. This results in happier customers, a more defined customer base for the artist, and better art for the artistic community.

Advancements in technology are the key to growth and success in any business. The business of tattoo art is no different. Tattoo machines are of a much higher quality than they were even a few years ago and they have expanded the scope and range of work that an artist can do. Though there are some ancient methods of tattooing that produce intricate detail, they are very time consuming and as a result, very costly.

As technology continues to bring the world closer together, tattoo art has seen the integration of different styles and cultures of tattoos. In the past, tattoos could be easily classified by type and culture. Now, people are able to take the best of the ideas from each genre and create a hybrid form of tattoo art.. New designs and styles, inter woven with classic ideas, are popping up in tattoo flash pages all over the internet.

Through a continued expansion in vision, tattoo design, and technology, the market for high quality tattoo art will continue to grow at a steady rate. Not to long ago, the sub-culture of tattoos held themselves at bay from the mainstream culture. Once taboo, tattoo art is becoming socially acceptable, popular, and in demand. Tattooing is becoming a highly lucrative business.

The Various Tools Used For Tattoo Art

Tattoo art has existed since centuries. Different types of tools are needed to make this work of art precise and effective.

Stick and pokeStick and poke is often used for making tattoos at home. Generally experienced artists perform this work of art by using these tools. They make use of a sewing needle’s tip and get it wrapped in ink-soaked thread, leaving the point protruding. The instrument is saturated with ink and the skin is pricked time and again for creating the design. The thread’s purpose is to keep the needle point coated in ink so that more ink penetrates the skin.

Tattoo stencilOne of the most important instruments which you need to use for creating a perfect tattoo in today’s world is a tattoo stencil. If you take a look at a general context, a large number of experienced tattooists tend to prefer the stencil method. It is better to opt for this particular method rather than the freehand design at the first step. When the tattoo is applied on the skin of the person, a considerable part of it needs to be stretched. If you are not using a stencil in this regard, the entire tattoo may exhibit quite a distorted look.

A very methodical process is followed during the use of the stencil. A carbon paper is usually used to copy the design on to the stencil. It is also important to keep in mind that the image always appears on the skin in a reverse format. Apart from the usage of carbon paper, a light label can also be used. After the stencil is made, it is ready to be applied on the customer’s skin. Before the application of the stencil, the skin of the customer must be shaved properly. The proper use of antiseptic is also quite essential. Some of the tattoo experts use the roll on deodorant with the stencil. However, proper amount of pressure is needed to be put with the stencil to create the right design.

NeedlesOutlining is also an important aspect of tattoo art. This outlining or inking is done through the use of needles. Different types of needles are used by tattoo artists to create the most effective outlines. Whether it is star tattoos, butterfly tattoos, Celtic tattoos, dragon tattoos or any other design, a needle is a must for tattooing. In the present times tattooing is done with electrical tattoo machines that insert ink in the skin through a group of needles, which are soldered into the bar and are attached to the oscillating unit. This unit drives the needles in and out of skin 80-150 times a second. These needles are usually single-use needles, which come packed individually.

What Makes Tattoo Art Popular?

A tattoo is a certain kind of marking done in the layer of the skin through the use of ink. The ink is inserted into the skin which results into a change of appearance of skin by giving it a sort of a design or decoration. Many people have used tattoo art for many reasons.

• In the past tattoos served as rites of passage that show a man or a woman has finally reached the age where he or she can be considered an adult and has therefore passed childhood.
• Tattoo art has also been used to show the rank of a person in a society or in a group. Tattoos are status symbols in many societies in the world back in the old days.
• Tattoo art has also been used to symbolize bravery and heroism.
• There are some people who also have tattoos as a sexual lure or a sign of fertility.
• Some people also consider tattoos as amulets. Tattoos are worn for protection.
• Tattoo art has also become famous with outcasts, slaves, and convicts. These people has a certain form of tattoo art to show their experiences and their views about the society they live in. Some of them have tattoos to draw respect and fright from people who see it.

These days tattoo has grown preponderance in many societies.

• Some believe that through tattoo they are able to express themselves and their views about many things.
• Some wore tattoos for cosmetic reasons.
• Some use tattoos for identification. Many groups or gangs identify their friends or foes through the tattoos they wear in their body.
• Some tattoos have religious and magical purposes.
• Some wear tattoos because of the sheer beauty of having it in the body.
• There are some who choose to have tattoos because they think they are sexier and they are able to flaunt a certain asset in their body.

Tattoo art has achieved popularity in many places in the world and is still widely patronized. Back in the old days, some consider tattooing a taboo because of the stigma attached to it. In the modern days, tattoo art has become prevalent that more and more people wanted to have a tattoo in their body. The popularity is even more magnified because of the many Hollywood actors, actresses or personalities who flaunt tattoos in their body.

Japanese Tattoo Art – How Has it Evolved Over the Centuries?

When it comes to Japanese tattoo art, you either get it or you don’t. This is especially true when it comes to Kanji tattoo. Some people see their worth and some people see them as nothing more than characters. If you can appreciate the value of Japanese art and lettering, then you will find plenty of tattoo designs that you really like.

What is the history behind Japanese tattoo art?

This art has been around for several centuries. It’s believed that the earliest Japanese settlers had facial tattoos. Throughout the centuries, the art evolved a great deal. it was often customary for the tattooed images to have a lot of details. Intricate details is something that is still present in many designs today. In the early nineteenth century, six very unique and intricate designs were created by Kuniyoshi Utagawa, and they represented the Heroes of Suikoden. They were similar to Robin Hood, and each of the tattoo designs showed a part of their stories.

There were a few centuries during which most people associated tattoos with negativity. Many people believed during those times that only prisoners got tattoos. Obviously, that belief changed somewhat when warriors started getting tattoos. And now, since the rest of the world has become intrigued by Japanese tattoo art, more people from Japan are accepting it as more than just an underground phenomenon. While there is still some negativity towards the art, it is becoming tolerated by more people.

These designs are quite extraordinary when you take a good look at them. Everything from the simplest Kanji character to the huge, sprawling design is fascinating to look at. They contain fine lines, vivid colors, and unique patterns. You need to look at more than just the design itself—you have to look for the meaning.

What types of Japanese tattoo art are there?

Dragons and flowers are both pretty popular elements, along with Kanji symbols that have significant meanings behind them. Dragons can represent anything from fortune to destruction. And, of course, flower tattoos are timeless and beautiful. Extensive artwork can take a good while to finish, due to all the details involved. Some tattoos even take more than one sitting to complete. Trying to draw a detailed tattoo in one sitting is hard on both the artist and the receiver. It’s also crucial to take some breaks in between sittings to allow each piece of the tattoo to heal properly.

It is also quite common to see artwork of samurai warriors with weapons. Women usually choose designs with cherry blossoms and lotus flowers. The possibilities are quite endless. When choosing Japanese tattoo art, make sure you know exactly what it means. There is a lot of inaccurate information on the internet about what certain symbols mean. You will find plenty of horror stories of people who get a Kanji tattoo thinking that it meant one thing, only to find out that it actually means something embarrassing! Always consult with somebody who specializes in Japanese art what a certain design means before having it tattooed on your body.

Draw Tattoo Art – How to Draw Tattoos to Sell

Drawing tattoos for fun is great, but when you want to sell them there are a few tips and tricks you need to know on how to improve your chances of selling your own tattoo designs, these are simple ideas to get you started and there are a few that get better results.

There are many different styles of tattoos, you yourself need to either specialize or learn to draw all styles of tattoo art, the latter is preferred as you can draw any type of tattoo on request and that is an acquired skill as a tattoo designer, so always keep an eye on the different ways a tattoo can be viewed as an art, rather than just a picture.

Visit all of your local tattooists for some professional thoughts on what sells and what most people want tattooed. You will find common themes and body art fashion trends that are specific to what people want and this is a good thing to ask about. Also inquire how they would want tattoo design sets to be drawn up, some have preferences for these and they want good quality flash sheets with original designs, not knock offs of other peoples work.

Always take a portfolio of work to your local tattooists as this would make your designs hopefully stick in their mind for you to come back at a later date with some more relevant tattoo flash sheets of work that they may have requested of you. Also, always try to have an online presence with a free blog or something that shows your work to the people who you want to buy, this way you could put your blog or websites address on all of your portfolio samples and they would have an extra option of viewing your work as well as your physical portfolio of samples.

Look on eBay, to see what the popular trends are for tattoo art that sells over there, look at the bids and all of the listings to see how they have structured their eBay listings as you need to analyze what is selling and what people are buying, so you can fine tune your tattoo designs to what people want, trial and error could work best if you are not sure and you have lots of work to sell, so look at how you can make your eBay offers better than some of the others on auction.

Tattoo art is one very popular art form and if you study existing tattoos, from magazines and other sources, you will get a better idea on what makes a great tattoo design and simplistic, stylish and colorful pieces of body art are the most highly sought after, if you can make them totally unique.

Tattoo Art Gallery – Pin Pointing Great Galleries of Tattoos

It doesn’t take much effort or time to find a tattoo art gallery. The hard part is finding one that doesn’t have the same generic junk and the same cookie cutter tattoos as the next site. Everyone ends up seeing tons of bland artwork, while the really good galleries wind up buried. Here’s why it happens and how to fix it, so you can find any quality tattoo art gallery you need.

Have you ever wondered why so many people end up getting inked with generic tattoos? Well, a lot of them do it because they ended up “settling” on something. This is never a good thing to do, yet so many people are doing it. No sane, rational person should be settling on tattoos they aren’t 100% happy with. It’s a design that will be on you for the rest of your life, so you might as well pick the absolute best one for your own tastes. It’s hard, though, when you can’t find a tattoo art gallery that has fresh, original, quality drawn artwork.

Do you know why so many people never find a good places for tattoos? It’s simple. It is because just about everyone will use one of their favorite search engine to look for them. Long story short, it just isn’t working when you want a superb tattoo art gallery. This is why everybody end up seeing the same generic junk all the time. Search engines give people an awful list of galleries that have no business showing up on the first pages of search results. All the websites have the same cookie cutter tattoos and not much else.

Something needs to be done about this. Unless you want to spend weeks looking through 1000’s of generic tattoos, you need a way to pin point a tattoo art gallery that has the quality drawn tattoos we all want so badly. So, how can you do this? Well, you do it by using forums to your advantage. It might not sound like much of a plan, but it can make such a he difference in the type of tattoo art gallery you come across.

You see, big forums are loaded with millions of past topics. You can usually find tons of past topics on tattoos and related subjects here. This is like finding an untapped oil field in your backyard. This is where people chat back and forth about anything related to tattoos, including where they have found amazing artwork. You can find one underground tattoo art gallery after another this way. It’s these types of websites that take pride in having the best artwork possible. It’s as simple as that.

While the average person looks through some generic tattoo art gallery, you have the option to bypass that mess and look at the truly great artwork on the web.

Japanese Tattoo Art – History and Transitions

The Japanese tattoo art have gone a long way in such a way that it passed several transition period in the history of Japan. There are other names associated to the art of tattoo making. Irezumi means that a visible tattoo is covering the large part of your body, such as your back. If you are interested to adorn your body with Japanese tattoos, it would be ideal if you know also its history and meaning.

The Evolution of Japanese Tattoo Art

Early History

According to historians, the tattoo making in Japan was a strong influence by the Chinese culture. During the early years tattoo making is just a tradition done by Ainu people who used facial tattoos. When Buddhism became prevalent in Japan this form of body art had gained negative connotations because the tattoo is used to identify criminals as a form of punishment.

Edo Period

The tattoo making during the Edo period became a taboo to the Japanese culture because it is used by prostitutes. The yujos inked body art in their body to attract customers that is why tattoo has gained negative impact in the society.

Modern Japan

Due to the development and innovation in the society, the Japanese tattoo art has also developed. Nowadays, body art has gained popularity not only for younger people but the adults alike. For younger people they acquire this work of art just to keep in the fashion trend but for others they put tattoo in their body for some sentimental reasons. Upon knowing the transitions of tattoo art in Japan you will surely appreciate to have any of the designs and symbols inked in your body.

You can find different variety of tattoo art online and even in your local tattoo shop. If you are interested to learn this form of art you can buy books that could help you learn the techniques in tattoo making. Aside from enjoying the tattoo making it can help you obtain additional income by rendering service for body art. However, make sure that you know all the procedures and equipments used before you venture in tattoo making.

This form of body art lets you express yourself through the designs inked in your body. However, before you decide to pick one, it is ideal that you make wide choices. Likewise, it is also important that you determine what design would represent best your character and personality. Remember to select a design that has a meaning relevant in your life or has significance to you.

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