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Getting Introduced to Thai Food

Are you having a standard American dinner tonight? Bored with chicken, potatoes, salad and pasta? Thinking of Thai food but nah it seems hard to cook? Well, Thai food should be easy and quick to prepare. In Thailand, street food or food vendors are everywhere in a city or small town. There are all kinds of street food, appetizers, noodle soup, curry, desserts, fruits, etc. I would say this is our way of life in Thailand. It is common to find a very good food vendor, even better than a restaurant. Most street vendors in Thailand did not go to a culinary school. How do they make such yummy food? Mostly it is from helping in a kitchen.

As I mentioned, Thai food is prepared easily and quickly. Thai food is all about putting the right ingredients together. In America, finding a restaurant that serves authentic Thai food can be somewhat challenge especially if you are not living in a big city. I have been to many Thai restaurants in Oregon, and most of them offer Thai food that is very Americanized. Some dishes are way too far from the original Thai food except the name of the dish.

If you have not been to a Thai restaurant or eaten much Thai food before, going to your local Thai restaurant is an option to get acquainted with Thai dishes. Go with your friends so that you can try a variety of dishes. Also, using the Internet, you can find authentic Thai recipes. You might ask what kinds of elements define an authentic Thai recipe.

Ingredients make a difference. If a recipe requires lots of standard American vegetables, it is not likely to be a real Thai recipe. If you find a recipe that has lots of unrecognized names or something that is uncommon to find in the local grocery store, that might be it. For example, in Thailand, a green curry dish has four main vegetables: Thai eggplants, pea eggplants, kaffir lime leaves and Thai basil. Americanized green curry might have green beans, carrots, eggplants, or perhaps tomatoes.

If this is your first time to make a Thai dish, plan ahead. Find the dish you like on the Internet or in a Thai cookbook. Learn about the ingredients and visit either a local or online Asian grocery store. and are popular websites specializing in authentic Thai ingredients and products. They carry almost everything from flour, sauces, curry paste, noodles, cookware, fresh produce and vegetables.

Don’t be discouraged. Really, making Thai food is not too complicated. It is easy once you have and know your ingredients.

Another component is having the right cooking equipment. Many people say having a wok is a minimum requirement, but I would say it depends. It is a nice thing to have. If you have an electric stove, using a wok is not going to do much for some dishes. But if you have a gas stove, adding a wok in your kitchen could spice up your meals because of how gas stoves distribute heat. I have a wok at home but also an electric stove. So I do not really use my wok that much at all because with the electric stove, it does not distribute heat evenly to the side of the wok. Mortar and pestle are needed if you like to make your own paste. Many people find ways to use a food processor instead. It is certainly a substitute, but in my opinion, it does not deliver the same texture of paste.

When you are ready to cook, following your recipe directions is a good start. However, when it comes to taste, follow your own preference, given that taste varies from person to person. You will need to find your own balance for seasoning your dish. If the recipe tells you to add 2 tablespoons of fish sauce, add 1 tablespoon first. Taste it and see how you like it. If you would like more, then add more. As my mom always told me, “it is easier to fix the taste if you add little at the beginning. If you add too much at first, you might not be able to fix it.”

Thai cuisine is versatile and offers a range of flavors and textural variety. It is aesthetically pleasing, and there are many ways to make Thai cuisine part of an enjoyable culture experience. Cheers to Thai food!

What Makes Thai Food Popular?

Thai cuisine or Thai Food is one of the most celebrated dishes in the world because of its taste and nutritious value. Thai food became popular after World War II when Thailand become a favorite international tourist destination site for Americans and Britons. Its unique combination of exotic flavors and nice fragrances has widely contributed to a high international status. Take for example the famous Thai soup known as Tom Yum Goong which is a combination of prawn and mushrooms spiced up with lemongrass, galangal, chili, and lime. This soup can be served alongside any dish and still make the whole meal fantastic.

One of the major factors contributing to Thai food popularity is its availability in almost all major cities around the world such as London, Paris, Washington DC etc. A research showed that there is one Thai restaurant for every fifty people living in Seattle. Almost all towns have a dozen Thai Basil or Siam restaurants. In addition, these restaurants are located near or in malls making it an easy stop for consumers. The convenience where these restaurants are located has immensely contributed to their popularity. The difference in taste, flavor and uniqueness create mouthwatering meals for not only Americans but everyone from different cultural backgrounds. Most Thai restaurants are owned and operated by Thai people who good knowledge on Thai cuisine and culture as well as experience in making these delicious meals. Thai cuisine is served in plenty compared to other dishes. Large food portions are served to customers and hence people get filled without necessarily ordering numerous plates. This helps as one spends less and saves more ultimately becoming a preferred choice of cuisine. In addition, Thai cuisine is relatively cheap when compared to other cuisines.

If we take into consideration the high living expenses, one who would prefer to cut back on their eating budget will settle for Thai food. A normal Thai dish will go for approximately $10 This is another major factor driving up its popularity. We all know meat is a favorite delicacy to all who are not vegetarians. incorporates a lot of meat in their meals hence automatically becoming the most popular dish in the world. Their generosity in meat (especially fried meat) can be easily seen in their meals. The famous Thai deep fried spring rolls are a delicacy to many. Thai food serves large chunks of meat in their dishes take for example their spiced beef salad – Yam Nua. The flavors used in Thai food is way beyond the normal cuisines. The mixture is just the right degree neither hot enough or sour enough but entirely rich enough. Good news for those of us who fear vegetables, Thai has just the right quantity of spiced herbs certainly one of the reasons why it is loved. Thai foods are usually sweet (sugary and spicy) with an exception of a few being sour. The unique combinations of flavors and vegetables, as well as meat, gives rise to the authentic international Thai flavor we all love.

Miami Thai Restaurants

Tani Thai, located off of US 1, has been a local spot in Pinecrest for years. This restaurant is one of our favorite Thai restaurants because they serve the best Spicy Shrimp Soup and a delicious Shrimp Pad Thai. The staff is always friendly and provides excellent service.

Tani Thai’s Menu: Other mouth-watering dishes include the Volcano Chicken, which is a large portion that can be shared, and the Tani Steak, which is tender strips of beef marinated with herbs and spices.

Moon Thai, located close to the University of Miami in South Miami, features both Thai and Japanese Cuisine.

Moon Thai’s Menu: If you are in the mood for Thai cuisine, we recommend the Spring Rolls ($5.50) or Fresh Lettuce Wraps ($7.95) followed by the Panang Salmon ($16.95) or Kong Op Woon Sen ($12.95). From the Japanese Menu, we recommend ordering the Miami Hurricane Roll ($9.95) and a Sashimi Combinations ($16.95-$24.95).

Bangkok Bangkok, located in Coral Gables, is another favorite Thai restaurant in Miami. This Miami Thai restaurant has been serving the Coral Gables area for many years. Bangkok Bangkok is moderately priced and serves large portions. Their seafood dishes range from $12.95-$15.95 and other entrees are below $19.95.

Bangkok Bangkok’s menu: We suggest trying the Imperial Crispy Duck ($15.95). It is deep fried roasted duck served with a tangy sauce. It is very hard to find a great “crispy duck”, so it keeps us going back to Bangkok Bangkok.

Secret Ways To Find a Good Thai Restaurant

Sawadika to all the food lovers who have successfully found their way to this article. We all love exploring exotic places mostly for the sake of their indigenous food items. Sometimes it’s like a divine delight when you get to taste the refined flavors of any exotic meal. Among such food items that deliver heavenly pleasure is Thai food and the best way to enjoy any Thai food is to visit a Thai Cuisine (unless you are a native of Thai or know how to make Thai food). If you are on this page and curious to explore the secret information in this article to track down the best Thai Cuisine then we won’t beat about the bush unnecessarily and embark on our journey promptly.

Following secret methods (though some methods you might not find that secret) will surely satiate your hunger for Thai food:

• One of the topmost secret way which only few people know and resort to is to take assistance of Google maps. All you got to do is open the maps and search for Thai restaurants. In no time, you will be able to see almost every Thai restaurant in the area (Provided the restaurants are registered on the Google maps).

• Get in touch with the Thai community from your area. Though you might succeed in discovering some Thai restaurant but only a Thai person can tell you which particular restaurant provides you with indigenous food of Thailand.

• Ask the food lovers. Every group of individuals or a friend circle has some people who love exploring exotic places especially when it comes to food. Hunt down such an epicurean and have your purpose answered.

• Explore the pertinent applications on your phone or tab. Innumerous applications are available on the internet with almost every reputed and refined eating place on them. Using any such application also renders you with the luxury to opt for the various discounts and offers available on booking your order with any restaurant.

• I am sure you all have Facebook accounts. Well, this is about the time when you put it to some efficient use. Almost every business with a vision to expand is available on the internet and Thai restaurants are no exception. Search for the Thai Restaurants on Facebook and you will definitely find relevant places.

• People who are well familiar with Thai cuisine and have well refined taste for Thai food might not get if they seek anything in particular at any random restaurant. In this case, they should visit any Thai restaurant, inquire of their services and food items and probe accordingly to end up at the right place.

• Another not so well explored method is to search on the internet. Other than going for Google maps, Facebook, or any random application, one can also explore the websites of various Thai restaurants and get to know about relevant names found in one’s area.

Apart from the above mentioned secret ways, one may devise some methods of their own if they are looking for anything particular in Thai restaurant because not every Thai Cuisine will be offering sea food, non-vegetarian and vegetarian food item so before paying any Thai restaurant a visit, decide what kind of food you wish to enjoy and then choose the restaurant accordingly. This is all from our side on “Secret Ways to Find a Good Thai Restaurant”. When you visit any Thai restaurant next time using any of the methods, do let us know so that we also know that the article has succeeded on serving its purpose.

Ordering Thai Food Delivery Is Convenient

Sometimes you don’t feel like cooking, or you are just too busy to cook dinner. Maybe you are just in the mood for something special or different. It’s for just those reasons that food delivery services came into being.

Restaurants that offer the choice of food delivery to their customers are very popular. Customers like to be able to just call their favorite Thai restaurant and get Thai food delivery right to their door. Many restaurants offer the service. It’s possible to order everything from pizza to burgers to any kind of food at all for delivery.

Restaurants that offer a delivery service know that their customers want a way to get the foods that they want, but they don’t always want to go out to get it. It makes good sense, on many levels, for a Thai restaurant to offer Thai food delivery or for a pizza restaurant to deliver pizza to their customers.

Because a delivery service is all about convenience restaurants are doing everything they can to make sure that the ordering food is as easy as possible. Generally the restaurants take delivery orders over the phone. In this, as with most things, technology and the Internet have stepped in. Most restaurants have websites which give the customers the ability to place their order online. Ordering Thai food delivery, or any food delivery, online is good for the restaurant and good for the customer. One reason that it is good for the customer is that it is easy to prepay with a credit card. They can also easily set their delivery time for a later point, or even a later day. Ordering online is good for the restaurant because they don’t have to have an employee stop what they are doing to answer the phone. The order ends up in the restaurants system one the customer has place their order.

One of the nice things about ordering Thai food delivery is that the customer is able to get their favorite dish from the restaurant, and it will taste the same. So many times people have a favorite dish, and they try to recreate it at home. That attempt turns into a horrible failure, because it doesn’t take anything like it did at the restaurant. When a person get Thai food delivery they are getting the dish made by the same people and with the same recipe that it would have been had they ordered it in the restaurant. Some cuisines, like Thai, are hard for some people to cook, so if they want to have Thai food they have to get it from a restaurant, and Thai food delivery makes it easy for them to get the food that they really want.

Thai food delivery, or food delivery from any kind of restaurant, is a convenience that is very popular with customers. Restaurants use it because it’s a good way to build up their business and for them to get more customers.

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