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This form of packaging is probably used even more than cardboard for packing goods. It is widely used for packaging both consumer goods as well as in the manufacturing industry.

It is popular as it is cheap to produce and therefore to purchase. However it is not always easy to store, as a lot of the forms it is produced in cannot be compressed in anyway for storage.

This applies in particular to the white polystyrene that is used to protect a truly vast range of goods, from televisions, glassware, china, furniture, minor electrical goods etc. In the consumer market place if an item is sold in a box then the chances are that the packaging will contain this type of foam packing.

Polystyrene is used everywhere as it is highly shock absorbent, and can be made to fit around virtually any item. On the downside it is not a particularly green form of packaging.

It is also widely used in the manufacturing industry as packaging for parts and finished goods.

Another type of foam packaging widely used in both the consumer market and industry, are small foam chips. These are used a lot as they have the same shock absorbing properties as polystyrene when they are used in bulk as packaging in a box. However their unique point is they can just be poured in to fit around any type of goods. An example would be a Christmas hamper that might have twenty items packaged in it. There is no need to have moulded polystyrene when you can do the same job by just filling it with the foam chips.

These are several of the reasons why foam packaging is so popular.

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Tips on Packing For a Smooth Move

Before you start packing your belongings it is important that you make a proper plan for how you will pack the items properly.

Packing Dishes And Other Fragile Kitchenware

1. Use China Barrel: China barrel, also called dishpack, is a special kind of moving box that has inserts that prevent the dishes and other kitchenware from moving.

A Guide To Packing Materials

This is intended as very simple guide to packing materials. The packaging industry is simply huge, and there is a bewildering array of packaging options to choose from accordingly. The basic ones we commonly use day-to-day are:

Recycling Foam Packaging

Foam packaging is one of the most abundant things used for packing goods, as it is both lightweight and yet it has incredibly good shock resistant properties, which is why it is in such widespread use in industry.

Yet is not often recycled and often you will see a skip full of brand new white polystyrene foam at the back of a businesses premises, often all of it going to waste. Yet the same business may well be buying in huge amounts of foam packaging for shipping their own goods out in.

All it takes is a little thought to re-use foam packaging, after all you will find every good online auction seller re-using every bit of packaging they can, and indeed you may well do this at home. So why not do it at work?

Recycling foam packing can make a serious impact to your bottom line on the amount you spend on packaging. Not only that you can actually use the fact that you recycle a large proportion of your incoming packaging as a sales point.

Even pre-cut foam inserts can easily be re-used. All you need is a suitable shredder, and the next thing you know your foam insert is suddenly a pile of foam chips that you can use as packaging to send out your own goods in.

Not very many forms of foam are biodegradable as yet, and so the more we can re-use then the bigger impact we can make on our carbon footprint until truly biodegradable alternatives can be produced at the right price to replace current forms of foam packaging.

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Packing Advice

While hiring a top-notch removal Brisbane company is critical when it comes time to move, it's also smart to keep in mind that even the most experienced professionals have to deal with unplanned mishaps and other circumstances.

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Reusable Packaging Foams

We are all familiar with the one-time shipment packaging products available. Our computer monitors, laptops, and Televisions typically come in custom Styrofoam packaging. Basic packages might come with bubble wrap or messy shipping peanuts.

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Boxes For Moving – The Most Important Packing Supply

Moving- A Difficult Task: Moving to another location is never an easy task if you do not use boxes for moving. No matter how well planned and organized you are, how effectively you plan out your packing task and how early you begin with packing, you would still come across problems.


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