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Five Questions to Ask Your Wedding Makeup Artist to Know If She Is The One

So it’s time to choose a wedding makeup artist. Doesn’t it seem like there are a billion artists and a whole lot of pressure choosing the right one for your wedding? Well, this guide is the ultimate cheat sheet with five of the most critical questions to ask your potential wedding makeup artist before booking her.

1. Have you ever done makeup on someone with my skin condition?

At this point you probably already saw this makeup artists’ portfolio of past brides or past work (which is why you are contacting her in the first place). However, what did those clients look like without the makeup? Did they have acne, black marks, scars, bags under their eyes, wrinkles, freckles, or a birthmark? You want to know that this artist can conceal and contour real faces with real skin conditions. Some before-and-after pictures may give you a clear idea if this makeup artist can handle your unique skin conditions. Because let’s face it – a dab of lip gloss can make an already-beautiful model look even more fabulous, but a talented makeup artist can make her wrinkles disappear.

2. What are your wedding makeup artist fees? (All of them.)

How much is the total cost of wedding makeup services? Does that include a makeup trial? And how about taxes or gratuity? When do you pay? To whom? And how? Which types of payment methods are accepted? (Be wary if this makeup artist only deals with cash transactions.) Are there any hidden fees? Extra charges for extra services? Do you need to buy any products in advance? The answers to these questions will help you get a better idea of what you need to spend to get what you want on your wedding day. After all, you don’t want to break your budget over unforeseen wedding beauty expenses.

3. Do you have a service contract?

Nowadays, you need to get specific details of your agreement in writing – even if your wedding makeup artist happens to be your brother’s girlfriend’s best friend. A clear outline of services could ease your fears and prevent any unpleasant surprises on your wedding day.

4. Could I get a makeup trial?

Of course you can, and you should! However, this question should really be, “how does the makeup trial work”. You need to know how far in advanced could it be booked and how can you schedule one. At which location would the trial be? And who can you schedule it for? If you need a makeup trial for your maid of honor too, then you should ask this artist if she is willing to give you one. If she’s not willing to be flexible, then this might be a deal breaker.

Wait – there’s more. Have you stopped to think about who else may be at your makeup trial? Could friends or family attend your makeup trial? And on the flip side, who would this makeup artist bring with her to your wedding makeup trial? Beauty is important – but safety is first.

5. Would you be the same one who is doing my makeup on my wedding day?

This is HUGE! The last thing you need is to have Naomi do your wedding makeup trial and Jessica showing up on your wedding day to do your bridal makeup. Oh, hell no. That’s a recipe for disaster.

The beautician who did your makeup trial should be the same one doing your wedding day makeup. Period. This is the only way you would know exactly what you are getting on your wedding day. Ask your wedding makeup artist if they will be working at any other event on your wedding day, and if so how many? Find out what would happen if your makeup artist have an emergency on your wedding day and cannot make the appointment.

So there you have it – the five main questions to ask your wedding makeup artist to decide if she’s really “the one”. If you do a little bit of prep work beforehand, your wedding day makeup artist would be one less thing to worry about.

Simple Wedding Makeup Guidelines

Some brides-to-be who are sort of adept in make-up application may choose to do their own wedding makeup instead of hiring a professional hair and makeup artist. This can be a good way to save money but may turn out disastrous if the proper blend and combination of makeup colors is not achieved. Or if the cosmetics are not properly applied. So if you are one of those brides who plan on a DIY makeup, make sure to do enough practice before your wedding day and keep in mind these few guidelines.

  • The base is the most essential part of the makeup. This is held liable for most makeup gaffes. When selecting your foundation, pick a shade that is closest or best possible match to your skin tone. In addition, use good concealer and bronzer. You need to start the process by applying a creamy foundation to your face then seal it with a powdery one. Get your concealer and dab some on spots you want to hide. After two to three strokes, thy concealer shade should have already blended with the foundation. Afterwards wipe some more of the powder foundation on your ears, chest and neck to create a uniform color. With a foundation brush, work the foundation properly around your jaw line towards the neck. To accomplish an effect of glowing skin, use a tiny amount of the bronzer of the facial T-zone.
  • The next step in the makeup application is one that involves the cheek makeup. Remember that the blush should appear natural and so a proper shade (like pinky peach or rose) must be applied starting from the cheek’s apple and towards the temple. Remove excess blush with a clean makeup sponge. For oily skin, powder blush is recommended while if the skin tends to be dry, then a cream blush would be good in providing a moist natural glow to the cheeks.
  • Next is the makeup for the eye. Hide your dark circles by lightly applying peachy pink eye shadow then daub a concealer over it. If you would like to use fake eyelashes, first apply a mascara on your eyelashes before placing it on your lashes. Once the fake lashes is in place, apply another mascara stroke. Soft shimmering shades must be used on the brow bones or nude shades for makeup. A bit darker shade is to be applied on the eye crease and must be blended well with the previously applied shade. Brown mascara can make the eye look tired so instead choose black or a navy blue. To enhance the eyes, apply a highlighter just below the brow bone (or on the eyelashes’ center mixed with a shade of brown. Make sure too to use water proof makeup so it would not run off in case you can’t help the tears from rolling. Shape the brows perfectly to achieve the most gorgeous eye makeup.

As for the lips, keep it moisturized days before the wedding. Select a shade that is complimentary to the rest of your makeup, outline your lips and fill your entire lips with your lip makeup. Don’t forget to blot and even it out with a tissue, then apply some balm or primer before reapplying the lipstick. Apply some lip gloss afterwards.

Wedding Makeup Artist

Wedding is the most auspicious day in a bride’s life. She wants to look extraordinary beautiful on her wedding day. Bridal makeup can help you to get the desired looks on your special day. You should choose the best wedding makeup artist to get the desired look. Experience and perfect skills of a makeup artists can help you to get the desired results. A wedding artist can help you to look simple and beautiful by applying the right makeup techniques. There are some artists who do not know the right techniques and they just cover your face with several layers of makeup that affect your natural looks badly. Therefore, it is very important to choose the best wedding makeup artists.

You have to start looking for your wedding artist months before your wedding. You have to do a complete analysis of your skin so that he can provide the best makeup. A good artist is one who inspects your skin and asks you several questions before choosing the right makeup techniques that he can use on your face. He may test different cosmetic products on your skin to choose the right products for your wedding day.

He will provide the treatment according to your skin type. He will prepare your skin for your wedding day so that you can look naturally beautiful. He will choose the best facial creams, moisturizers and other cosmetics to clean your face. After testing different products you can choose which ones are the best for your skin.

You should show your wedding costume and other jewellery that you will wear on your wedding day. This will help your makeup artist to decide the suitable hairstyle and other techniques that he can use on your face to make you look the best. A professional and skilled artist possesses necessary skills and training to provide the best features to your skin. They know how to highlight the prominent features and how to hide the imperfections from your skin. A professional makeup artist will examine your skin to ensure the best applications. They also offer a trial makeup before your wedding day so that he can choose the best makeup for your skin on your wedding day.

You can make your wedding a memorable event by choosing the best wedding makeup artist. You have to put some efforts in choosing the right makeup artist. You have to do research on the internet and meet different artists to select the most appropriate artist for your wedding.

Top 3 Wedding Makeup Tips

I’ve done a few wedding makeup jobs in my time, as a makeup enthusiast its one of my favorite things to do. Before I did my first makeup job for a friend’s wedding, I made sure to get some sound advice from makeup artists on the best wedding makeup tips for the most beautiful bridal makeup.

Tip 1:

Less is not necessarily more, but bridal makeup does have to be a bit heavier than every day makeup simply because it needs to photograph well. This doesn’t mean that you go overboard and slap it all over your face, but knowing where to put the ‘more’ is the key:

  • Eyes – use “light-catching” eye-shadow (frosty colors are best) at the brow-bone arch, the centre of the eye-lid and the corner of the eye. This will create an optical illusion that the eye is fuller, wider and more defined.
  • Lips – another optical illusion for a pouty lip is the use the same highlight for the eyes in the centre of the lips. Simply press the shadow with a finger into the lipstick – this will not add color, but it will catch the light. You can also contour the lips by using a slightly darker tone in the corners of the mouth which will accentuate the pouty look.

Tip 2:

The best wedding makeup tip I’ve ever come across is to use an airbrush makeup foundation. There are major benefits from airbrushing which really have to be seen to be believed. Not only is the coverage supreme, but the products are really long lasting. Your makeup won’t budge throughout the entire wedding, reception or that one on one time with the new hubby! (Every bride’s dream) Contouring can also be done very easily with an airbrush and it often looks much more realistic than when done manually.

Tip 3:

Steer clear of red lips. Not only do neutral and pink colors look more subtle, but red lips are more likely to kiss-off and smudge. They can also make teeth look yellow. (gasp) The one thing I know is that brides want to look like the best version of themselves and they don’t want to have so much makeup on that they look like a complete stranger. You certainly don’t want to have to spend an hour taking off loads of caked-on makeup on your wedding night.

The Best Wedding Makeup Tips

Some women possess natural beauty while others are less fortunate. However, a great difference can be made during the wedding day. Brides should look their best whether they have dark skin or fair skin, fat or thin, and tall or short. The wrong makeup can make you look too mature but with the best wedding makeup tips, you are sure to look your best on your big event.

On this special day, you have to look like a super model. Your make up should stay on the whole day and since photos are taken from different angles, you should look natural and beautiful. Brides and grooms usually spend a lot of time in choosing the wedding ring, flowers, hairstyle, and dresses but makeup is often overlooked. It would be best to hire a makeup artist instead of doing it yourself. Schedule for an appointment and the before the big event, applying the complete makeup can be tested out.

Remember that the makeup should go well with your wedding dress. On the consultation, you have to bring pictures of the makeup colors that you want and a copy of your wedding dress. You can also ask the artist about the appropriate colors that will suit your style and skin tone. Oftentimes, the experts know what’ best but if you’re not comfortable with the colors, tell the artist so that it can be adjusted or changed. Arrange for the makeup rehearsal so that the right looks can be achieved.

Some women prefer the use of makeup with minerals and since you’re going to have the makeup all day long, it pays to use the ones with safer ingredients. Learn from the experience of other brides who looked like ghosts during their wedding. Adequate preparation should be observed and with the use of the wedding makeup tips, you will surely look your best.

Hiring a professional is the best option but this may entail additional cost on your part. Still, if you want to look flawless all day long and you want your groom to fall in love with you even more, get a makeup artist and follow the wedding makeup tips.

11 Useful Tips For Wedding Makeup

Every woman knows how important the bridal makeup is. The choice of make-up should reflect your taste and style as it is not only about wearing an ivory evening dress, but it is also good to give some space to the specialist you are entrusted with. It may be that the makeup will give you more value than you imagine.

However, it happens to see women with fashionable, overlooked and unnatural maquillage: unforgivable mistakes, especially in the day of the wedding. Shaking your own style is never a good idea.

If you are also getting married, here’s some useful advice on getting a perfect wedding makeup for “yes”..

Get started soon
Once the wedding date is set and the location is chosen, in addition to the quest of the wedding dress. It is also necessary to focus on the tattoo and wig specialists. Better not risk, even better ones are booked several months in advance. If you do not know how to choose then ask some friend who has recently got married.

Do research
Before presenting yourself to the beauty salon, look for some inspiration in fashion magazines or photos of some red carpet or special event. Perhaps a Hollywood look seems to you to be exaggerated, but it’s always good to have a starting point for your wedding make-up.

Present yourself to the test dressed in Ivory color wedding dress
It seems trivial, but it is not a detail to which everyone thinks. Appearing to the wedding dress with ivory dress (possibly of the same shade as the chosen dress) is crucial, as it will help you understand how the make-up will work for your big day. If you have the veil, bring that one or one of the test to see the general effect that can also be viewed in Ivory lace dress for wedding.

The test of bridal makeup? With her hair picked up
Even if you think you do not collect hair for your wedding, you need to go to the test with your free face, to better understand the effect on your facial features. In this regard, we suggest you go to the make-up artist with curly eyebrows and fresh face of anaesthetist.

Do not forget your favorite products
Do you have a lipstick preferred? Take it to the make-up artist and ask to use it or keep it as a reference for your bridal maquillage.

Fake eyelashes? Yes thanks
Even if you have never used it throughout your life, let yourself be tempted by fake eyelashes. Provided they are not too vivid and of great quality. And the mascara must be strictly waterproof, to withstand a tear river and be perfect throughout the ceremony and above all for the photographs.

The choice of the brush
One way to understand which blush nuance is best suited to you? Choose a shade that suits your lips. Additionally, a good advice is to apply a greater amount than you need. The reason? It does not stand out in the photos. Then retouch it during the day.

Glorify the lips
Red lipstick is not banned by the colors of this season’s bridal look. If you want to dare, do it. For all the other, the top shades for a bridal look remain the same, the soft and delicate ones like pink and bare. To give a touch of light choose the glossy variant that goes well with your ivory lace cocktail dress for any occasion.

Take photos and take notes
The emotion of the test of bridal makeup could play bad jokes. That’s why it’s best to document as much as possible the make-up session, with photos and notes of each used product. Very important: look and photograph both with natural light and inside a room.

Put everything black on white
To avoid any nasty surprises, ask the makeup artist to sign a contract or write in writing all that you need and especially the agreed price. It will help you to have no bad surprises on the wedding day!

Just think about yourself
Some makeup / makeup might try to convince you to use a makeup that you do not like. Remember that the final choice is just for you and that it does not count on modes or excesses, the important thing is that you are beautiful and the end result is elegant and refined.

Fresh Wedding Makeup Ideas

To achieve the flawless radiance that every bride wants, you need to have great makeup. The trend right now going into autumn is for slightly more dramatic eyes than in the summer or a bolder lip color. The results are a sophisticated elegance that will make you look incredible. Find out how to pull it off with these fresh wedding makeup ideas.

Choosing the cosmetics for your wedding is likely to come way down on your to-do list after choosing your wedding dress, veil, hairstyle, modern or vintage bridal jewelry, and so on. That said, everyone will be looking at the bride’s face, so makeup is really quite important. The key is to select the colors and style that suit your complexion and the overall flavor of your wedding attire and location. The general trend for fall is makeup that is timeless and sophisticated, rather than beachy or bohemian.

A very chic look for brides right now is red lipstick. It is a timeless color, very ladylike, and also a bit bold. Nothing exudes confidence more than a great red lipstick! Start by choosing the perfect shade of red for your skin tone. Typically people with warm undertones look best with an orangey-red color, while women with cool undertones should opt for a blueish-red. Go to the cosmetic counter at your favorite department store and work with a beauty consultant to find your perfect shade of red. The trick to achieving staying power with a bold lip color is using a neutral lipliner to color in your lips (not just around the edges). Then apply the lipstick, blot, dust lightly with powder, apply lipstick again, and gently blot. The result will be sultry red lips that last through lots of kisses.

Purple is an absolutely huge color for fall 2011 weddings, and this is even true for bridal makeup. A gorgeous look is to create a smoky eye using shades of purple instead of black. Shades of plum look great with almost any eye color. Rich purple hues will bring out the green in hazel eyes, set off baby blues, or enhance brown eyes. Keep the plummy tones above the eyes to avoid accidentally creating the look of purplish circles under the eyes. Pair it with a wine colored lipstick to complete the look. This is a beautiful color palette for an evening wedding. It would also look wonderful for a bride wearing a Jazz Age gown with vintage inspired bridal jewelry.

If dark lipstick isn’t your thing, then head for the other big trend for wedding makeup: lots of eyelashes. You can create a look that is both chic and understated (and perhaps even a bit French!) by emphasizing your lashes and wearing a neutral lipstick. The trick is to line the eyes with black liquid eyeliner. Then have your makeup artist fill out your natural eyelashes with false eyelashes. Believe it or not, false lashes do not have to look obviously fake. Glue single lashes in place along the outer edges of the eyes rather than using a full strip to achieve a fabulous yet believable effect. Finish with a couple coats of your favorite waterproof mascara. Your eyes will look incredible in the wedding pictures.

One more lovely look for brides is a soft gray smoky eye worn with pink lipstick. The gray tones are less harsh than a black smoky eye, and when paired with feminine pink lips, the effects are almost angelic. This is a lovely makeup plan for the bride who wants to achieve a youthful yet sophisticated look for her wedding day. When you have the perfect makeup, you will look simply gorgeous for your wedding.

Bridal Wedding Makeup

Bridal wedding makeup can be the difference between a disaster bridal look and the perfect blushing bride.

The key to any bridal makeup is starting with a good base. Wedding makeup needs to breathe, to last, and to look flawless. One of the best ways of achieving this for bridal foundation is by using an airbrush-while it may seem like a new ‘fandangle’ technology, airbrushing has been used for years in the film and television industry to make celebrities and personalities look great-so why not you on your wedding day?

Bridal foundation is a little different that normal foundation in that it needs a few extra contour lines done to make sure the bride’s face is not dimensionless in the photographs-this contouring is also best done with an airbrush, as it gives the most naturally looking contour lines, much more blended and seamless than manually applying contouring.

Bridal Wedding makeup also needs to draw attention equally on the face-this means a balance between eyes, lips and brows. This does not mean that if you want heavy eye makeup you also have to have fire engine red lips-but it means that a lip color should be chosen that has some relationship to the eye colors, and will not be subsumed by the intensity.

Highlighting is another key for bridal wedding makeup. There are six parts of the face that need highlighting. Cheek bones are the obvious ones, but the center of the nose is another – although a pearly or reflective highlight should be avoided for the nose. One the eyes, the arch of the brow bone, the center of the lid and the inner corner of the eye should all have the same highlight color (usually a pearl) applied – this not only brightens the eye, but give dimension in photographs. Lastly is the lips. The same highlight used on the eyes can be taken on a finger and pressed onto the center of the lips-this will not be visible to the eye, but it will attract light, and make the lips appear fuller.

Bridal wedding makeup really wouldn’t be complete without some false lashes – some women are turned off by the thought of a full set because they think it looks too overdone, but a couple of well-placed single lashes along the outer corner of the upper lid do wonders for opening up the eye and really giving eyes and added oomph.

The most important thing to remember is to enhance the brides natural features – Bridal wedding makeup shouldn’t make the bride unrecognizable, after all, her husband to be wants to be able to recognize her at the altar!

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