Wedding Photo Album

Wedding Photo Album is a Must For a Memorable Wedding

Just like many areas of weddings generally, the traditional wedding photo album still has a strong presence in ‘yesteryear’ but things are changing with more modern versions starting to appear. The modern photo albums contain portraits of the bride alone with her dress arranged for the picture; her mother’s album probably has a similar picture and there may even be a close resemblance. Most photographers will then find a special location after the ceremony to take some warm pictures of the married couple together for the album after the service.

Next of the photos you will find in a modern wedding photo album will be one with the wedding party dressed in their finery. The whole group is made up of friends and family of the bride and groom; there is probably a very similar picture in their parent’s album. Next the images of the bride with her bridesmaids and other attendants that helped her on the day.

Of course you cannot leave the groom out and his pictures with all his family members then once that is complete the bride will go through the same procedure. The wedding photo album will also be presented so as to complement the service with a fancy cover and expensive laid inner pages with covers over each image. Wedding photo albums will normally be in white with traditional decoration in the form of wedding bells and horseshoes; usually embossed to enhance the appearance further.

Wedding albums are normally a combination of white with silver trim which are the traditional colors associated with weddings with the images arranged in a way to capture attention. It may be a long while before physical albums are replaced but a more permanent record of the day can now be shown on a cd rom or dvd which most wedding photographers are able to supply themselves. With digital media so inexpensive these days you can almost guarantee that the whole album will be available on a disc which can contain every image at a fraction of the cost.

These are easily sent to the guests so everyone gets a copy, and the computer discs are much easier to store than the traditional wedding photo albums. It is just as easy then for guests to look at the photos at their own leisure and have copies of their favorite shots printed off whenever they wish. As modern technology allows even the newer digital photo frames will become more commonplace, where photos like this can be viewed at random.

Choosing The Right Wedding Photo Album To Treasure Your Special Wedding Moments

Photographs are just simply very important in a wedding. Every couple would hire a professional photographer to take pictures during the wedding event, and because every picture is significant, there’s nothing more ideal than to keep them in a nice wedding photo album. There are plenty of variety for wedding photo albums in the market today. There are also plenty of ways on how to choose the right one to treasure your special wedding moments. Read this article for you to be able to select what’s right from a line of beautiful choices to choose from.

Flush Mount Wedding Albums -these are usually crafted with hard covers and board-type pages that don’t bend. Basically, the photos are dry mounted on cardboards and extended across the whole page. Depending on your choice, you can have your flush mount album combined with a high quality of printing, which is an excellent idea.

Montage Wedding Albums -these albums are designed just like fashion magazines, but depending on the designer and your personal taste, these may vary. The layout for a montage album is usually designed using custom images or templates ton the computer. If you are looking for a couture-like style of photo keepsake, consider a Montage wedding album in keeping precious memories of your big day.

Digital Wedding Albums -these albums are hi-tech ones that display digitally printed photos. One of the best things about these albums is that designers can add digital effects such as transitions to the digital presentation of the photographs.

Coffee Table Wedding Books -these are meant to be displayed on a coffee table for guests to view. A coffee table wedding book is typically over-sized and expensive. The quality of these books depend on the special paper that is used.

Storybook Wedding Albums -on the name itself, you need to organize the photos in a chronological order along with a story behind them. Any wedding album can actually be a storybook wedding album.

Matted Wedding Albums – these come in frames, in which a photo is hand-mounted. Whether your photo is digitally or conventionally printed, you can have it placed nicely in a matted album and change it if you want. These albums are often considered as traditional albums.

Self-mounted Wedding Albums – these are also another traditional options created with wedding photos that you can mount manually. You can purchase this traditional photo album at a cheaper price. Many people find self-mounted photo albums easy to construct, but don’t last long.

You can easily find a wide variety of wedding albums by simply browsing through the Internet. Most online stores that carry wedding supplies and bridal accessories, including picture frames and albums often offer a personalize service to make a wedding album more personalized. Names, monograms, wedding date, and messages can be included on a personalized wedding album. There are other simple choices which you can give as wedding attendant gifts and gifts for parents.

Refreshing Your Wedding Photo Album

Whether you’ve been married for five years or twenty there’s a good chance that you have a wedding photo album that could be in need of a little lift. No matter how well you look after them, photo albums do have a tendency to become slightly damaged. Old paper prints can fade over time while well leafed wedding albums can lead to crumpled or creased photographs as well as damage to the album itself. Thankfully, there are several great methods to update your existing wedding album.

A replacement wedding album is the obvious solution. Modern albums are more rigid and resilient to damage and they offer similar mounting options too. Simply apply the mounting material and then stick each photograph into the album. More modern wedding albums and photo albums can even be customised so that the front cover includes a caption and even a photograph of your choice. This means you can include your main wedding photo along with names and the date when you got married.

Photo books make a good looking and even less troublesome alternative. With no need to mount your own photographs, you can have tens of photographs printed directly onto satin 160gsm art paper with no frames or borders around the images that you choose. Every page can be customised and you get to choose the layout. Again, the front cover of the photo book can normally be customised and some services offer excellent quality, hand bound photo books with corner protectors and other functional and aesthetic additions.

Create a photo montage from a selection of your favourite wedding photos. This montage can then be added to any of a range of personalised photo items and personalised photo gifts; while it may not completely replace the traditional photo album or wedding album it can create a highly unique and great looking personalised gift that can be given for anniversaries or kept for your own sake.

Old wedding photo albums can become jaded but it’s unlikely that the older ones will be accompanied by digital photographs. Fortunately, some personalized gift services are able to scan a high quality version of your images so that they can still be added to a new photo album or photo book, or converted into a photo montage and added to any other personalized photo item.

Wedding Photo Albums – Certain Important Facts and Useful Tips

A wedding is the most important occasion in everyone’s life. Each of us would want to frame those moments and cherish them forever. It is therefore very important that you choose the right means to preserve those moments. Wedding photo albums which are professionally designed are a great way to preserve your most precious wedding photos. Read on for a few great tips and basic facts you ought to know before you choose your wedding albums.

Satin covers are normally used in well designed and professional wedding photo albums. They help in preserving the photos and also ensure that they do not wear away over time. Satin covers are long-lasting and therefore preferred. It is also equally important that the pages are made of a good material. The ivory shaded Italian paper is normally found on wedding photo albums.

You can choose a good photo for the cover page. Either the same can be displayed on the front as well as the back or you can opt for different display pictures on each side. Also ensure that the positioning of photos is done in the right sequential manner. This is utmost important and do take care to avoid goof ups here.

You can personalize your wedding album by choosing nice background images and incorporating romantic wordings as descriptions for your photos. Heart shaped designs can be embedded on the pages to signify the romantic occasion.

Most people prefer printing their photos on the albums rather than sticking the hard copy images. This looks good and also ensures durability of your photos. Hard copy photos tend to fade away over time and can also get torn with rough usage. Printing your photos would obviously cost you a tad more but they are certainly worth it. These photos are printed using a chemical process. They are of a very good quality and have a great resolution. Printed photos are also lighter as compared to the bulky albums wherein each photo is stuck into manually. After all no one would like compromising when it comes to wedding albums.

Having your photos printed also gives you a lot of room for customization. You would be free to specify your requirements and ensure that the album is customized to suit your specifications.

You can also ask your friends and loved ones to leave their comments on your album pages. This would take the personalizing a step further and help you preserve all the good wishes that come your way!

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