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10 Tips for Great Wedding Pictures

Every once in a while people ask me about how I get those nice wedding photographs and if I could maybe give some advice. Since I have been to quite a few weddings in my line of work, and since I’ve got this blog now, I would like to share a few tips on how to shoot great and unique pictures on a wedding.

Before I start, let me put this up front: I am not a Pro, and none of these tips are chiseled in stone. They are from my own experience. I’m not saying I know all about wedding photography,far from it, but I have learned a few things which I am going to part with now.

1. Don’t Panic

Lots of weddings carry the potential of nervousness, because lots of things are out of your hands and beyond your control. Be ready to face new situations and react to them quickly. But hey, don’t panic! Just make sure you give it your “best shot”! And even if the weather does not always play along, you can still shoot good pictures! Cool is the rule!

2. Planing, planing, planing….

Make it a rule to take your time and sit with the wedding couple for a cup of coffee. Go through the whole event with them and write down a time-table. Important times would be  the arrival of groom or bride, beginning of the ceremony etc. You need to know when and where what is going to happen! Ask them how many guests are on the roll, and which locations are more important to them and which aren’t. Make sure you write all this down. This will give you and the wedding couple a sense of security. They will know you’ve got them covered right and they can relax, which is exactly how you want them to be.

3. Travelling light

At weddings I carry 2 bags with me, a large rucksack and a shoulder bag with my two cameras and flash. I usually carry just the shoulder bag during the day and if I need something extra, it’s just around the corner. This way I am mobile. If you carry all your gear in a rucksack, you’ll need to put it down, open the fly and rummage through the contents, loosing a lot to time in the process. No, the rucksack stays in the car, and if I do need something, it’s just a quick trip to the car and that’s it. Your main stuff will be in the Carry All right with you.

4. 50mm

I must have mentioned this already, but especially at a wedding, there’s no way around your 50mm 1.8 lens. Why’s that? When you’re shooting in a church, for instance, you just can’t clip on your flash and flash the ceiling, cause ceilings in churches might be way up there! So, I need to shoot with as much light as possible, which demands a 50mm with a shutter speed of 1.8. In my book the 50 has just about the right focal width for wedding pictures and it feels just right with me. That’s probably because I’ve used it many times on events like that and it seems to get me great results.

5. Move around

Don’t just stand in a corner and wait for the right moment to come. Weddings are volatile and full of action. Especially when you’re using a fixed 50mm focus, you can’t zoom and you need to be positioned at the right spots all the time. I a church you will want to tread lightly, though, and move with care. You don’t want to step on the bride’s toes while they are exchanging rings, do you. Don’t make a fuss and draw too much attention, either. Blend in. After the church ceremony, everything goes again.

6. Absolutely No “Cheese”!

Unless you’re doing official outdoor shooting or group photos with the couple and maybe friends and relatives, I never tell the couple (or anyone else, for that matter) which way to look and how to look. That’s a NoGo! You might want to talk about this right up front. People usually love to hear this, because it lets them enjoy the show without having to look artificially pleased all the time.

7. Parents, important relatives and other VIPs

Most of the time pictures of parents, great-parents and other important guests are a Must. Many times this will not be talked about up front, because the wedding couple will take this for granted. But you will need to know beforehand, who the parents or great-parents are and “who is who” in general. By the way: You should not put pictures of relatives on the internet or your blog, unless you got their permit to do so!

8. Using your flash

I like my flash, if using it makes good sense. You might want to use your flash extensively while shooting outdoors, to add a little kick maybe. Since I usually work all by myself and without an assistant, I’ll ask the limo driver or one of the kids around to hold the flash for me or any innocent bystander that seems capable enough. Give them a quick intro on how this thing works and let them be part of the show. This way you can make very nice pictures even without an assistant. While indoors at the party I usually just put the flash onto my camera and point it at the ceiling or direct. While flashing direct, I will usually adjust to a longer shutter speed and quickly move the camera along an arch.

9. Black and White

Just like the famous Jim Rakete said: Black and White takes the time factor out of a picture. Now everybody knows the pictures have been taken like 2 weeks ago, but still, black and white makes for timeless images. Black and white is a lot more than just “turning off colour”. Give it a try and sort of play around with the issue so you know what you’re doing.

10. Be creative

On weddings there are certain photos which you must take and this is all right. But you can still use your imagination, even on weddings, and shoot from unusual positions and angles. Try something new every time. This adds to the fun-factor and will add extra juice to your results. Forget your rules for a while and go for unknown territories. Some of these pictures will be excellent and some you will have to dump, but that’s life.

Tips For Great Wedding Pictures

Wedding pictures are invaluable to a couple that is getting married. Most couples spend much money in hiring a reputable photographer to take their photos. The photographer has to get many shots and take them within a short time. One should not obstruct him or take on the side, while the photographer is taking other pictures at the other end of the room. One should also not take wedding pictures if they cannot produce quality pictures. Meant to last a long time and their quality will go a long way in ensuring that they are still impressive many years down the line.

In order to get impressive a Toronto photographer has to get the group whose picture is being taken and put them in a certain area to ensure they get the best shot possible. Another tip for great wedding photos is lighting. The Toronto photographer should ensure there is ample light when taking the photos. This will improve the quality. The background also affects great wedding pictures. A beautiful background will accentuate the picture and make it look more appealing and beautiful. It is also wise to coordinate colors. If the background is dark, the people in the picture should have light colored clothes. This will create a shadowing effect on the picture making it look more impressive.

If one wants to capture the cherished moments like the first kiss, the slipping of the wedding ring, and the memorabilia that is part of wedding pictures, one should be in a position to do so. The wedding photographer should sit or stand where he or she can see every part of the scene. The most important people at the ceremony are the bride and groom and they should be the focus of the wedding pictures. Move close. The best pictures are portraits. If one wants to photograph people or couples dancing, have them pose for a second then photograph them. Give a group of people a moment to compose themselves if one wants to take a photo of them. When taking wedding photos of family members, have them show affection towards one another by putting their arms around each other.

While one would like to take a wedding photo of moments like the bouquet throwing, toasting and cake cutting, it may be more interesting to take wedding pictures of reactions of the guests at the wedding ceremony. Such moments will be harder to capture and so those particular will be more cherished and appreciated. This can be pictures of friends, family members or even the wedding couple.

In Toronto weddings, the Toronto photographers usually help people in capturing and creating their dreams. These photographers approach a Toronto wedding in either a traditional manner or a photo journalistic manner. Others use both methods. This makes the photos have a broader look and therefore have a lasting and impressive look.

10 Important Tips on How to Get Great Wedding Pictures!

Book wedding photographer early – The best ones are hard to get and may have bookings over a year in advance. (book 6-12 month prior to wedding)

Never order the photographer by phone. Meat him/her and get a first hand impression of the photographer. Remember the personal chemistry between you and the photographer is important in making you feel free and relaxed. This will again show in the pictures.

Pick 3-4 interesting photographers in the area you are getting married.
Surf their web sites. If you are having a theme wedding check if they have experience doing the theme wedding you are planning.
Look for sample pictures made at earlier wedding. Be extra observant on the picture quality. Make sure the sample photos are taken by the same person coming to your wedding.
And finally – what is your overall feeling. Do you think the photographers style and personal touch will match your wedding picture ideas?

Ask for references and use them. Only through firsthand info from other brides will you get real objective critics.

If you have a clear plan on how you want the pictures to be – stick to that plan. Don’t let other people push you into anything else unless you feel their advice is genuinely a better choice.

Use the pre meetings at the photographer well. It is here you lay it all out for him/her. Tell him/her your wishes and ideas for the wedding photos. Bee clear on you wishes.

Be aware of the different photo styles and expressions common at wedding of today. .Would you like it classical and simple (black and white pictures could be a great idea.) or maybe big, fluffy and romantic( go with large to everything and prepare yourself for a rollercoaster.)

During the photo session it is important that you relax. Be in the moment and focus on each other. Be playful and daring – Remember it is emotions that make a good wedding picture. Don’t get stuck up in thinking about how you appear and how the pictures are going to look. THAT is the photographer’s job.

Sit down with your love one after the wedding and look through the 100 to 150 different pictures taken ( the standard number of pictures photographers take at a wedding session)
Look through them several times – put them away and look at them again.
Let the Groom pick his favourite picture of the bride and vice versa. Take chances and dare to choose untraditional wedding photos.

Have in mind that it is usually not a problem to choose 2 or 3 different pictures styles for the thank you card. This makes it easier to customize the picture cards you send to your family and you know everyone gets a wedding picture that fits them.

I wish you the best for the happy day and all your days to come!

How to Make Sure Your Wedding Pictures Are Perfect

We know that people have spent much time preparing and organizing their wedding. However, no matter how much time and money you spent for that important celebration, the event will still fly by. To remember those important moments in your life, you need to ensure that you have a photographer that will take great of moments during the event. This will help you preserve some important events of the entire celebration. Although conventional pictures are still well-known nowadays, a wife to be always wants to have unique and perfect shots. Below are some of the suggestions on how to make your wedding pictures unique.

One of the ways to make your wedding picture perfect and fun is using props. This will make the pictures more than a natural image. You can also apply your preferences when doing and adding props. In case both of you love travelling, you can take pictures having colorful and class suitcases. This time you can make pictures which reflect your own personality. There are times that rains attack your wedding celebration. In case it happens, you can still take beautiful pictures with the groom holding the umbrella. You can also use the scenery around your wedding venue.

The actual period in which your wedding day happens can have a terrific effect on your colours, concept and also pictures. In case you are experiencing a winter wedding ceremony, taking pictures close to fire places, Xmas trees or perhaps white-colored lighting could aid improve the holiday disposition. Autumn offers wonderful background objects of colourful trees, while summer and spring flowers help make great props and also panorama. Make use of your environment to your great advantage. Many places are great throughout the summer season than they’re during the winter season, and several places are gorgeous year-round. Artistically utilizing your surroundings can help your pictures shine, making them more remarkable.

Be sure to inquire your wedding photographer to take authentic pictures at your wedding day. Although posed photographs of your loved ones are wonderful souvenirs to have, the authentic photographs will truly catch the sensation as well as celebration of your wedding ceremony. Capturing moments in which your invited guests are having a laugh, grooving, embracing or perhaps weeping will offer much more distinctive and remarkable photographs. Great professional photographers are able to blend authentic and also posed pictures, catching the disposition and also enjoyment during your whole wedding ceremony.

When selecting your professional photographer, make sure to talk about all your suggestions and also alternatives before the special day occurs. You need to tell her or him about all the things that need to be included in every picture like the exchanging of vows, the wedding entourage, and the witnesses and principal sponsors. Furthermore, don’t forget also to inform your photographer to include the presiding minister and his servers when capturing photos during the ceremony. Including the minister can be a great additional to your wedding pictures. Your professional photographer must cooperate with you during the entire preparing process to produce the perfect pictures on your wedding ceremony.

5 Must Know Wedding Pictures Tips

As the old adage goes, “Pictures are worth a thousand words.” This is especially true and applicable to wedding pictures.

Normally, wedding pictures are photographs of the scenes from the wedding. Most of them are focused on the bride and the group.

However, what people do not know is that wedding pictures are not just mere solid representation of what had transpired during the event. Wedding pictures are more of a memorabilia of the wonderful moments that the couple had long been wanting to have.

And with wedding pictures always available for their perusal, it brings them back to the time they have once shared their union as husband and wife in front of the public.

For this reason, choosing the wedding photographer should never be taken for granted. This is because the angles and kinds of shots that must be incorporated therein should only be done by a professional.

Therefore, to have the best wedding pictures, it is best to hire a professional wedding photographer who can handle the shots perfectly.

However, there are some factors to be considered first before hiring the services of a wedding photographer. Here is a list of the factors that you need to know:

1. The style of your wedding

It is important to decide first the style of your wedding. Will it be formal, informal, or semi-formal? Whatever style you have chosen, this will definitely determine the kind of wedding photographer you should choose.

For example, if your wedding will be in a formal setting, it is best to hire wedding photographers that are traditional in styles. This is because traditional photographers consider all the details when it comes to photography and establishing good angle shots.

2. Your budget

Keep in mind that not all wedding photographers are created equal. Hence, it is important to stick to your budget to know which type of wedding photographer you will hire.

Of course, it will do you no good if you will extend or go beyond your budget just because you want to hire the best wedding photographer there is. So, better stick to your budget.

3. Know what you are paying for

Before signing a contract with a wedding photographer, be keen on the details of the agreement and that you should know the items or services that you will be paying for. Other wise, there might be some discrepancies regarding to what has been agreed upon and yet, you can no longer make any claims or complaints against the photographer because you have already affixed your signature.

4. Know your rights as a client

There are instances wherein wedding photographers are so engrossed with their jobs that they no longer take some suggestions from their clients. This should not be the case because the client has still the final discretion. The wedding photographer should only assist the couple on their decisions.

5. The photographer’s complete profile

You wouldn’t want spoiled films or pictures, right? So, it would be better if you will check on the profile and background of the photographer.

In this sense, it will give you some insight on the capabilities of the photographer and his reputation in the industry.

Boiled down, wedding pictures can be good, bad, or perfect. It all depends on the wedding photographer, so, it is best to hire the best.

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