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Planning Wedding Showers – Benefits and Opportunities

Wedding showers are a fun and practical event that can have huge dividends in the establishment of a new family. But even more, a bridal shower offers an opportunity to take a break from the rigors of wedding planning and relax with good friends and enjoy the season and the anticipation of the upcoming big day.

Traditionally the Maid of Honor hosts the wedding shower with the help of the bridesmaids. However there are many cases where this is not possible and it is perfectly acceptable for a family member to host instead. The problem, however, is that a family member hosting the shower, especially if it is the mother of either the bride or groom, is likely to give the impression that the family is asking for gifts rather than taking an opportunity to celebrate the upcoming nuptials.

The time period in which a shower is normally held is between two months and two weeks before the wedding. Choosing a date for the bridal shower much earlier than that might interfere with the bride’s efforts to plan the wedding. Planning a wedding shower after this window is likely to interfere with the last minute planning and, perhaps more significantly, get in the way of the bride trying to watch her diet so that she can fit into her wedding dress!


The first benefit of planning a wedding shower that people point to is the simple fact that the event offers an opportunity to provide the young couple with house wares and other practical items the young couple will need to establish a home together. It is also an important opportunity for friends and family to get together before the big day finally arrives.

Build Relationships

Wedding showers are an excellent way for future in laws to have a chance of getting to know one another, but remember this day is really for the bride so if you are planning a shower keep her in mind. You don’t want to plan events or invite people that will make her feel uncomfortable, do you?


There are nearly as many options available for wedding showers as there are activities that lend themselves to a party setting. Here are just a handful of ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

Tea – Hold a formal tea party in someone’s parlor, great room, or garden. Serve, scones, finger sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries, fruit soup, mini cakes, and as many flavors of tea as you like.

Garden – Enjoy the splendor of creation in someone’s neatly manicured garden. This is especially appropriate for a couples wedding shower who already has most household items but could use plants and gardening implements for to spruce up their yard – especially if they are trying to prepare their own yard for a outdoor wedding!

Wine Tasting – Hold the wedding shower at a nearby wine tasting room or have all of the guests bring their favorite bottle of wine. Serve fresh baked bread, cheese and crackers.

Barbeque – This is a great option for a couples shower, a casual wedding shower, or just for an outdoors enthusiast. Relax. Have fun.

Lingerie – There is so much fun to be had with a lingerie bridal shower – and the groom will thank you for it!

Location Wedding Showers – It has become increasingly popular to hold wedding showers while participating in some fun activity. For example, why not hold the celebration while taking the bride to her favorite amusement park? How about the beach? Think of activities that will appeal to the bride (or couple if you are planning a couple’s shower) and guests and host your wedding shower on location. Of course, while planning a location shower, take into consideration any guests who might have limited mobility. You will not want anyone to feel left out.

The list goes on…

Use the resources that you have creatively to come up with a unique bridal shower experience. Likewise, choose your bridal shower favors carefully and work the favors into your overall theme. By doing so you make your budget do double duty.

Have fun. Dream. Play with the ideas for a little while. It is entirely possible that you can come up with a unique wedding shower experience that your guest of honor will remember for years to come for more than simply your thoughtfulness.

Wedding Shower Questions

Who may organise the bride her Wedding Shower?

Any of her friends, often a member of her bridal party, cousins, sister-in-law, aunts, friends of her mother or of the groom’s mother, frequently, if she works, staff members of the organization where she is employed. Because gifts are the sole object of a shower, good taste forbids members of either the bride’s or the groom’s immediate family to give the shower. Note: It is a good plan for friends to consult one another before arranging a shower in order to avoid four or five affairs with the same guests. It is much better to join forces in one or two showers. If a joint shower for the bride and the groom is planned, it should be given jointly by friends of each.

Who is invited to the Wedding Shower?

The bride’s friends (those who are close enough to her to want to be included in giving her a present); always all members of the bridal party. The hostess of the shower may invite friends of the bride even though she herself does not know them well, but she does not ask her own friends who do not know the bride well because they would have no reason to bring a gift, but could not very well come without one. Also, the hostess invites the bride’s and the groom’s mothers and sisters (but they are not expected to bring gifts). If only women are invited to a shower (usually daytime parties), the groom does not participate. Sometimes men are invited to join the shower party after the gifts are opened. On such occasions, the men do not bring gifts. If the shower is a joint one, both the bride’s and the groom’s friends are invited, including members of the bridal party, the best man and ushers, and the parents of the bride and the groom.

Invitations to showers are not limited to any particular age group. Both the bride’s and the groom’s friends are likely to be of various ages. If the bride is employed and her office or school gives her a shower, it is not customary to invite those not employed in the organization in which she works.

When is a Wedding Shower given?

Usually six weeks to one month before the wedding. They are planned for any time of the day or evening, according to the kind of party the hostess would like to give.

How are invitations extended to a shower?

They may be telephoned: ‘I’m having a linen shower for Mary Smith on Saturday. Come for brunch at one o’clock’ or Written on a visiting card:

Everything goes really, except Formal engraved ‘fill-in’ invitations are never correct.

What should those invited to wedding showers know about gifts?

Everyone invited to a wedding shower gives a present whether able to attend or not. The only exception is when a person happens to be invited who does not know the bride well enough to be interested, in which case the invitation may be declined with a reasonable excuse and a present is not sent. Guests either bring the gifts to the wedding shower personally or send them in advance to the hostess’ home. If an invited guest does not attend the shower, he sends the gift to the hostess’ home. Bring or send the gift wrapped, although the hostess may re-wrap in uniform gift paper. Enclose the donor’s card in every case. Wedding Shower gifts are sometimes given in place of wedding gifts, especially when a shower is given by a bride’s co-workers in an organization. Usually, however, the shower gift is in addition to the wedding gift. It is good taste to keep wedding shower gifts small. They should never cause financial strain. Remember that there may be a number of wedding showers. Guests should consult the hostess in advance of the wedding shower date to avoid duplication of gifts. If the hostess suggests the services of a shower consultant in a local department store, gifts may be purchased through her to avoid duplication. Guests should always give the kind of gifts indicated on the invitation and suggested by the hostess. If the gifts are to be any kind of wearing apparel, exact sizes should be learned. Guests do not individually present the gifts to the bride at the shower-the gifts are presented all together, and are opened while the friends watch.

At a joint shower, the women guests give presents to the bride and the men to the groom. Note: Guests never give lingerie at a joint shower.

What does a hostess consider when she decides to give a shower?

She decides whether to give a ‘bride’s shower,’ a ‘groom’s shower’ (although more frequently this kind is given by a host), a ‘joint shower,’ or one of the ‘special’ showers.

She consults with the bride’s mother about what the bride will need or would like. Also, in order to avoid duplication, she checks with her about the kind of shower some other group of friends may have planned.

She considers especially the advantages o£ the ‘important gift’ shower. This shower (usually a ‘joint’ shower but not exclusively so, if one prefers to make it one of the others) is becoming increasingly popular since it costs the individual guests no more than the smaller presents they would ordinarily bring, but gives the bride and groom something they very much want but which they might not be able to afford for years. The invited guests each contribute a small amount of money and the total is used to buy one good gift-an electrical appliance, a piece of furniture, a rug, a fine painting, or a special piece of silver.The hostess also decides whether the shower is to be a surprise and if so, how to make sure it will be.

What kind of party should be the setting for a wedding shower?

A wedding shower may be any kind o£ a party-a breakfast or brunch, luncheon, bridge, afternoon tea, cocktail party, dinner, dance, supper, or evening party.

What kind of refreshments are served, and when?

Wedding Shower refreshments usually are light. The kind, of course, depends upon the type of party-brunch, luncheon, tea, or after dinner. Whatever the refreshments, they are usually served after the gifts are unwrapped.

What are some general ideas for wedding shower decorations and the presentation of gifts?

First plan a color scheme related to the kind of shower to be given. A kitchen shower might be red and white checks; lingerie shower, blush pink and ice blue; wines and liquors, brown and beige.

Decide in what part of the room the gifts are to be arranged, and where the bride will sit to open them. Have a supply of gift wrapping paper in the color scheme to re-wrap all gifts uniformly. Guests may be asked to send their gifts to the hostess’ home in advance of the shower day. The new wrapping is put over the original wrapping. Note: If all guests are ordering gifts through the shower consultant of a department store, this consultant will have them wrapped uniformly according to the color theme specified. For decoration and for the refreshment table, be sure to order fresh cut flowers to tie in with the color scheme.

Have a huge laundry bag in the color scheme in which the presents may be carried home.

What about entertainment at wedding showers?

Entertainment may be planned or unplanned. Many people think immediately of games. These should be planned and included only if the group is one that enjoys games. Or, they may be planned, one or two started, but given up if they do not seem to be going over well. It is better to have planned entertainment than to have everyone sitting around stiffly, or to have one or two people doing all the talking. A shower should last about two hours and should consist of the greeting to everyone, a game or general conversation for awhile, unwrapping the gifts, and refreshments. There are a number of good books on this subject which give a wide variety of games, many planned especially for showers.

Should the Bride send any thank-you notes?

The bride thanks each one as she opens her gifts. She may write individual thank-you notes in addition if she wants to, but this is not usually expected. She should write a thank-you note or telephone anyone who sent a gift but did not attend. She should by all means write a thank-you note to the hostess.

Creative Bridal & Wedding Shower Favors For a Unique Bride

Bridal shower favors, while not deemed necessary by all, can be a good idea for saying thank you to party guests and can often add to the fun or the overall theme of the event. While the guests at a wedding shower are there to honor the bride with gifts, some wedding shower favors are always appreciated. Customs on wedding shower favors may vary, but nobody will be upset by receiving a guest favor, so if you’re unsure about whether or not to give out bridal shower favors, it’s often better to be safe than sorry. Besides, these small gifts don’t have to be expensive and can often be quite fun.

The maid-of-honor is usually responsible for the planning of the bridal shower, which is a special party for the bride with close friends who give gifts. The standard wedding shower is for women only, although some couples take a more modern approach and prefer wedding showers for the couple and with any friends allowed to attend. The type of wedding shower preferred may determine many of the details of the shower, including the wedding shower favors. While this must be taken into consideration, most wedding showers take the traditional approach and focus on the bride. The bridal shower favors and theme will reflect this exclusively-female nature of the party.

Bridal shower favors tend to be more personal and intimate than favors for the formal wedding ceremony. The party itself is usually a pretty intimate event, where the bride gets to celebrate her upcoming nuptials with some of her closest friends. The party itself is all about the bride, and the favors should show that. Selecting wedding shower favors that incorporate the bride’s personality or interests fits well with the atmosphere of a wedding shower, and can give guests something to smile about. The bridal shower favors should also fit any sort of theme the maid-of-honor chooses for the party.

Preselecting a theme can make picking out bridal shower favors much easier. If the bride is know for her love of birds, choosing wedding shower favors decorated with different kinds of birds makes sense. If the bride is known all around for wearing purple constantly, bridal shower favors in different shades of purple might be fun. If the bride loves to write, giving each guest a lovely pen or notebook is appropriate. Wedding shower gifts can also be fun and quirky.

The trick to successful wedding shower favors takes more than just a good theme. Picking out useful items can mean the difference between a knickknack thrown in a drawer and forgotten and something the guests can use and remember. There are plenty of useful yet fun bridal shower favors which can be personalized to fit the theme of the party. These may include bath soaps, notebooks, bookmarks, candles and many more. All kinds of personalized designs can make these gifts unique.

Bridal shower favors should be both fun and useful, as well as relevant to what your party is honoring: the bride. Gifts with all of these characteristics are likely to be successful. However, wedding shower favors also should not be too expensive. One thing to consider in selecting the right items is how many people will be attending the event. The more people are invited, the simpler the favors should be. For smaller gatherings, there may be more options for wedding shower favors. Finding the right bridal shower favors is important for planning a great event that the bride will love.

Wedding Shower – Bridal Shower Party Favors For First-Timers

Have you ever met someone who seems to know everything there is to know about weddings? For some reason, these people either have many close friends who have gotten married (and they’ve been part of the wedding party) or they themselves have been married many times (not such a great thing, but regardless…). So when these people are planning something such as the wedding shower, it’s old hat.

Then there’s you. For you, planning a wedding shower, especially the confusing topic of wedding shower party favors, can be confusing, because weddings are a rare thing in your circle. This guide is just for you. This is a basic primer for the whole subject of bridal shower party favors.

At wedding showers the bride get lots of gifts, and the day is about her primarily, but you need to show some appreciation to your guests by giving them a little gift. These are known as wedding shower party favors.

If you’ve ever been at a formal wedding, perhaps you’re familiar with the custom of providing every guest at the reception with some small token by which to remember the wedding. And those in the wedding party especially receive something nice.

Bridal shower party favors are similar in concept. In this case, though, the gifts tend to be a bit less expensive, and they go to pretty much every guest at the event. Whereas the bride and groom would plan the favors given out at the reception, wedding shower party favors are left to the maid of honor. This is because it’s her duty to plan and execute this whole event, in honor of her friend, the bride.

Some great ideas can be found online or at your nearest Wal-Mart. They make all kinds of tokens that make excellent wedding shower party favors. You just need to figure out what is best for you and your guests, and let’s not forget, what’s best for your pocketbook also.

Wedding shower party favors are gifts that will remind people of the day you and your loved one made the decision to spend the rest of their lives together. On line there are a lot of personalized items you can order fairly inexpensively. Many of these can feature the date and the bride and groom’s names on it Here are some examples of nice wedding shower party favors just to get your imagination going: a little glass candy jar with personalized lid, mint tins with personalized lids, two of a kind playing cards, customized candles with names and dates on them (Please make sure they smell good.), personalized wedding ribbons, personalized match books, mini gumball machines, personalized mint candies, chocolates. You can even find little makeup kits, mini cocktail shakers with name and date engraved on them, and personalized goody bags with candy in them. Think we’ve exhausted the subject? Hardly! There are hundreds, and possibly thousands, of small gift ideas that make for memorable bridal shower party favors.

There are a couple of ways that these wedding shower party favors are distributed. Some cheaper items might be offered for every guest who attends, just to make sure that everyone has a good memory of the event. Others can be used as prizes, to be awarded for the games held during the evening (since no wedding shower is complete without two or three entertaining games). You might also offer something super-nice as a door prize. But for the most part, the rule is to get something that is practical and memorable without being a budget-buster. There’s no reason you should expect to spend more than a couple of dollars per guest on wedding shower party favors. You want them to be memorable in a positive way, not a negative way.

The Meaning of Bridal-Wedding Shower Favors

Do you think that wedding shower favors are just cheap little trinkets that you buy as a token gesture for your wedding shower guests? Think again. While this might have been true years ago, today’s brides and wedding planners know that bridal shower favors have an increased significance. While a few decades ago, bridal showers tended to be small, minor affairs, today more than ever, they are major parts of the wedding month. In fact, in some circles, the shower is second in importance to the wedding day itself. And just as the bride wants family and friends at the wedding to share her happiness, she wants them to share this special day, too. Therefore, she understands the importance of showing her love for these guests by providing meaningful bridal shower favors.

Ask your grandmother and she’ll probably tell you that showers and shower favors weren’t quite the elaborate affair when she got married. Times were simpler back then, and so were their “big events.” Back then, you almost knew that the wedding shower favors would include perhaps some candy or flowers. Don’t misunderstand: These still make for nice gifts today. But in the 21st century, even these have gotten a face lift. They’re given with a bit more pizazz today. They’re customized or come in packages that can be kept permanently. In fact, whether the wedding shower favors are old stand-bys or new contemporary ideas, there are ways to present them in a totally memorable way.

Remember that today’s wedding shower is a major event, not just a casual get-together. Most people offer elaborate decorations, food and entertainment at the shower. This means that the wedding shower favors must be equally sophisticated. Because, just as you want your guests to remember the wedding reception with positive thoughts in the years to come, you want only good memories of the wedding shower, as well. Therefore it’s important that you give a lot of consideration to the bridal shower favors that you present to your guests. You want gifts to accomplish a couple of things: They should bring back memories of the wedding,and they should be functional / practical (Otherwise, the guests might throw them away. And it’s hard for anything to bring back memories if it’s in the trash).

Some gifts we’ve seen that pull off this dual purpose quite well: satin purses are surely kept as practical gifts, yet the satin suggests the beauty of the wedding; wine glasses, which always evoke memories of events such as weddings, can be re-used in the future, and are kept; bottle openers also evoke images of champagne and weddings, and are practical enough to hold onto. Even flowers and candy can now be presented in a nice vase or a keepsake box that the guest will likely want to hold onto.

Those are just a few ideas. The idea is to coordinate your wedding showers with something about you and your new spouse or with the wedding theme … but do it with a gift that the guests will want to keep. Then include a nice card with a loving message from you to the guests (Some brides make this a personal message to each individual guest). If the wedding shower favors are done right, they will evoke memories of your wedding and wedding shower for years to come.

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