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Custom Wedding Rings

Wedding rings symbolizes the love and affection for one another. The importance that the ring holds makes it utmost importance to select nothing but the best – after all it is a lifetime investment too. Wedding rings are available in different shades and styles. You can pick the one that goes right with your personality as well as preference. In most of the European country, giving a ring to the beloved symbolizes an ever-lasting commitment. Traditionally, rings were mainly made out of iron but later on gold rings became more famous especially during the wedding ceremony. Now, diamonds wedding rings are more in with an entire range of fine and exclusive rings available. In India, rings are exchanged during a pre-wedding ceremony. In Spain and many other countries, women receive diamond engagement rings when they accept the proposal of their beloved.

Buying wedding rings involves a thorough research about the availability of different styles of ring in terms of craftsmanship, quality and price. There is no boundary to the number of options available so you may always pick the style, which goes right with your pocket strength as well as individuality. Now days, host of options are available where you can get the style and shape of your ring as per your desire. It generally doesn’t get the deserving public airing, but remember that this small piece of jewelry would be stuck to your finger almost in your entire living days. Try making it as personalized as you can. Don’t skimp on this element to save money, you might regret it later. Don’t get too dazing rings, but customize the ring as per your general style. It shouldn’t look out of place; instead get your wedding ring customized in such a manner that it complements you.

Some of you might have constraint with the budget. It’s not always necessary to buy the costliest wedding ring. A little bit planning and research can help you to buy marvelous custom wedding rings within your budget that looks magical. Just as you want to marry a person of your dream, make some effort to buy a wedding ring of your budget too. The ring says aloud “I am engaged and devoted”. Therefore, try to make it as special as the wedding day itself. Today, the wedding rings could be elaborated a lot but still you may find a little difficulty in finding a perfect match with the rest of your accessories. But to overcome this issue, large number of online accessories portal is available which caters to your entire requirement. This is a hassle free approach and it gives you a chance to compare the various options available. Few of the things to keep in mind while purchasing a ring are – make sure to ask about their credibility, ask them for a valuation certificate, ask them for the documentation with the purchase, tax invoice and written warranty. Give enough time to your jeweler so that your wedding ring is ready on time and you have enough time for trial and changes could be made if required. Getting an apt fitting ring is utmost important. You are spending a hell lot of money to get your dream ring, so make sure to get a perfect sized ring without any provision of being too tight to wear or too loose to slip it off. Also, choose the ring with a durable metal so that even the toughest labor that you endeavor doesn’t fade it away.

Women generally wear their old traditional jewelry during the wedding as lots of sentiments are attached to it. Those jewelry are not your own personal choice, it the emotional attachment which bind you to wear those. While on the contrary, the custom wedding rings are your own personal choice and so an immense importance should be given while selecting it which will stand the test of time. As women mostly prefer to wear diamond as they are considered to be “woman’s best friend”, always make sure to be well acquainted with four Cs – carat, clarity, cut and the color of the diamonds engraved in your ring. Some of the popular styles of women rings are pave diamond bands, channel set diamond bands, and prong set bands, antique filigree rings, plain platinum rings and gold wedding bands. Traditionally, men chose to wear simple bands but lately stunning piece of men wedding rings is also available. Thousands of unique designs and styles of men’s wedding ring collection is easily found in the market. Most popular style includes traditional bands in gold or platinum, platinum wedding bands, hand crafted platinum rings, diamond bands and also two-tone bands. Come and devote some time to provide a personalized touch to your wedding ring to make it memorable for life long.

Create Your Own Wedding Ring

Have you been searching for the perfect wedding ring? Many people spend hours and hours shopping for the perfect wedding ring only to end up very discouraged. Often they can not find the ring they want or if the can it is out of their price range. The simplest solution to this dilemma is to create your own wedding ring.

Wedding rings are very important to a couple who have taken the step and decided to spend the rest of their lives together. The wedding ring is the outer physical symbol of this agreement or pact that the couple has made to each other. The ring is a symbol for the vows a couple has taken. Since it is the outward symbol of the marriage it is very important to choose a wedding ring carefully and to find exactly what you want. That is why creating your own wedding ring is often the best option. It is easy, can save you a great deal of money and you will have a unique symbol that the two of you share.

This article will list some of the top reasons you should consider getting a custom wedding ring instead of buying a stock ring from a store.

Custom made wedding rings are Unique

That is right by designing your own ring with a professional ring designer you can ensure that your rings are unique. In fact you will be the only two people in the world to have that exact ring and that exact design. What better symbol of your love to show off to the world then having your own unique wedding ring. Believe me you will get compliments on your ring everywhere you go. People are often amazed that you can even make your own rings and love the uniqueness of the designs.

Custom made wedding rings are Personalized

In creating your own wedding ring you can personalize the design to fit your tastes and even contain secret symbols or messages to each other. If you have a favorite style of ring or artistic style, colors or other thing that you would like to include in the design the jeweler will be glad to consult with you and help you incorporate the design into your ring. For example a lot of people really love the deep symbolism of Celtic knot work since this is a knot tied with one piece of rope and it is never ends it is a continuous knot that runs forever. A lot of people really love this symbolism and love wear a customer made unique wedding ring that has these types of symbols in them. It brings a lot of significance to the ring.

Mutual Agreement

In making your own wedding ring you will come to a mutual agreement on the design and it is an experience that you will always share together. When you sit down with the designer you can both share your ideas openly and talk about the significance of the ring for each of you. Then the designer can work with these ideas and your suggestions and create something that will embody all of these things. It is wonderfully to wear a ring that was created from a joint experience you both had and not just some stock designer ring that holds no meaning or no experience or significance behind it.


This is the best part for many people just getting married. By designing your own ring you are usually reducing the cost of the rings. You see most rings are created by some famous wedding ring designer and the price is based on the popularity of the designer. However, the average person has no idea who these famous wedding ring designers are anyway. So even though you spend a great deal of money on a wedding ring by a well known artist chances are most people will have no idea. However, by making your own ring there is no designer label or name behind it and therefore the costs is often cut in half or even more! Not only that chances are the most people will have no idea who the designer is of a certain ring they will definitely notice you have a unique one of a kind ring!

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Rings

As you are deciding on which wedding rings you and your beloved desire to wear as a symbol of your undying love for one another you may be interested in how this practice came about and the true meaning of wedding rings.

The ring of course is a circle and a circle symbolizes infinity, agreement, harmony, rebirth and the universe. In ancient times the rings was connected with the Sun and Moon. It was believed that a ring would protect and was a magical guard, so to speak to ward off all negativity through its continuity. Rings were considered to be magical and/or sacred. Gods and Goddesses even wore rings such as in the Babylonian mythology with tales of the rings of Shamash and Marduk. Rings have always been associated with the magic, the zodiac, and even more. Even today, the wedding ring is believed to hold a kind of power that can be seen when a priest or minister blesses the wedding rings before the couple exchanges them. This practice symbolizes protective powers over their marriage or union.

Now you may be wondering why a wedding ring is worn on the “ring finger”. Well, this also goes back to ancient times and once again magic. As you delve into history of the wedding ring and the reason, it is placed on the third finger you will marvel at some of the beliefs. Here are a few historical facts concerning the “ring finger”. In ancient times, the third finger was used to apply herbal medicines to the body because the effectiveness of the cure would be stronger. It was also believed that a nerve from the third finger went directly to the heart. In astrology, this belief is similar, the “ring finger” is called the heart finger because of the belief of the special nerve or vein that was in the third finger connected to the heart and was a symbol of loved and fidelity. No matter where you search throughout history the third finger has always been used a symbol of love, faithfulness, trustworthiness, and fidelity.

With that said, you know just how important the wedding ring has been throughout history is not just a ring but was used as a promise and union between couples. So, now it is time for you to choose your everlasting wedding rings that will not only symbolize your love and devotion for one another but also withstand time and last forever, as your love for each other.

As you begin looking online and at your favorite jewelers you will find many exquisite wedding rings and some are sure to be out of your price range. The number one thing to do is to set a budget. No matter how much you can afford to spend, you will be able to find the perfect set of wedding rings that will show your love.

Next, you will have to decide what type of material you would like your rings to be created from. Weddings rings are designed from materials such as yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver, platinum, and titanium.

Yellow gold is still one of the most popular materials for engagement rings and wedding bands and can be found in 10K, 14K, or 18K.

White gold is becoming a bit more popular because it tends to look a tad more modern and stylish.

Platinum is one of the hardest metals that is used to create engagement and wedding rings. Many people are now choosing this material because of its durability and the idea that like their marriage it will withstand time. Platinum is a very pure more so than gold, which is normally, only 75 percent gold and platinum rings are usually around 95 percent platinum. These rings do tend to be a bit more expensive but you are more than likely hoping that your ring will last forever, so the price is well worth a ring that is so durable.

Next, of course is titanium. Titanium is kind of the new metal. It is very long lasting, lightweight and not very expensive. These are the most durable wedding rings on the market and are very popular among men because of their elegant style and withstanding power. Yes, you can scratch the ring, but overall they will withstand so much more wear and tear than any other metal.

You may hear that you should choose a wedding ring that will match most of your clothing, but I totally disagree with this statement. A wedding ring is not just costume jewelry that needs to blend in with your outfits. Your wedding ring should be one that you desire to wear every day for the rest of your life. If you looking for a wedding ring to match your clothing then you are really looking for a mere decoration for your finger and not a symbol of everlasting love.

Now you know what material you would love to wear but now comes the hardest part of all. You must now choose the style. First, you must decide if you both wish to wear matching designs or if you prefer your own individual style. The most common styles for wedding rings include the traditional plain bands, bands with beaded edges, bands with etched designs, two-tone bands, Celtic wedding bands, solitaire rings with a precious stone such as a diamond, and solitaries that have one larger stone with smaller stones circling.

Choosing the perfect gemstone for your wedding ring can also be difficult. Diamonds of course are the most popular. However, even with diamonds, you have choices to make; you will need to decide on size and even color. Pink diamonds are now becoming very popular for many women. Remember not to choose soft gemstones such as amethyst or aquamarine as they can be damaged if worn every day. The harder stones are better for durability such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

Remember, above all, these are the weddings ring that you both will wear for a very long time. It should stand for you love and devotion and commitment to one another. Choose one that will last.

How To Buy A Wedding Ring

According to tradition, the wedding ring is the last gift of an entire series, which was part of the engagement ceremony. This custom usually present since Roman ancient times was taken and adapted over time and reached the form we know today. The circle was designated as a form of rings, a symbol of endless love, eternity and resistance. The abundance of materials, patterns and colors transform wedding rings from simple jewelry in true works of art, designed to preserve the love between two spouses. Choosing wedding bands is, after all, personal and unique and must be adapted to the style and personality of the couple. We will try to offer you some simple tips about how to buy a wedding ring:

Plan! Do not delay choosing wedding bands. Around wedding will be a lot of things to be put in place and the variety of models of rings can be overwhelming in such moments. It would be better to start with at least three months before the wedding.

Be selective! Limit your search according to your style will help you save time. It is imperative that wedding rings to be identical, so you can choose different types of materials.

Set your budget! Depending on the manufacturer and store, prices may vary considerably. Before buying, ask if in the price displayed is included the engraving service, how much (if not included) and how long it lasts.

Choose the right style! The ring is the only accessory that you will wear for life. Something too sophisticated, solid or uncomfortable will be, eventually, a bad choice. Style is perhaps the most important aspect in how to buy a wedding ring.

Think of the future! The ring should be, by style and material, timeless and durable. An eccentric model can be charming now, but it is possible to regret the choice later on.

We already know, the ring is the most important piece of jewelry. Since the phase of wedding planning, wedding rings occupy a high place on the list. But when the time to decide comes, we panic and only then do we realize the responsibility that we have. You marry because you want to be with your partner until death do you part. This will mean some time. Therefore you must ensure that wedding rings will be those that you want to wear on your finger from now on. To meet these important decisions, we will offer some tips of how to buy a wedding ring.

There are a wide range of materials for wedding rings. Typically, people think of traditional yellow gold wedding ring, but you can give up this cliché choosing one of the many variants on the market. For example, there is white gold, platinum or titanium, for a reasonable budget and silver, stainless steel, tungsten for those with a limited budget.

Decorations with precious stones denote elegance and get out of the classic wedding ring. Both women and men can wear a ring with stone. If you consider such a ring, keep in mind that you should not necessarily opt for the classic diamond. Even if they are the most common, they are not the only ones. Cubic zirconium stones are the ideal choice for a low budget. Ruby, emerald or opals are other gems that you can use. How to buy a wedding band can only depend on your taste.

Search start
After you have decided what gem and material you want, it is time to start looking for your dream wedding ring. Classic jewelry stores or pawn shops are a budget option. That does not mean you will not find the perfect wedding band with a unique model in these places. Another option is to buy it online. You have all the information you need to make sure.

Wedding Rings Design

Many would say that engagement rings resemble one another, but as the wedding is different from couple to couple, so are the wedding rings that symbolize the union of two people completely in love with each other. The fact that, nowadays, people tend to opt for modern wedding rings design, jewelers began to adopt new styles, charging from generation to generation. The design of a modern wedding ring can include all kinds of precious stones such as diamond, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and many others. But not all women want extravagance: maybe some of them want to have pink or blue reflection in the ring she will wear for life.

Another aspect of modernism (as far as wedding rings are concerned) is that designers wanted to leave the traditional sphere, but this has not been fully successful and this is why the traditional elements are currently mixed with modern ones. For example, some couples want to have a ring with a modern design, but to engrave their names and wedding date as well, this being a traditional wedding gesture. Mark Silverstein’s style involves classic traditional patterns, but they are embedded in a modern intricate montage. These designs are an oasis of creativity in a standardized world of engagement rings. Speaking of “different elements”, some couples want to have totally different rings. For example, women may opt for a wedding ring symbolizing purity and femininity, while men have a completely different design from that of their spouse, seeking for a ring to show a protective male side. For example, Envy Rings puts a great emphasis on simplicity, but also on individuality. In terms of modern wedding rings design, simplicity still reflects purity of materials and the highest degree of quality.

There are many ways to create a unique ring of this kind: there can be engraved quotes from the Bible on it, names, wedding dates and poems. Also, you can add different symbols belonging to certain cultures or nationalities. Whatever the choice, couples who are not married yet have endless possibilities.

2012 is the year of glam and biased trends would not be complete without beautiful rings for your wedding. If in the past, couples had very few options in choosing wedding bands, today’s jewelry designers give a particular importance to these rings as they have a deep meaning to the bride and groom. The only souvenir of the wedding, which will remain forever, returns this season and is luxurious and full of details.

The filigree technique is represented by those arabesques reminding us of vintage jewelry, but with a modern flair. A delicate filigree design fits perfectly with a couple fascinated by a retro trend. Filigree wedding rings look sensual and elegant on the finger of any bride. This design is wonderful and adds a touch of individuality for each wedding ring. Reflecting a modern, yet traditionalist couples, filigree wedding rings are magnificent.

Sapphires are the stars of the season. They have become a staggering trend ever since Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with a ring decorated with a very expensive sapphire. Even if you have decided to go with a diamond ring, a sapphire adds color and imperial elegance. You can choose a ring with small diamonds, interleaved with sophisticated sapphires.

Wedding Rings

Your wedding rings are a lasting reminder of your marriage and can remind you daily of your partner. They’re as important a decision as choosing your wedding dress, so take your time and do some research before you buy them.

Traditionally, your wedding ring will match your engagement ring in colour and approximate style (and could be followed some years later by an eternity ring!) but it’s totally up to you what you choose. Some people wear their wedding band on a chain around their neck, or wear their engagement and wedding rings separately, so they do not necessarily have to match. Your ring does not even have to be similar to your partner’s, if your tastes are very different. What is important is the symbolism they provide, so have fun choosing!

The symbolism of a wedding ring stems from the infinite nature of an unbroken circle, signifying that you will stay a couple forever. Since Roman times, wearing your wedding ring on the fourth finger is important because they believed the vena amoris, a vein in the left ring finger, connected directly to the heart. A slightly less romantic history traces back to times when weddings were primarily to connect families rather than for love, and the exchange of valuables was a symbol of security to ensure the couple would be economically sound.

Some of the classic options available in terms of the material the ring is made from include various qualities of gold, silver, platinum and titanium, or even two different tones. You may want a precious stone, diamond or other decoration included in your wedding ring, or perhaps an engraving of your initials, names, date of your wedding or a special inscription made on the inside of the band.

Look online or visit some jewellers with your partner to see what is available within your budget and then find out your ring sizes by either being measured at a store or using a simple measuring tool at home (you can get these free or very cheaply online from jewellery stores). Measure first in the afternoon (since your fingers will be at their largest then due to the blood flow of your activity throughout the day) then again in the morning (when you are cool) to ensure that the size is still OK. Make sure you buy your rings at least a few months in advance of the wedding date to give you time to resize or exchange them if you’re not entirely happy.

At your ceremony, your rings will be presented to you by somebody special, such as your best man or a page boy, and you might want to use a ring pillow or a special box for this purpose. Whatever you do, choose somebody trustworthy and reliable to look after your precious wedding rings on the day!

Think about insuring your wedding rings too, especially before you go away on your honeymoon. A staggering 1 in 4 newlyweds apparently lose their wedding ring within 5 years of getting married, and many manage to do so within the first few weeks while they’re swimming or relaxing on their honeymoon!

Whereas most of your accessories on your wedding day will be chosen according to whether they compliment your wedding dress, your wedding ring is the one item that will definitely be worn separately after the event, so for once you can put all other wedding styles and colour-themes aside and choose something for its longevity!

How To Choose A Wedding Ring For A Man

Congratulations, you’re now engaged! When the engagement excitement wears down, you’ll find you have a lot of decisions to start making. For most women, the first thing that comes to mind is the planning of the wedding. Who will your bridesmaids be? What kind of wedding theme are you going to go with? Where will you get the cake from? It’s easy to push the concept of the “man wedding ring” to the back of your mind.

For women, it’s simple. We need an engagement ring and we need a wedding ring. This is the norm of society, but what about men? Though it may surprise people, the concept of a man wearing a wedding ring is relatively new. In fact, the trend did not start until World War II. Prior to this, many men were able to conceal their marital status, because it was not considered “manly” to wear a wedding ring and was certainly never heard of before. However, during the war, many men chose to wear wedding rings to publicly display their marital status, and from that point on, you could almost say it has developed into the norm, but not always. The first question you must ask yourselves as a couple is whether or not your future husband will wear a wedding ring.

The next step in your decision process, should you both decide that your husband will wear a ring, is whether or not you’d like to have a matching set of wedding rings. Many couples choose to have a unique wedding ring for the woman and a unique wedding ring for the man, particularly when antique rings will be used for the woman (i.e. a great-grandmother’s wedding ring passed down through generations). Others opt for the matching set as a symbol of their being the perfect match for each other.

Now, focus on the style of the ring you will be choosing for the men’s wedding ring. What type of personality does your future husband-to-be have? Is he outlandish and flamboyant or conservative? How does he typically dress? This ring will be an accessory to his clothes every day for the rest of his life (preferably), so choose wisely! If he’s more “flashy”, then an ornate ring might be better suited for him. If he’s conservative, a simple band might do. Don’t forget to take his size and stature into account. Are his fingers more “chubby” or more slender? These characteristics will all have a bearing on the ring you ultimately choose.

There are many options to choose from when picking a men’s wedding ring. The most traditional choice would be a simple wedding band made of gold, white gold, or silver. However, there are many more factors that come into play nowadays. How wide will the band be? Do I want to use a newer, more trendy metal like titanium or platinum? Do I want to incorporate precious gems or diamonds into the band? Do I want to utilize two metals in the band and go for a two-toned look? Do I want to completely customize the ring?

There are a variety of sources where you can obtain or design-from-scratch a man’s wedding ring.
Obviously, local jewelers can be a great resource for designing a completely unique ring, and though it seems unlikely to most, they have some great prices! Or, you can opt to search online for a ring that suits your needs. Either way, be sure to put a good amount of time into the decision, since it will most likely be the only piece of jewelry he will ever wear, and he will wear it for the rest of his live as a symbol of your eternal love for each other.

How to Select Wedding Rings for Women

The wedding ring is one of the sensitive and important aspects for every wedding ceremony. Wedding rings are gifted on the wedding day by both men and women to each other. It is a type of relationship binding thing. It holds so much of importance in both men and women’s life. Wedding rings are found in many styles and designs and metals. In olden days, women usually like to wear yellow gold rings, but now fashion and attitude have changed. Now a day’s, woman likes to wear unique and decent ring on this very special day. They like to get rings made up of white gold, platinum, and silver or even copper gold.

Gold is now not only found in one color, in fact you can find gold in white and copper color these days. As these colors are so much in demand, jewelers started using it in rings too. Customers demand only unique and distinct things. So, jewelers have to come up with new designs, styles and material combination. A few of them like to buy mix metals rings. Wedding ring selection is one of the most important aspects of every individual’s life, whether you are male or female, young or old, since you have to wear it for the rest of the life after the wedding. Wedding rings mainly represent three things: the style of the wearer, personality and commitment. You need to select the ring for your women, which can show your love and affection. You have to buy the enduring and unequivocal ring, which can go with the personality of both bride and groom.

Here are a few instructions for selecting the ring for your women. You need to first learn the steps and then apply them in your life. These steps can be learned through expert’s advice or magazines. Online websites are widely used these days for obtaining such guidance. A few instructions include: Collecting a few things like stones for the wedding ring. You can select the stone, which is suitable for her according to her birth chart or just collect it as per her choice. Most women like a diamond to be embedded in a wedding ring.

Moreover you need to have a jeweler, who can design the ring for you, wedding band, and a simple band. When you have to buy the wedding ring for each other just let her select the ring for herself on her own. She would be pleased over this liberty. Many women have already made up their mind on what they want for their wedding day. Thus, if you take her with you for shopping, it would be a convenient you as well. Otherwise, you would shop around alone and would find every ring beautiful. Men get confused on such occasions.

You can decide mutually according to your dress code and color that which type of band will look better. Match the color of ring with the bride’s wedding dress. Sometimes, coordination in ring buying leads to arguments. So, if you find this thing happening between you, just try to avoid shopping together. Many people wear an engagement ring and wedding ring together on their wedding day, so you can match your wedding ring to engagement ring, or make the contrast of both of the rings. You must select the ring according to your personality. The ring should complement your hands and it should be according to your lifestyle.

Wedding Rings and Their Traditions

Many different countries and cultures use wedding rings as a part of their wedding ceremony. This article looks at some of the traditions around the World.

Wedding ceremonies vary from country to country, however, many places use wedding rings as part of the marriage ceremony. Here we will look at some of the wedding traditions from several countries.

The finger on which the wedding ring is worn varies depending on the country’s traditions

The finger on which the wedding ring is worn varies from country to country, some placing the ring on the right ring finger and others placing the ring on the left ring finger. In some countries the hand on which the ring is worn can change before and after the ceremony. For example in Greece, the couple wear the ring on the left hand until after the wedding ceremony when they are transferred to the right hand. In some European countries, the engagement ring also serves as the wedding ring and it is engraved after the wedding. Some people choose to wear the engagement ring on the right hand ring finger and the wedding ring on the left hand ring finger. This can help to prevent damage to the rings caused by them rubbing together.

The Romans considered the wedding ring to be the last in a series of gifts

The Romans believed in giving a series of gifts to the bride-to-be, and the final gift of the series was the wedding ring. The engagement ring could also be one of the series of gifts.

Some recently-introduced traditions include the trilogy ring, the eternity ring and the pre-engagement ring

The trilogy ring usually consists of three separate diamonds which symbolize the couple’s past, present and future. The eternity ring symbolizes a long marriage, and the pre-engagement ring is sometimes given when a relationship becomes more serious.

In Britain, the ‘Best Man’ is responsible for looking after the wedding rings during the ceremony

The Best Man’s task during the wedding ceremony is to look after the bride and groom’s wedding rings until the part of the ceremony where the rings are exchanged. Some weddings will have a ring bearer who carries the rings on a cushion.

It is interesting to see that despite some small differences in how they are worn or exchanged in the wedding ceremony, that many countries use rings as part of the wedding ceremony. We may have more in common with people from other countries than we realize.

Titanium Wedding Rings You Will Want to Have

One thing that people love is cool looking wedding rings. Most of the time, when you think of cool wedding rings, you do not think of wedding rings that men wear. That is because they normally only get the wedding bands, and those are usually only gold. So does that mean that all the cool wedding rings are women rings? No. In fact, some of the coolest wedding rings of all time have been mens rings, but most people do not know what to look for to find these kinds of rings. Well, the only thing that you have to look for is Titanium wedding rings. Not only are these wedding rings that you do not have to worry about breaking, these are rings that have a style to them unlike all of the other rings for men. They are strong, they are cool looking, and they are giving men a chance to own great wedding rings.

The most common type of titanium wedding rings that you will see are the black titanium wedding rings. These rings are pretty cool, but they are far from being different. The only way that they are different from the gold rings is the fact that they are black, and they are stronger. Besides that, you are not going to notice a difference. When trying to find some of these rings that are different, you should look for the stone set titanium rings. Now, when most people think of these kinds of titanium wedding rings, they think of the little rings that have stones that are set in them. However, there is a new style that is out where the stone actually acts as a part of the ring band itself. The way this works, is there will be a section where the ring does not come together. It will look like an incomplete circle. Then in that little hole, you put a stone that makes it look like the stone is holding together the titanium ring. This is something that you can not do with gold rings, because taking out that little piece of the ring makes it weaker. Gold rings would fall apart. The titanium is strong enough to get through it, however.

Now, if you want some titanium wedding rings that are really going to blow you away, then you may want to go with the Celtic design ones. These kinds of rings are great, because they have little markings engraved into the ring itself. Most of the time, on Celtic titanium wedding rings, you will notice that the engravings are filled in with gold. That is so that you can see them. If you do not fill the engravings in, then they tend to blend right into the titanium.

If you want to do something special for your man, and get him a wedding ring that is stunning, then you have to go with the titanium wedding rings. These are the only wedding rings that are going to be able to work as hard as your man does. Do not just settle for a ring, because it’s the only good one you can find. Once you start looking at titanium rings, you will notice that you have a ton of great rings to choose from.

Ceramic Wedding Rings

One of the newest wedding ring trends to hit the market are ceramic wedding rings. Now, while you may read or hear “ceramic” and think of a plate or cup smashing, nothing could be further from the truth. Ceramic wedding rings are not breakable like glass jewelry. In fact, it is the virtual indestructibility of ceramic wedding rings that is making them so popular. Is it for you? Read on.

What are ceramic wedding rings? They are made from a combination of powdered pure ceramic materials and zirconium, which is then heated to more than 6000°, resulting in a molten liquid. The liquid is shaped, cut, cooled, and then polished into a ring. These king of rings are harder than titanium, and almost as hard as a tungsten carbide wedding ring.

This is great news for those unfortunate folk who have contact allergies to metals.

Ceramic wedding rings are going to gleam just as well in the years to come, as it did when it went on your finger.

* Will never fade. While some other colored and treated wedding rings may fade in color, a ceramic wedding ring won’t. This is especially significant for those who want a black wedding ring.

* Weighs less than a tungsten ring, but is heavier than a titanium wedding ring.

* Unscratchable. The color of it is solid and contained the whole way through the ring. The final color is not an industrial coating of black or white covering a different colored metal underneath, as in some titanium wedding rings. Those who have active lifestyles, jobs, or hobbies may be reassured to know that those are pretty much unscratchable.

* Will not change color. Tungsten wedding rings that are made with a cobalt alloy instead of carbon, can oxidise and change color, this will never happen with a ceramic ring.

* Will not craze.

* Range of colors. Apart from black and white, there are plenty of other contemporary colors to select from, including pinks and blues.

* Many styles or ceramic rings to select from. These can also be incorporated with other ingredients. A ceramic wedding ring can have metallic stripes (such as gold or tungsten) running through it, can be inlaid with diamonds, or engraved with various designs and patterns. Ceramic wedding rings can also be faceted, grooved, or bevelled, for those who are seeking a wedding ring that is more ornate.

* Hypo-allergenic. These kind of rings are not going to result in a nasty red rash for those who have problems with contact dermatitis. A ceramic ring is inert and contains no ingredients to react with sensitive skin.

* Contemporary looking. Ceramic rings are extremely modern looking and are an ideal choice for those who are after something a little newer than a traditional metallic wedding ring.


* Can’t be re-sized. Ceramic rings cannot be re-sized or altered once they have been made. If your finger size should fluctuate dramatically, then this may not be the best wedding ring option for you.

* Slower to remove in an emergency. Much the same as tungsten carbide wedding rings, a ceramic wedding ring cannot be removed with standard ring cutters. However, they can be removed using pliers and force, it will just take a little longer. Those selecting ceramic wedding rings should probably get their jeweler to educate them as to how to remove their ring in the case of an emergency. Alternatively, remove the ceramic ring prior to hazardous activities involving machinery.

Those rings or even engagement rings can be the ideal choice for those who are after a contemporary colored wedding ring that will not fade, discolor, lose its luster, or scratch.

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