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Always Wanted to Do Wolf Art Yet Were Scared To? Here Are 3 Techniques on How to Draw a Wolf

Your reading this because you want to learn how to draw a wolf. So what is it about wolves that fascinate us? is it something primeval that draws us to them. When we see the wolf on apiece of art, we hesitate and look.

I’m no different, the wolf touches us in ways that we can’t explain and wolf art, brings these wonderful animals closer to us. We just can’t go out to see the wolf, so why not capture the essence of the wolf, and have them in our own house.

This is where I am going to show you 3 techniques that will bring the spirit of the wolf into your own art work.

Capturing the wolfs spirit on Canvas

The wolf in wild, in spirit and demeanor. This is where some artists go wrong. They try to draw or paint the wolf as if it were a dog. From wolf to dog, we have the transition that man has made. Our own breed of the dog – descendant of the wolf. That’s where it ends.

If you want to draw the wolf to its ultimate best, you need to get into a mindset of the wolf and all that it stands for. Once you have gained this. Then, and only then you start with your project of your wolf.

Wolves stand differently than a dog, their whole body is lower in stance than the dog. So when you grab your pencil, ready to draw your wolf. Whether it be as a drawing, or the sketch for a painting. You need to outline the standing frame of the wolf firstly. Once you have done this, refer to pictures of wolves and also have a look at some pictures of dogs. And then decide that you have captured the demeanor of the wolf before you go any further. If you have not, then go back to square one and re-draw the wolf until you are happy with it. If you can do this….. you have made a very important step forward to your completion of your wolf art. One step ahead of many other artists out there.

Movement of freedom in Art

On how to draw a wolf, you also need to consider their movements. If you are not familiar with the movement of the wolf. Then take a look at some nature programs of the wolf, or the easiest way these days, is to go and have a look a U-tube. I am sure you will find many short videos of the wolf in motion there.

The wolf lives in packs, so they are prone to having many different postures in the pack. As a dominant animal in the pack, there are also many less dominant, and their body language shows a submissive; even cowering stance. Have you thought when you draw your wolf, will they be dominant or submissive, when drawing more than wolf in your pictures. I bet not many of you have taken the time to consider this very much.

Well this is something you need to consider when drawing more than one wolf in your picture. Who will be dominant and who will be submissive?. Because you need to get the body language of each individual wolf right from the start. Pick the hierarchy of your wolves firstly. The dominant will stand over the less dominant, the more submissive will stand lower than the more dominant wolf, keeping their heads and tails lower.

Wolf Individuality

Again, we need to consider when drawing the wolf, that each wolf will be an individual, not only will their position in the pack determine their body language. You will also need to consider the less dominant will have looks on their faces that also will express their willingness to please.

The dominant will have harder look in their eyes and their bodies will stand tall. Every wolf will be of slightly a different character, you need to bring this out. Individuality! the key to individual features of the wolves face. Body shape will also differ. And if times are hard, the leaner the wolf. If at the height of the season, you have fitter looking wolves. Their longish shaggy fur will be in better condition. Not dull and matted to depict poor condition.

I see how budding artists want to learn how to make the wolf realistic in art after all…you want your art work to be your own pride and joy, you want it to capture the true wolf. In some of these techniques I have shared with you here, you are well on the way to achieving the realistic wolf.

There are many things that budding artists can overlook, but if you are put on the right path. You can only get closer to achieving your dreams in capturing your art, making it the reflection as to what you see in your mind.

How many times have I been frustrated with the end result of my picture a drawing not coming out as I have envisioned it in my mind. I’m sure it’s this way with most artists. But remember that your minds eye is connected with your emotions. You see life itself, and you want it to materialize in your work.

If it could only be so…but we need to know the path in achieving this, thought trials and much time they can be learned.

So with how to draw a wolf. I am sharing with you, what has taken me my entire artistic career to find out. And you never stop learning to be a better artist.

The Wolf – A New Lease on Life Through Art and Sculpture

The complex social order of the wolf family is as loving and caring an environment as one will find in the wild. A strong male and his mate, form the center of this tight-knit group. As with any potential relationship, first impressions will last a lifetime.

Few animals have undergone the challenge in public perception, as has the North America wolf. For decades this feared and often hunted creature had gone extinct in many areas of Canada and the United States that they had roomed freely for 1000s of years. Today many conservation efforts and public awareness has helped reintroduce wolf packs into many national parks across the US and Canada. Montana with one of the largest wolf populations in the US has seen an increase of 8 percent in 2010. This increase while significant only brings the total to 565 wolves in the state and only 1650 across the mid west and about 60,000 across all of North America.

The biggest supporters of the reintroducing these wolves back into many areas are the Western Wildlife Conservancy and the Defenders of Wildlife Organization. These pro wolf groups through fundraising and lobbying efforts have made an impact in the hunting and trapping laws associated with the animal as well as raising public awareness and support. It is the goal of both these organizations to protect the species as well as the habit in which it roams.

Many people today are also learning about the life of the wolf through art. The renewed interest in wolf conversation has inspired many wildlife painters and sculptures to take a second look at this beautiful animal and the life it lives. Internationally renowned artist Stephen Lyman pioneered the renewed spirit of the wolf through more than a dozen painting that received many esteemed awards in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Named one of the World’s top artist prior to his untimely death in 1996. Millions of people have seen his spirit and devotion to this creature through his art. Ultimately raising awareness and curiosity through art.

Recently wildlife sculptor Joe Slockbower introduced “Circle of Life”. A wolf sculpture that depicts a wolf mother, father and cub in a loving and tender moment in time. This sculpture and many others depict the wolf as a dedicated, caring and sociable animal. This is a stark difference how the world portrayed this animal only a decade earlier.

While many organizations champion the plight of the wolf pack and the environment. It has been through paintings, posters of wolves and wolf statues that has made the biggest impact on the positive perception in today’s society. Showing these creatures in a positive light has helped the survival of these creatures and has helped bring them back from the brink of extinction.

Wolf Tattoo Designs – Where is the Good Artwork Out There?

There are probably a dozen reasons as to why you are looking for wolf tattoo designs on the net. There is a huge selection of wolfs to browse through, but the truly original artwork is insanely hard to find in most instances. There are many guys and girls who end up settling for generic art, which many end up regretting. That’s why any person who does a search on the internet will need this following information.

We all know how critical a search engine is at finding things on the net, right? Heck, you probably used them to find this article. Most people use them on a weekly basis and even rely on them to find their wolf tattoo designs, or at least the sites that have the images of them. Most of the time, a search-engine will work like magic and present to you exactly where you need to be. This is not true, though, when you are looking for quality images for tattoos. Notice that I typed the specific word “quality”. Sure, you might be able to uncover dozens of sites that have a slew of wolf tattoo designs, but 90% of them are not worth your time. Some of them will even look half way good, but there is one critical thing you must recognize about much of the cookie-cutter artwork on the net.

A huge amount of it was not even drawn to be inked into real tattoos. You see, the sites you are able to uncover through a search-engine all tend to be like this. The websites might have an enhanced, new aged presence to them, but all they feature is generic, seven year old art that has been posted on hundred other websites already. Who even knows how many folks might have any one of those wolf tattoo designs tattooed? This isn’t even counting the issue that they might not even look anywhere near as good tattooed on your skin as it looked on the paper you printed it on. This is the mind numbing problem with generic artwork, and this is all a search-engine seems to pull up. These are not wolf tattoo designs that you should be settling for, unless you are specifically searching for cookie-cutter artwork.

Most individuals are very open when they look for designs, but others are not so savvy. That is why I am going to show you a simple technique to uncover the hidden sites that have the superb art that you have been missing out on. You will need to do a simple switch over to internet forums. Not only will you have access to find expert insider knowledge and unique thoughts on tattoos, but you will be able to use other people’s resources to find the fantastic sites out there that have quality art for tattoos. Yes, even for a niche like wolf tattoo designs. Forums are spectacular places that are overwhelmed with so much information (including the links to those hidden websites!) you just can’t locate through a search-engine. Finding wolf tattoo designs or any tattoos in general is easy when using them.

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